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Bubble Fruit Arc
Toriko and Komatsu seeing the Fake Bubble Fruits
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Bubble Fruit Arc
Chapters: Chapter 174 - Chapter 193
Episodes: Episode 98 - Episode 111
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Meteor Garlic Arc
Followed by: Four Beast Arc (manga only)
Golden Wheat Arc (anime only)

The Bubble Fruit Arc is the 14th arc in the series and spans from Gourmet 174 to 192.


Fortune Telling Sushi Chef Monchy[]

Monchy inside his Fortune Telling Sushi restaurant

Toriko seeks out Monchy to make the Ehou Maki.

Toriko, After capturing Meteor Garlic is looking for his next training ingredient. He arrives at a place called Artisan Forest which has all kinds of flora which have some special properties that can be used in making handicrafts by the artisans. Toriko is attacked by Devil Plant Horse. After it dodges his attacks , Toriko uses his Flying Fork on a tree which produces quick drying cement. The cement covers the beast and Toriko defeats it in an instant. The locals artisans thank Toriko for his help. The artisans notice the quality wood that from the Devil Plant Horse's armor and decide to use it. A man wearing a mask enters the scene and says that he will take all the wood for his sushi boards. The artisans protest and say "don't be greedy Monchy". Toriko reacts to this and asks if he was Monchy. Monchy introduces himself as the "Fortune Telling Sushi Chef Monchy".

Toriko then says that he can't find a training ingredient while eating sushi at Monchy's shop. he says that it would be hard even if he uses Coco's fortune telling. He then says that he came to him hoping that he can help him find it. He says that his training ingredient is hidden in theLost Forest. Monchy reacts asking if he's a moron(Monchy uses this line quite often) and he says its no easy task predicting that. Monchy then said that he needs the right components to predict the ingredient. Toriko then heads out to the 2nd Biotope. Komatsu is riding Tom's helicopter to reach the spot where Toriko called him. Komatsu panics when he's said he has to jump out. Komatsu falls of the helicopter after Tom launches his seat. Komatsu lands one a Helicopter landing spot and is greeted by Toriko. Toriko says that they are at the 2nd Biotope. Toriko says that the 2nd biotope is dedicated in researching marine ingredients while walking with Komatsu. They reach a restaurant, A part of the 2nd Biotope which is open to public.

Undersea Restaurant

Toriko and Komatsu dine at the 2nd Biotope.

They are served some exotic seafood. While eating Toriko says that he doesn't know the location of one of the training ingredients but knows its in the Lost Forest, The largest sea of trees in the Human World. He then says that Monchy uses theEhou Maki to predict the direction of ingredients using the Ehou Maki points. Toriko says that its always 100% accurate. He says that Monchy cannot make the Ehou Maki unless he's provided good components. He said that he came to the 2nd Biotope hoping he would get some good component. Suddenly a staff of 2nd Biotope appears and says that he has a message from the President of IGO. The President in his message says that Pot Pond has frozen. He ordered all the Heavenly Kings to capture the Madam Fish, The master of Pot Pond.

Capturing the Madam Fish[]


The fishing for the Madam Fish begins.

Toriko, Komatsu and Rin head to the frozen Pot Pond. Komatsu's partner Yun is having lot of fun on ice as he's from the frozen Ice Hell. Coco arrives followed by Sunny and Zebra. Its the first time in the series that all the Four Heavenly Kings assemble. Zebra proposes there be a contest to see who captures the Madam Fish first. All of them agree and go to different directions. Toriko says that Komatsu's Food Luck makes him the favorite to win. Komatsu is startled about the fact that he's going to feature in the contest. Toriko says that the Pot Pond is a natural soup stock after sensing some top quality ingredients in the lake. Rin asks why Toriko wants to capture the Madam Fish. Toriko says that he needs it to make the Ehou Maki. Rin then says that she will fish with Toriko. Sunny while looking for Madam Fish describes its flavor and taste and says its a beautiful ingredient. Coco then reveals that the Capture Level of Madam Fish is 83 because it very rarely appears and not due to its fighting capability and the only chance is when the lake is covered with ice.

