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Buranchi1 UltimateSurvival
Japanese ブランチ
Romanized Buranchi
English Brunch
Aliases Bizarre Cooking (怪奇料理 Kaiki Ryōri)
Race Tengu
Gender Male Male
Birthday April 4th
Age 24 (start of the series);
28 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 227cm
Weight 195kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Tengu Castle;
Hex Food World;
Hex Food Beast Knights
Occupation Chef
Partner Nosh;
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 214
Anime Episode 126
Game Toriko: Ultimate Survival
Japanese Tomoyuki Dan (Eps 126 - 128) & Ultimate Survival
Konishi Katsuyuki (Eps 129 onwards)
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Tengu Brunch (天狗のブランチ Tengu no Buranchi) is a master chef and somewhat of a problem child, who, in the chef world, is a delinquent comparable to Zebra of the Bishokuya world. He has appeared only once in a Cooking Festival, but won it by a good margin. He currently holds the Number 3 spot in the IGO Chef Ranking, making him the third greatest chef in the world.[1] He is a Tengu from Mt. Tengu and resides within the Hex Food World located in the Gourmet World and is the head chef and owner of the Bizarre Dining Hall "Tengu Castle".[2] Aside from his position as a master chef, Brunch is also one of the three Hex Food Beast Knights, the strongest trio in the Hex Food World, alongside Nosh and Dinner.[3]


Brunch's color scheme in the manga

He is a tall red-skinned man with long white hair that he keeps combed back but also tied into a wild bushy ponytail. He has a somewhat sinister-looking appearance, such as fierce-looking eyes and sharp pointy teeth. Being a Tengu, his most notable trait is his very long nose. He wears a black shirt and white pants along with a white chef's jacket. For footwear, he uses one-tooth tengu-geta. He appears to have a large mole or piercing embedded in his forehead and strangely enough, two small rectangular covers on his neck which conceal small battery slots, indicating that he may have some sort of cybernetic implants.

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He appears to have quite the problematic personality and a careless approach to life, as he is willing to pretend his foot slipped to hide the fact he broke a bridge and picked a fight with Setsuno. Despite his uncouth behavior, he takes his job as a chef seriously, and is usually seen as weird by others. He is shown to have a love for food as when he dropped down to the Four Heavenly Kings' table without moving the plates or bottles that had food or wine in them, and can also hear the "Voice of Ingredients" showing just how much he values and respects food. Brunch seems to have formed a friendly rivalry with Komatsu after having been declined as a partner by Zebra and hearing about him from the Four Heavenly Kings.[4] Brunch is also an understanding and sympathetic individual who does not hold grudges towards foes and does not judge others based on their looks.

Powers and Abilities[]

Buranchi powerful voice small

Brunch's voice

Brunch's restaurant, Tengu Castle, is located in the Gourmet World, proving that he is an individual of great power. Coco comments that he has very strong electromagnetic waves and that a life force like his cannot be seen too often. He manages to dispel Zebra's Intimidation, projected through a Sound Bullet, without too much effort.

Brunch, like the latter, has a powerful voice, capable of breaking the spotlights in the Cooking Stadium from a far distance. He has an impressive sense of balance as well, moving and fighting with his one-tooth tengu-geta.

Brunch has demonstrated incredible speed and jumping power, even without resorting to his electricity, as first shown when he instantaneously leaps on and off the Four Heavenly Kings' table in a matter of instants, despite it being very far from his initial position. Then, hopping from rooftop to rooftop, he clears the swim by running on the water, which he does faster than the monstrous Setsuno. Finally, he outruns her when she is about to cut the finish line, in spite of him starting late and stopping to talk with Komatsu. Sustaining such an astonishing speed for the whole Triathlon without getting tired indicates that he has a high level of stamina as well. His strength is also remarkable, proof of it is the fact that he is able to crush a stone bridge with a foot stomp. In terms of durability, he manages to stand back after being hit by Elg's powerful Herak Kick and later sustains a beating by Elg's clones, winning the fight nonetheless.

Brunch is very knowledgeable in various branches of science, especially in the fields of physics concerning electricity and how to produce or absorb it and in genetics, as he formulates an accurate hypothesis on Elg's abilities. Furthermore, he knows names and specific features of rare and mythical Ingredients from the Gourmet World, as well as unique and obscure biological phenomena. With his intelligence, Brunch is able to overcome Elg's immortality by using a non-ending electrical attack that forces Elg's Gourmet Cells to their limit, eventually leading to Elg's demise.

Brunch has also shown the ability to stick to vertical surfaces without falling, as shown when he stands erect on the side of a building.

Owing to his respect for food, he manages to direct the shockwave produced by one of his leaps so that it would not damage full glasses and dishes.

Chef Skill[]

Buranchi cooking at CF

Brunch's very bizarre and mystical cooking style.

Being ranked number 3 on the rankings, he is a chef of tremendous skill likely equal to that of Chef King Zaus or Setsuno, which is made all the more impressive considering the vast age difference between him and the other top 4 chefs. His ability to hear the "Voice of Ingredients" also appears to be as good as Komatsu's which is even greater than Setsuno's and this gives him a great advantage in cooking, naturally knowing what preparations are best for the ingredients.[5] Being from the Gourmet World, he likely has tremendous skill and can prepare even ingredients from there. His position in the IGO Chef Ranking suggests that he may be able to use Food Honor, a feat that, despite his harsh and cocky personality, is not so surprising, seeing his love for food. He also won the title of Super Cook and what's more he won that title in the first Cooking Festival he entered. It was also noted in several instances that he specializes in Mysterious art of Bizarre Cooking which very little is known about.

Gourmet Cells[]

Buranchi's Intimidation

Brunch's Intimidation

Because he comes from Hex Food World, Brunch is descended from humans who were captured by Nitro and injected with Gourmet Cells.[6] His cells are host to an Appetite Demon, a hairy, mustached tengu.

  • AIR:[7] Brunch's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left arm, allowing him to morph his left arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • PAIR:[8] Brunch's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right arm, allowing him to morph his right arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ANOTHER:[8] Brunch's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue, allowing him to morph his tongue into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to comprehend tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.
  • NEWS:[8] Brunch's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left leg, allowing him to morph his left leg into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to create and maintain Back Channels.[9]
  • EARTH:[8] Brunch's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right leg, allowing him to morph his right leg into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ATOM:[8] Brunch's Gourmet Cells awaken in his head and torso (except his brain and heart), allowing him to morph his head and torso into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • GOD:[10] Brunch's Gourmet Cells awaken in his brain.


Brunch's Intimidation projects the image of his Appetite Demon. It terrifies many of the chefs participating in the Cooking Festival.[11] The color of his aura is dark green.


In the anime, two of his cooking tools are revealed, one of which is a Feather Fan, a common tool of the Tengu yōkai in legends used to create great winds and change the size of people's noses, however it is unknown if the fan possesses either of the abilities of its mystical counterpart. His second cooking tool appears to actually be a Kasa-obake, a tsukumogami yōkai that are said to actually be umbrellas that come to life on their 100th year and then grow an eye and a mouth and their handles turn into a leg, but like the Feather Fan it is unknown if this tool is actually a living thing or just designed to resemble it. He appears to use both of these items to fan the mysterious green flames he uses when he cooks.

Electricity Manipulation[]

Brunch has the ability to generate and control large amounts of electricity. It is strong enough to completely incinerate the Gourmet Corp.'s Beasts, and even scorch and stun Elg, hinting it would be fatal to the latter if he were not immortal. Brunch's body contains electricity-producing organs like an electric eel, but each of his cells also act as amplifier circuits. He can produce over 100,000 amperes of electricity with an average potential of 100 million volts, rivaling the power of a lightning bolt. Since the time needed for discharging it is only 0.1 seconds, his attacks are virtually unavoidable. When preparing a long-distance attack, he first makes the path in the air, the Stepped Leader (先駆放電ステップトリーダー Sutepputo Rīdā), to lock on his targets, then unleashes the offensive discharge, the Return Stroke (帰還電撃リターンストローク Ritān Sutorōku). While the first part goes at the speed of 200 Km/s (Mach 600), the second is much faster, traveling at 10,000 Km/s (Mach 30,000).