Komatsu is worried about where to fish as the Pot Pond's size is 300 square kilometers. Zebra then asks Komatsu if his cooking skills haven't  decreased. Komatsu says that he's been polishing his skills with every day. Komatsu asks if he decided his Life Time Menu

Madame Fish1

Komatsu finds the Madam Fish

. Zebra then says that once he knows it he won't stop drooling. Zebra then reveals his updated Full Course Menu as Fierce God Intestines for Hors D'oeuvre, Equator Soup for Soup, BBQ island for Meat Dish, Dharma Hermit's Tribute for Dessert, Mellow Cola for Drink. Zebra asks if Komatsu is interested to form a combo with him. Komatsu says he's Toriko's partner. After being unable to Capture the Madam Fish , All of the Heavenly Kings try to find a better spot for fishing and all of them end up near the spot where Komatsu was fishing. All of them ask Komatsu on how much Food Luck he has. Suddenly Rin notices that Komatsu's float was responding and then Komatsu fishes the Madam Fish out. Just then Jackal Kite appears also known as Madam Killer which is a scavenger and steals the food other beings caught. But the Heavenly Kings chase it away and successfully capture the Madam Fish. Back at the IGO Headquarters, Ichiryu is impressed that Nono, Setsuno's apprentice freezes the Pot Pond in an instant. Setsuno was concerned about how Midora and Ichiryu  couldn't reach on an agreement.

Capturing the King Vinegar[]


Toriko, Komatsu and Tom arrive at Heavy Drinker Archipelago.

Toriko and Komatsu are riding Tom's speed boat to an island. Komatsu notices a big shark swimming toward them. Toriko says its a Drunk Shark. When the shark leaps over the boat and into the sea again , the sea water falls on Komatsu and Toriko. Komatsu notices it was not sea water but White Wine. Toriko says that its a Liquor Sea and explains that the seas around are made up of different kind of liquor. Tom then says that they have reached Heavy Drinker Archipelago. Toriko says that its an area off limits to anyone who's age is less than 20. Komatsu says that he's of the same age of Toriko. Toriko and Komatsu alight at Drunken Frenzy Island. When Komatsu asks why they had come to the island. Toriko said that when he went back to Monchy with the Madam Fish, Monchy said that he cannot make a Ehou Maki without vinegared rice and that's why they went there.

Then they meet the Drunken Cattle which is on Mansam's Full Course Menu. Toriko then says that all the wild beasts on the island are drunk. Then they find a fountain of hig


Toriko, Komatsu and Jiro have a drinking party.

h class brandy and encounter a Brandy Tiger. Toriko says that Komatsu can drink as much as he wants after eating theUkon Unko without getting drunk. Then then see many ingredients which are either alcoholic or snacks to with alcohol. Then a Emerald Dragon appears which has top quality wine springing from its back. When it does not attack them, Toriko realizes that it had Knocking applied on it. They notice Jiro on back of the Emerald Dragon.

Jiro invites them to take a Emerald Wine bath. Jiro says that at most , he comes to the island 8 times a week. Komatsu then notices a sake bottle and asks which sake it was. Jiro says that it was the drink from his Full Course Menu. Toriko is surprised and asks if it was Doham Spring Sake. Komatsu gets so much surprised that he sobers up. Jiro then says that he drank it all and they can get some themselves when they go to the Gourmet World. He then says them to drink all they want in the island. Toriko and Komatsu then help themselves with lot of alcohols.

Capturing the Dodurian Bomb[]


Toriko and Komatsu arrive at Dodurian valley.

After Toriko and Komatsu capture the King Vinegar, They go to Monchy's shop. Komatsu said that they drank so much that they were hungover for a week. But Monchy said that the components weren't enough for him to make the Ehou Maki. Toriko and Komatsu then go to Teppei. Toriko says that the idea came to him after seeing Jiro's pompadour and said that a good Saiseiya like him can suggest good ingredients. Teppei suggests the ingredients that he revived recently which are Café Ants, Salmon Roe Grapes, Mochi Stones. Toriko says those ingredients are not strong enough for an Ehou Maki but Komatsu is impressed as he didn't see these ingredients anywhere. Teppei then says that in recent times Saiseiya started recklessly reviving ingredients without a permission from the IGO. Then he says that it was him mostly doing it. He then says that he had revived something remarkable, The world's smelliest ingredient, The Dodurian Bomb.

Dodurian Bomb explosion

Toriko and Komatsu sadly capture the foul Dodurian Bomb and the smell is released worldwide.