He can use electricity to boost his already impressive speed and reactions to unthinkable levels, as shown during his confrontation with Elg, to the point that most attacks look "stopped" to him. He claims that, although lasting for a very short time and not reaching the speed of light, no living creature can measure up to it. While Brunch can produce electricity naturally, he finds using batteries that he inserts into his neck most convenient. However, he can also generate it from other sources, including solar, wind, thermal, water or even kinetic energy received from physical blows, making his body a virtual power plant.

Brunch is also capable of using his electricity to revive a being who's heart may have stopped. After the capture of AIR, NEO ambushes the many people who are feasting on AIR, Shigematsu's beast releases a deadly breath that instantly stops a person's heart from beating. Brunch shocks all the people who's hearts have stopped with electricity and by doing so the effects of the electricity acts like a defibrillator, causing the heart to start beating once more. 


Parallel Electric Punch small

Parallel Electric Punch (並列エレキパンチ Heiretsu Ereki Panchi, Synced-Up Electric Punch in the English Versions): Brunch throws a punch that sends an electric charge in the air through multiple opponents, destroying every cell in their bodies thanks to its high voltage.[12]

Electric Thrust small

Electric Thrust (unnamed): While electrocuting and having left paralyzed some enemies, Brunch grabs and tosses them to a target to cause an electrical overload ending in an explosion, a technique that could burn them down to the bones.[13]

Parallel Electric Chop small

Parallel Electric Chop (並列エレキチョップ Heiretsu Ereki Choppu): Brunch raises his hand and generates a parabolic bolt that rains down onto his opponent, crushing the ground in the process. This discharge is equivalent to that of a natural lightning strike.[14]

Lightning Kitchen Knife small

Lightning Kitchen Knife (稲妻包丁 Inazuma Bōchō): By producing a large, concentrated burst of electricity, Brunch can create and hold a large blade made out of it. Conjuring this weapon takes a large amount of Brunch's power and is enough to wipe out his batteries.[15]

Spiral Lightning Fine Cut small

Spiral Lightning Fine Cut (渦雷微塵切り Uzurai Mijin Giri): Using his Lightning Knife, Brunch makes one large, spinning cut that fries and tears apart an opponent at the cellular level. Thanks to his speed, the technique is also very hard to dodge, proving lethal to most targets. With this attack, Brunch was able to obliterate Elg's body, but the Gourmet Corp.'s regenerative and cloning powers saved him.[16]

Parallel Electric Cutter small

Parallel Electric Cutter (並列エレキカッター Heiretsu Ereki Kattā): After making a Stepped Leader to lock on multiple targets with electrical current, Brunch discharges electricity in such a way that it burns the target like multiple blades. Beside inflicting damage through high voltage, the attack is also useful to draw out blood, which is an excellent conductor.[17]

Electric Knife small

Electric Knife (エレキナイフ Ereki Naifu): Brunch uses his hand as a blade to stab his opponent while it is electrically charged.[18]

Wind Thunder Sickle Weasel small

Wind Thunder Sickle Weasel (風雷鎌鼬 Fūrai Kamaitachi): A much larger, faster version of the Parallel Electric Cutter, Brunch blows past his opponents and tears them up with electric blades.[19]

Series Great Electrification Attack small

Secret Technique: Series Great Electrification Attack (奥義:直列大帯電撃 Ōgi: Chokuretsu Daitai Dengeki): After absorbing a large amount of energy, Brunch converts it into electricity and channels it into a massive, pillar-like blast. The attack, while being incredibly powerful, also has a special effect of electrically charging its targets, meaning that even if they regenerate they will still be electrocuted in a seemingly endless loop.[20]

Body Electromagnet

Body Electromagnet (たいでんしゃく Tai Denjishaku): Using a vast amount of electricity produced in his body, Brunch magnetizes his entire body, turning himself into a powerful electromagnet. He used this to make the great amount of iron in Stardust Hill's meteorites react to his magnetism, causing the heavy rain of meteorites to be drawn towards himself, so Zebra could crush them easier.[21]

Denki Shock

Electric Shock (電気ショック Denki Shokku): Brunch releases a bolt of electricity to revive unconscious allies in a manner akin to a defibrillator.[22]



Brunch is a Tengu who was born on Mt. Tengu in Gourmet World and at an unknown point he moved to Hex Food World and opened up his own restaurant, Tengu Castle. At another unknown point he was recognized as one of the three strongest warriors and the best chef in Hex Food World and was made a Hex Food Beast Knight alongside fellow warriors Dinner and Nosh, and succeeded Mappy as the new chef of the knights.

A few years ago, Brunch appeared once in a Cooking Festival and at that time he was the far-and-away champion of it. Since then he has not participated in Cooking Festivals for what seems to be either carelessness or disinterest.[23]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Entering the Race[]

After drinking too much Kappa Fin Sake the night before the 50th Cooking Festival, Brunch wakes up on the top 55th floor in a special suite room in Cooking Stadium's 10-star Hotel, Hotel Cooking. He complains that he missed the beginning of the Fest and even bothered to sleep at the hotel in order to be ready on time, however he brushes off the minor setbacks and simply claims that all he needs to do is get ahead of everyone starting as of now.[24]

Buranchi landing on FHK table

Brunch landing on the table

Brunch later leaves his suite to participate in the Cooking Festival as he stands vertically on the windows of Hotel Cooking. Getting annoyed from all the talking, he releases a powerful shout telling everyone in the stadium to shut up. Zebra then uses his Sound Bullet to shut him up, surprising Brunch; however, he quickly disperses Zebra's Sound Bullet and goes down to the Four Heavenly Kings' table to see Zebra face-to-face. After looking Zebra over he mentions that he's everything the Dharma Hermit described, he then mentions how Zebra is well known for not wanting to form a Combo "even if it killed him." Zebra then tells him that Komatsu will become his Combo partner to the disapproval of the other Kings. After learning that Komatsu is actually Toriko's combo, he gets interested and after hearing from all the Heavenly Kings that he doesn't have a chance, he decides to go and see Komatsu by himself.

Sparking a Friendship[]

Buranchi catching up to Komatsu

Brunch catching up

With his incredible speed, he is able to catch up to Komatsu, who is last and just got out of the water. Learning that the the small person before him is Komatsu, he quickly becomes disappointed with his appearance, saying that he though he would look more brutish, but instead looked like a kid. Thinking Komatsu is not even a challenge, he continued the event and commented that most of the remaining ingredients are not usable, but got interrupted by Komatsu, who said that all ingredients are usable. In that moment, the ingredients started glimmering and Brunch realized that Komatsu too can hear the voice of the ingredients and that he is kind of interesting. He agrees with Komatsu, that it would be waste to leave all those ingredients and decides to take and cook all of them. Fully packed with all the remaining ingredients, Komatsu and Brunch start the second part of the Triathlon.[25]

Winning the Preliminaries[]

Buranchi dirty play, accidental foot slip

Brunch's dirty play

During the second part of the triathlon he easily shoots past the other competitors while carrying Komatsu and all the ingredients, and even sending intimidation to them to clear his path. And after passing a rock cliff bridge, he pretends to slip his leg to break the bridge while some of the competitors are still on it. In that moment, Komatsu told him, that he must compete fair and square. Brunch admits that he is right and that he kind of pretended that his leg slipped and says that next time, he will push them off the cliff fair and square.

Buranchi picking a fight with Setsuno and Zaus

Brunch picking a fight with Setsuno and Zaus.

At the third part of the triathlon, right before the finish line, he outruns Setsuno, Zaus, and Yuda, reaching the goal first in the Triathlon with Komatsu coming second as he's been carrying him. Brunch quickly provokes Setsuno and Zaus, calling them elderly problems and hindrances for dominating the industry for so long, and even calling Zaus a "beard face". The crowd quickly supports him and Toriko comments that he is not really afraid of anybody, if he picks a fight with Setsuno.