Toriko and Komatsu then go to the place where Dodurian Bomb is by train. They get off at an unmanned station. Komatsu finds it extremely stinky, Toriko tries to put a fight to the smell but at last gives in to the stink. When Komatsu thinks of putting on a protective clothing , Toriko stopped him saying that its a Special Preparation Ingredient and melts away if they put of protective clothing. When they think of eating their dinner , The food they brought with them rotted due to the extremely stinkiness. They reach the Dodurian Bomb which is ripe enough and about to fall off. Komatsu and Toriko panic at this and try to encourage each other. The Dodurain Bomb falls down and a massive smell spreads throughout making different known characters make them shocked (except for Teppei and Zongeh). Back at the Hotel Gourmet, Toriko and Komatsu are back from capturing the Dodurian Bomb which took a month for them to conquer the stink. But to their surprise the stinky got stained on them.

Capturing the Eco Nori and the completion of Ehou Maki[]

Simple Diet Hill

Simple Diet Hill, the base of the Gourmet Knights.

Toriko and Komatsu are riding Terry to go to a place. Toriko and Komatsu are happy that the stinky smell that got stained on them had worn off after eating the Dodurian Bomb. Komatsu asks him if the ingredients they gathered were not enough for the Ehou Maki. Toriko says that there is only one left which was Nori to wrap the Ehou Maki. Komatsu is surprised that they do not have something so basic. They reach a place with hills and are suddenly attacked by someone. Toriko defends by using his Fork Shield and Knife. A person belonging to the Gourmet Knights introduces himself as Akimaru. Then Takimaru shows up and greets Toriko and Komatsu. Toriko then says that they came to get an ingredient. Toriko notices Takimaru's Gourmet Cells were more active than before. Toriko asks him if the attack before was due to the order of his leader.

Toriko eating Aimaru's treat

Toriko and Aimaru have a discussion at dinner.

Then the leader of the Gourmet Knights, Aimaru shows up and greet Toriko. While they were heading back to the Gourmet Kngihts camp, Aimaru asks Toriko not to overrate Takimaru as he is still inexperienced among their members. Then a member of Gourmet Knights, Yukimaru introduces himself as a member of the Blue Sky Group. Then another member, Raimaru introduces himself as a member of the Blue Sky Group. Then another member, Kagemaru introduces himself as a member of the Hidden Leaf Group and finally Tsukimaru introduces himself as a member of the Milky Way Group. Toriko then says that they were to skinny and asks them if they were eating properly. Aimaru asks him to stop as they have a doctrine to follow of keeping a simple diet. Toriko says that he is not interested in the Gourmet Knight's doctrine. The members of Gourmet Knights are surprised seeing Aimaru talk so much as they had never seen it before. Meanwhile Takimaru asks Komatsu what ingredient they wanted to get. Komatsu says that they were looking for Nori. Takimaru says it must be Eco Nori which is in the Eco Land, A town nearby and says he will be happy to guide them there the next day. At night Toriko is in Aimaru's tent and asks him if he's ready to capturing GOD. Aimaru then says that he had assembled his Full Course Menu which are Modest Grass for Hors D'oeuvre, Graceful Soup for Soup, Frugal Sardine for Fish Dish, Charm Pig for Meat DIsh, Simplicity Rice for Main Dish, Inexhaustible Potato for Salad, Plumpeach for Dessert, Quiet Tea for Drink. Toriko says that he is impressed as all the ingredients were simple. Then Toriko and Aimaru start arguing again.

Eco Land

Toriko and the others arrive in Eco Land.

The next day, Takimaru leads Toriko and Komatsu to the Ecoland. Komatsu says that it was a tranquil village. Takimaru says that the village does not have basic facilities for living and live on nature's products only. Then a person comes throwing bombs on wild rabbits and he asks Komatsu if he was an idiot. Komatsu replies that he was not an idiot and thinks that it was Monchy. Takimaru says that it was Nonchy Mayor of the village. Toriko then says that Monchy, Nonchy are siblings. Nonchy says that they are actaully quintuplets. Komatsu then sees a stove lit with a vessel on it and asks Nonchy where the gas came from.  Nonchy replies that there was no gas running but the Ecoeco Skunk shares the gas from their stomachs, He also added that they get water from the Water Storage Sea Cucumber and fire from the Fire Marimos. Komatsu notices they have electricity too as he notices an electric bulb. Nonchy then says that the sun will come down soon so he will connect the power source and also said that the ingredient they want is there too.

Solar Turtle charged

Toriko acquires the Eco Nori from the Solar Turtles.

He shows then the Solar Turtle outside his house which has natural solar panels on it and shows them the power plug which connects to the Solar Turtle. He then says that when the power supply runs out , a thin layer of the shell can be peeled off which itself is the Eco Nori but he then says that he can't let them have it for free. Nonchy says that the weather had been bad lately and the Solar Turtles can't keep up and for that there is a method by which the Solar Turtles can be charged by hand. Toriko then charges the Solar Turtle with a handle. Seeing this the people of the village request Toriko to charge their Solar Turtles too. Toriko then charges every single Solar Turtle. By daybreak, Toriko collects a lot of Eco Nori.

Ehou Maki ingredients

Toriko finally captures all the ingredients for the Ehou Maki.

Ehou Maki falls

Toriko's Ehou Maki is completed.

Then Toriko and Komatsu bid farewell to Nonchy and Takimaru and head back to Monchy's shop.Monchy says he ready to make the Ehou Maki. The local artisans bring a Chopping Board Ring to them. Monchy then throws an ingredient into the ring and asks Toriko to ring the bell. Monchy then starts doing some fighting moves on the ingredients which are Monchy Press, Monchy Hyper Back Drop, Monchy Lariat, Monchy Arm Lock and Nori Wrap Suplex. Komatsu notices that the ingredients were being made softer and the taste condensed. After 2 days of continues work, Monchy completes the Ehou Maki. The Ehou Maki is very very large. Monchy said it had to be that big for the ingredient they wanted him to predict. Monchy then says that it will expand some several thousands of kilometers after it falls down and that is the direction they want to go. Finally the Ehou Maki falls down and Monchy says that if they eat and follow the direction , They will reach their ingredient. Toriko and Komatsu then start eating the Ehou Maki and follow it.

The Disappearing Cuisine[]

Toriko and Komatsu are eating the Ehou Maki and following the path to get to the Lost Forest. They eat a lot of good ingredients and continue to do so. Komatsu asks why none of the wild beasts are eating it though it was delicious. Toriko says that the Dodurian Bomb is making the wild beasts stay away even if it was a small amount in the Ehou Maki. They finally reach the Lost Forest and Toriko says that its a place of an area of 30 million square kilometers and due to its unique magnetic field, Compasses and GPS won't work. Komatsu then asks Toriko on what ingrediant they were after. Toriko says its a soap bubble or fruits made of soap bubble , the Bubble Fruits. Suddenly they find a deep hole in the middle of the forest and also find someone stole the Ehou Maki. Toriko then sees someone holding components of the Ehou Maki and runs after him. Toriko and Komatsu then reach a place where Toriko could smell both the components of Ehou Maki and then person who stole it but couldn't see him. Then they suddenly find the Disappearing Cuisine , A 10-star restaurant in the middle of the forest. Both of them are shocked to find it as they weren't expecting a 10-star restaurant in such an isolated spot.

Disappearing Cuisine1

Toriko and Komatsu arriving at the Disappearing Cuisine

Toriko and Komatsu decide to pay a visit to the restaurant. When they are about to enter the restaurant, It  suddenly disappears into thin air. Then they hear a voice which tells them to put their hands together and bow. They do that and this time, The restaurant doesn't disappear and they go inside. They are Greeted by Chiru, A chef ranked 15th in the world rankings. She welcomes them to the Disappearing Cuisine. Just then Toriko sees another pair of slippers and understands that there was another customer. While walking in the restaurant, Komatsu asks why it was situated in such an isolated spot. Chiru says that they handle very delicate ingredients and one who is not acquainted with Food Honor cannot eat their cooking. She says that the restaurant disappears whenever a wild customer appears and it is built with a Gourmet World wood made from the shiest tree in the world, The Invisibility Tree. She then said that it was a rare achievement by Toriko and Komatsu as they were able to locate the restaurant. Toriko then said that they just followed a weird guy. Then the same guy who stole the components of the Ehou Maki and says that a customer still wants to eat more. Toriko notices him then Chiru comes to know about everything that had happened. She asks Chirin, Her staff to apologize. Chirin then said that when he found the Ehou Maki , it was already in pieces and took only a little piece.