Gourmet Corp. Invasion[]

After passing the Triathlon Cooking, he also gets through the 2nd Scale Death Cooking and 3rd Entire Island Cooking preliminaries to reach the Championship Tournament, where his first opponent is Livebearer.[26] Later on as he is putting in some fresh batteries to compete in the finals, he notices something is wrong in the area. Seeing that the Gourmet Corp. came, Brunch gets angry and claims he wants to kill them for trying to ruin the fest. With his electric powers, he quickly takes down a Gourmet Corp. beast that was attacking the visitors and lines up with the rest of the chefs to fight back.

The chefs preparing to fight Bishokukai

Brunch prepares for battle.

He is targeted by Elg, who proclaims how amused the Boss would be if he knew Brunch is there. Brunch however does not hesitate to attack Elg a moment, stunning him for a while. As Brunch tells the centaur to be quiet and tell him who he is, Elg's eyes menacingly start glowing through his bandages. Brunch is later seen casually asking Elg about his identity as the centaur's bandages begin to fall.[27]

Tengu Brunch vs Immortal Elg[]

When they completely fall off the Gourmet Corp. attempts to properly introduce himself, but again is struck by Brunch before he can finish. Elg then stands up once more completely unscathed and prepares for his counterattack. Elg and Brunch continue to exchange blows, with Brunch dodging and Elg taking them head-on, but each hit leaves no impression on Elg. After lunging at Brunch at an inhuman speed, he scolds him for not letting him finish his introduction, revealing to him his full title and that he is in fact immortal, meaning none of Brunch's attacks will work on him. He then reveals that this is due to his fusion with the body of the legendary and mythical Heraku, thus regenerating from any wound and becoming ageless and incapable of dying no matter what Brunch tries. After the chef uses his Lightning Kitchen Knife, Elg regenerates and clones himself from his remains and uses his Herak Kick to knock down Brunch. Elg then mocks him for his weakness.[28]

Buranchi leaving Elg

Elg is defeated by the victorious Brunch.

However, Brunch stands back up and resumes fighting, unleashing a series of devastating attacks and grasping the true mechanics behind Elg's cloning ability, which is the Nou-Darake Gene. He then lures his opponent into pummeling him. The Gourmet Corp., believing his body's electric resistance has risen almost to immunity, eagerly fullfills his expectations, beating him extremely hard. However, Brunch readies his Secret Technique: Series Great Electrification Attack and strikes all the clones. While his opponents are in pain, he explains that, due to the wounds inflicted by the Heiretsu Eleki Cutter, their own blood is lowering their electrical resistance. He finally says the attack will continually flow into Elg and his clones until they are burned to a crisp. Since they continually regenerate, the electrical current will continue to flow without end. While an enraged Elg shouts Brunch's name in anger, the chef looks back and taunts him by declaring to not remember what he is called.[29]

The Better Man[]

As Brunch walks away, Elg is no longer able to regenerate himself due to his gourmet cells finally giving up. This causes his body to weaken dramatically and it also reveals that the face seen was a fake which melted away due to the electrocution, thus revealing the true form of his 200-year-old self. He then proclaims that he hid his true face to avoid upsetting Midora and showed sincere disgust at his own appearance which has been ridiculed since he was a child.


Brunch comforts the dying Elg and assures him that he has nothing to be ashamed of.

Brunch then comforts the dying opponent and tells him that his face is perfectly normal, telling him that where he comes from, his village is filled with all manner of odd creatures and monsters and that Elg would've been considered a good looking fellow there and that even the Dharma Hermit would be jealous of him. Elg is then greatly moved by Brunch's kind words, as no one had ever been so kind to him before and he expresses how stimulating his words are and prepares to memorize them so he can cherish his final moments for all eternity. Elg then happily dies as he crumbles away. As his opponent vanishes, Brunch comments on how dangerous the Gourmet Corp. are and walks away to recharge himself.[30] He later notices Joie's dark presence near the stadium like many other ones.[31]