Chiru welcoming customers

Head Chef Chiru of Disappearing Cuisine

Toriko then says that they will find their way to Bubble Fruits on their own. Chiru then says that the Bubble Fruits are located even deeper in the forest and are the temple treasures of the Chowlin Temple. Toriko says that its a legendary temple that no one knows details about. Chiru saus that Bubble Fruits are one of the most delicate ingredients and they used to serve them in their restaurant. Komatsu is amazed and asks if people were able to eat them there. Chiru says that she still lacks the skill to handle the ingredient. Then someone asks for more portions of food. Chiru hurries to serve him. Komatsu remembers that it was the same voice they heard before. Toriko and Komatsu are then served Kelp Sake. Toriko excitedly takes the cup near his mouth but the sake's flavour escapes. Chiru then says that they should not disturb the surface of the water. Komatsu also couldn't drink it. They are then served Sunshine Cheese, A cheese which must be kept in sunlight till consuming it otherwise it will get dry and hard. Both of them are successful in eating it. They are then served Million Tomato, But they couldn't consume it. Then they are served Star Rice, Which has to eaten without blinking even once. Toriko and Komatsu couldn't help blinking due to the bright shine of the Star Rice and it becomes black. This way Toriko and Komatsu were not able to consume all the cooking of the restaurant. Komatsu says that though the dishes were hard to cook, He never imagined that eating them would be difficult too.

Chinchin 3

Master Chin is revealed

Then they notice the person who was eating from the before. He completes eating the food. He then says that a age did exist where it required Food Honor to eat food and said that Tomiko and Koike(Toriko and Komatsu) would have died in such an age. He complements Chiru for her food. Chiru says "Thank You, Master Chin". She then says that he is the master of the Shoukurin Temple and one of the Gourmet Human National Treasures, Chin Chinchin. Master Chin then says to Toshio and Kosugi(Toriko and Komatsu) that he heard from the IGO president Ryuuichi(Ichiryu). Toriko says that he got their names wrong and his father's name is Ichiryu. Chiru then says that she learned Food Honor from Master Chin when she was little. She then advices Chirin to go for some training as well. Chirin declines to go as he heard that the training was very intense. Master Chin then says to Tommy and Kotani(Toriko and Komatsu) to follow him. Komatsu then says that their names were Toriko and Komatsu.

Chiru while bidding them farewell asks them to come to her restaurant after training as they will be able to eat all their cooking. He then asks Chiro(Chiru) if Granny Chiyo has returned yet. Chiru says that she still has not returned. While walking in the forest , Komatsu asks Master Chin if she was the former 5th in the world chef rankings. Master Chin says it was indeed her, The Disappearing Cuisine's first generation head chef, Delicate Cooking Chiyo. He then said that after her disappearance, Many chefs in the world have been disappearing at an alarming rate. He then asks Tominaga and Kojima(Toriko and Komatsu) to watch their step. Toriko and Komatsu are annoyed as Master Chin pronounced their name wrong. Then the ground on where they were standing disappeared. Then it comes to light that it was Master Chin who ate the Ehou Maki. He then asks Toriko and Komatsu to look at the scenery with great respect and appreciation. Then the Shoukurin Temple emerges in fron of them. Master Chin welcomes them to the Disappearing Temple.

The Shoukurin Temple[]

Master Chin asks Tonkichi and Kobinata(Toriko and Komatsu) to not to forget to show courtesy when entering the Shoukurin Temple. Komatsu says that he is the one not showing courtesy by pronouncing their names wrongly. Toriko says that they have reached safely and all thats left is too capture the Bubble Fruit. When Toriko steps on one of the steps, Spears emerge between them and a boulder falls down followed by many other dangerous things falling on them. Toriko uses his skills to block the attacks. Master Chin tells them to not to forget to show good manners as the temple is not only made up of shy materials but also those which attack those with poor manners. Then the temple catches fire. Toriko puts out the fire but it just catches fire again. Master Chin then uses a delicate technique called 'Spoon' which removes all fire and collects it in his hands which he puts out. Toriko and Komatsu are amazed by this. When they walk in the temple, The temple continues to attack Toriko and Komatsu. Master Chin says that they will never make it to the main temple in this rate. Toriko says that no matter how many times they put their hands together or bow, The attacks won't stop. Master Chin says to Tomato(Toriko) that there was no heart in their behaviour and says that Food Honor's foundation is the state of the heart. He asks them to appreciate each and every thing in their surroundings and never forgetting those feelings for a second. Toriko and Komatsu try this and the attacks stop.