AIR Arc[]

Brunch upon hearing the arrival of Toriko's party to the Hex Food World orders his staff at the Tengu Castle to prepare some food. While waiting for Toriko's party to reach his restaurant, Brunch gets vexed. After a long time Brunch could not wait anymore and angrily leaves his restaurant in search of Toriko's party. He finds them at the Hex Food Bar and yells at them for being so late as he prepared some food in a long time. Komatsu rejoices seeing Brunch but then pukes as he drank too much liquor. Brunch gets shocked at this sight and then stops Coco from vomiting as his vomit would be poison vomit. He then takes them to his restaurant and serves them IE Tea which would help them sober up while Sunny gets instantly sobered up at the sight of the IE Tea. Komatsu is overjoyed visiting Brunch's restaurant as his restaurant is located at the Gourmet World. Brunch says that Human World can taste his cooking at the Hex Food Exhibition by which he rose to become a prominent chef. Toriko then thanks Brunch for his effort to supply Human World with food after the Meteor Spice's attack. Brunch then takes out Takoyakintama saying that those were the ingredients left to eat in the Hex Food World after giving away all the ingredients to the Human World. But then he accuses the Gourmet Corp.'s boss for wrecking the Human World and bringing it to its sorry state. Toriko agrees with Brunch and states that when he met the Gourmet Corp.'s boss in person he felt that he had the power to destroy the whole world. Coco then tells Brunch that they have come to meet the Daruma Hermit and can't spare much time. Brunch replies that they were in luck as the Hermit was ill and could die any moment. He further says that the Hermit is taking a medicinal bath in the Kappa Hot Spring and a famous doctor from the Human World is taking care of him. Just then Mappy comes running and tells them that the Hermit's condition is serious.

Brunch and the others head to the Kappa Valley where the Hermit was recovering and then he tries to speak with the Hermit. But the Hermit doesn't say anything and closes his eyes. Brunch gets upset and tries to wake him up and the Hermit opens his eyes. This process continues until Brunch gets annoyed and asks the Hermit to either die to live. Then Atashino who was taking care of the Hermit reveals that the Hermit is just overexcited from peeking into the Kappa's female bath. Brunch gets angry at the Hermit's actions asks him to die while kicking him. Then Melk tells everyone on what occurred a year and half ago and the method to capture AIR.

Later Brunch is walking with Zebra through the Stardust Hill targeting for the Slow Rain Hills in order to capture AIR. Brunch laughs at how Zebra got roped in by the Hermit to which Zebra says that he got his Full Course Menu's Dessert in return for eavesdropping on some female Kappas. When the Meteorite Rain begins to falls down Brunch feels that they got the hardest route to the Slow Rain Hills. When Zebra begins to feel the Meteorite Rain to be endless, Brunch uses his 'Taiden Jishaku' to attract all the Meteorites and Zebra destroys every single one and both of them hurry forward.

After arriving at the Slow Rain Hills, Brunch locates the kitchen knife Melk the First had created. Brunch faces some difficulty in lifting the knife but lifts it out of the ground. Brunch could feel the power of the knife as he felt it was enough to split the continent into half. Brunch then picks up the knife and flies through the Slow Rain Hills by using electricity. He notices how Sunny, Nosh, Coco and Dinner are travelling through the area. Brunch then arrives at the Giant Air Tree. He then listens to what Komatsu has to say and when Komatsu decides to wait till the Air Fruit fully ripens, the others protest over the lack of time. Brunch then reveals the knife he brought and swings it through the air. Komatsu finds that he could easily move after Brunch cut the high density air. Brunch then says that he will prepare the atmosphere around the Air Fruit so that it will ripen more quickly.

PAIR Arc[]

After the Four Heavenly Kings successfully capture AIR, Toriko has Brunch deliver some of it directly to the boss of the Gourmet Corp., Midora, much to Brunch's bewilderment.[32]

Brunch quickly makes his way to the location where Midora is believed to reside, the Sea Mountain, and despite knowing of the danger that Midora poses, Brunch is adamant in keeping his promise to Toriko. After meeting with Midora and handing him AIR, Midora is impressed that Toriko has kept his end of their private bargain. To make sure Toriko is successful in his next capture which would soon be ANOTHER, Midora summons Starjun and orders him to aid Toriko in capturing ANOTHER along with Brunch.[33] Despite Brunch's hesitation, he and Midora soon leave the Sea Mountain together on his Braga Dragon and make their way to Area 6.