Master Chin leads them to a place where disciples are learning Food Honor. Master Chin says that 100,000 people come every year desiring to learn Food Honor and most enter their branches spread all over the world and the harshest training takes place at the Shoukurin Temple. He then says that prisoners are brought there forcibly from places like Honey Prison to rehabilate them. Then a person greets Master Chin due to his return. He then asks if the persons with him are the ones trying to capture the temple treasures that Ichiryu spoke of. Master Chin tells Shouji that they were indeed the ones. Shouji replies that his name is not Shouji but Shuu. Master Chin then says that the persons with him are Tome and Jury(Toriko and Komatsu) to which Toriko and Komatsu say that he got their name wrong. But Master Chin continues and introduces them to Shoukichi(Shuu), An assistant master and then says that assistant master Shwartz(Shuu) will be the one training them on Food Honor. He then asks Shwartz(Shuu) to guide them to the main temple. Toriko asks if Master Chin could train them directly. Shuu says that Master Chin's training is rather draconian and they might not be able to handle right away. Toriko doesn't understand. Shuu then says that they already recieved a training baptism from Master Chin which was the 5,000 metre mountain which fell on them from the Death Falls. Toriko and Komatsu are utterly surprised and say to Master Chin that they could have been killed from that. Master Chin replies that he was asked by Ichiryu a long time ago to train them so he started by giving them an ordeal at the waterfall. Komatsu says that they were saved barely and what he would have done if they died. Master Chin said that it would have ended there. Toriko then understands that the dissappearence of the Ehou Maki was the Master's doing and then they decide to train under Shuu.

The might of Food Honor[]

Shuu leads Toriko and Komatsu to the main temple of the Shoukurin Temple and say that Food Honor has 3 stages which are basics, Middle level and high level and the final exam of the high level takes place in the main temple and for them to obtain the temple treasures the Bubble Fruits, They had to complete the high level course. He then says that the treasures are in the garden. Toriko and Komatsu are amazed on how temple treasures are left in the open. Toriko tries to approach the Bubble Fruits but they all burst when he puts his hands forward. Toriko becomes concerned if they will be able to capture them with Food Honor. Shuu notices on how Toriko's eyes turned into that of a pro Gourmet Hunter and then challenges Toriko to a match. Toriko is amazed when Shuu challenges him and then after feeling he was being serious, He accepts the battle request. At the same time, Master Chin feels some uneasiness and tells Toshimitsu (Toriko) to reach the high level fast.

Before starting the battle Toriko warns Shuu not to get injured. Shuu then says that the one who first says the words 'I give up' is the loser. Toriko says to him not to expect him to say it. Shuu then tells to Komatsu that after the battle is over, He would like to have a match with him. Toriko says that he will make sure that he will not have enough energy to challenge Komatsu. Toriko then starts charging at Shuu and throws a strong punch but much to his amazement, Shuu evades his attacks. After failing to hit Shuu even once, Shuu asks Toriko to come at him seriously. Toriko accepts the request and starts using his techniques on Shuu but Shuu manages to dodge them all. By now Toriko starts to feel tired as he used many high calorie consuming techniques. He then says to Shuu that he can't win if he just keeps running. Shuu then says he will start attacking and suddenly Toriko's undershirt gets cut into small pieces. Shuu says that its his tecnique 'Petty Knife' which is weak and dull compared to his techniques. Toriko then realises his facial hair has also been cut and then feels that in strength, He was far better but he can't reach Shuu as he got something far greater than strength.