Brunch and Starjun

Brunch in Area 6

Brunch and Starjun eventually arrive in Area 6 and make their way to the Conveyor Belt Islands where they encounter the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies, who were about to be swallowed whole by a Namibouzu. Brunch strikes the beast with a powerful blast of electricity and Starjun deals a killing blow with his Burner Knife. Brunch merrily greets the group below while Starjun and Toriko exchange hostile greetings.[34]

After being appraised by Jiji, Brunch is paired with Zebra to capture NEWS.[35] The pair heads out in a Battleship Pufferfish for Area 5.[36] While exploring the Food Region Forest, they discover that they are on the back of a Sky Deer, the Deer King of the Eight Kings.[37]

When Brunch finishes preparing NEWS, Yun appears and Komatsu invites them into the Back Channel.[38] After travelling to Areas 4 and 3 and collecting EARTH and ATOM, Brunch heads out with pieces of the Dishes to the Gourmet Corp.[39] When he arrives, he finds the base empty as Midora left to attack NEO Headquarters and had Otake free the captured chefs. Brunch convinces Otake to leave the base and to help him deliver the courses.[40] They track down the Four Heavenly Kings in Area 2.[41]

GOD Arc[]

When Aimaru is sent flying by GOD's second attack, Brunch chases after him.[42] Once caught, Aimaru asks Brunch if they can follow his Gourmet Slime Mold, and Brunch accepts. Combining Warp Road and Stepped Leader, they speed off.[43]

Full Course Menu[]

Tengu Brunch's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Human-Faced Mushroom Pickles 90 Decided
Soup Soup Kappa Fossil Soup 81 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Starfish Orochi Giblets 95 Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Smoked Oni Troll 89 Decided
Main Course MainDish Satan Cheek Meat Stew Unknown Decided
Salad Salad Hell Shop Meal Salad Unknown Decided
Dessert Dessert Spotted Sea Cucumber Pudding 72 Decided
Drink Drink Tears of the Dores Clan Unknown Decided


Branchi Stat

Brunch's CAD

  • Despite being one of the most powerful chefs seen, he was not listed by Joejoe as one of the chefs that would be hard to capture. This may be due to his restaurant being located in the Gourmet World along with the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ, and not in the Human World.
  • Both Stepped Leader and Return Strokes are actual terms use in describing the mechanics behind lightning strikes.
  • His arrogant behavior may be a nod to the japanese idiom "Hitori Tengu" (lit. Lonely Tengu), which is used to describe an arrogant and self-conceited person.
  • Some of his techniques are named after the two simplest ways to connect the components of an electronic circuit, series and parallel.
  • Brunch scored 9 in Power, 10 in Speed, 3 in Intelligence, 8 in Appetite and 10 in Special Abilities on his Capture Ability Data of Volume 26, by the events of Cooking Fest.
  • His voice actor, Tomoyuki Dan, died some weeks prior to Brunch's first appearance, and could only voice Episodes 126 to 128, and his role in the game Toriko: Ultimate Survival. He was replaced by Konishi Katsuyuki since Episode 129.
  • Just like characters Nosh and Dinner, Brunch's name also refers to a meal, which is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning.
  • In a special "Dream Combo" poll held for Volume 29.5 in which fans could vote for their favorite current or potential hunter/chef combo, Brunch and Zebra were voted as the most popular combo with 192 votes.


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  33. Gourmet 322
  34. Gourmet 325
  35. Gourmet 326
  36. Gourmet 327
  37. Gourmet 335
  38. Gourmet 355
  39. Gourmet 356
  40. Gourmet 362
  41. Gourmet 368
  42. Gourmet 369
  43. Gourmet 370

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