Toriko then starts attacking again but Shuu just evades his attack. Shuu then reasons that his mastery in Food Honor is the sole reason why Toriko cannot defeat him. While Toriko continues to attack Shuu says that Food Honor is a mental concept which is applied to strength and techniques. Toriko then lets out a huge 36 Ren Kugi Punch which destroys the whole arena. Shuu says that Toriko's attacks have too many unnecessary movements which results in too much energy being wasted and his attacks are not reaching his full potential. Shuu also says that if Toriko was to acquire Food Honor then his current technique comsumption would decrease by one twentieth of his current comsumption. Toriko then realises that with his current skills he cannot defeat Shuu and says "I give up". Komatsu couldn't believe Toriko lost. Shuu then says that the preperation of a meal would be their contest. Komatsu and Shuu then go to the kitchen where two Enamel Cabbages are laid on the table. Shuu then says that they will julienne one head of Enamel Cabbage and the fastest will be the winner while the loser will have to go without a meal. Komatsu says that he can complete julienning and can do it within a minute. Shuu notices that Komatsu had a great level of concentration on the ingredients. Then they start the match and Shuu finishes it within ten seconds much to the amazement of Komatsu. Shuu then said that Komatsu had too many useless movements which resulted him to take more time. Toriko pleades Shuu to let him have a meal. To which Shuu says he will have one readied in a fashion. Toriko then understands what Shuu meant as he had to eat a bowl of beans with five meter long chopsticks.

Training for Food Honor[]

Toriko and Komatsu begin training for Food Honor under the Assistant Master, Shuu. They are woken up by a gong which was sounded before daybreak and they were greeted by Shuu who explains that at the Shoukurin Temple, They begin the day by Food Meditation which is an exercise of preparing one's heart to give thanks towards food with having no thoughts at all but constant appreciation towards all things. In front of them were two Torchorsetails which extinguish if they sense any thought other than those of appreciation. Shuu then says that after they maintain the exercise for thirty minutes, They will eat breakfast. But just hearing the word 'breakfast', Toriko thinks of it and the flames extinguish much to the amazement of Komatsu. Shuu then says that if they start appreciating then the flames will relight. After completing this exercise they go to have breakfast.

Shuu says that they will have Rice Among Eggs for breakfast. Shuu then hands them a bowl and shopsticks and asks them to fill it up as much as they like. Toriko finds it a difficult chore as it required considerable concentration and breaks a grain which causes all other grains to break in the vessel. Shuu then takes them to the next part of the training since they had their meal. Toriko says that they barely had anything to eat. Komatsu notices holes in the wall near them. Shuu asks Komatsu if he knew the fundamental posture of Food Honor. Komatsu replies that it is putting hands together and then bow. Shuu says that they will learn the  correct posture and form of putting hands together and bowing. Toriko starts the exercise and when he forms the posture, A needle passes through scratching his nose. Toriko notices a cactus near them. Shuu says its a Gratitude Cactus which shoots a needle if they don't use a proper form and they may be gravely injured. Komatsu and Toriko continue the exercise and after sometime, They have injuries all over their body which were caused by the needles of Gratitude Cactus.

Shuu then says that they will have a meal and end the days training and hands them Rose Ham Seed and asks them to watch over it till it buds and blooms. Toriko and Komatsu wait for the seed to bud but it does not bud until the next morning.  Shuu says that the flower of the Rose Ham blooms faster with stronger appreciation thoughts they have. They manage to make the flower bloom by afternoon. Then a Sandwhicherfly comes and eats part of the ham flower. Shuu says that its the fly's favorite food. Toriko asks Shuu not to forget to say important stuff like that. Toriko asks if they will really be able to learn Food Honor with the training. Shuu just smiles at him. Toriko goes back to the garden where the Bubble Fruits were present and finds he cannot touch them yet. Komatsu comes to him and talks with him. He says that he thinks the training is fun and requests that they learn Food Honor fast so that they will be able to beat Shuu. The next day, They are able to maintain the flame of the Torchorsetail for thirty minutes. Shuu is amazed as a normal person would require a month to achieve the same. Shuu then says that they will increase the time to one hour and then increase the number of torchorsetails as more number of torchorsetails will search deeper for any idle thoughts. After that for breakfast they have Icefish Soumen which have a very slippery skin. Toriko and Komatsu find it difficult because even thier chopsticks were made of a slippery material.

At the next exercise when Shuu finds out that they have learned the right form of putting hands together and bowing , He puts a bowl of Pudding Camel Hump pudding on their heads which collapses even if they move a few millimeters. Both the puddings on their heads collapse after few moments. For lunch they use a ten metre long chopsticks to eat beans from a bowl. Next for dinner they try to bud the Rose Ham which this time blooms in one go by strong efforts from Toriko and Komatsu. This time again a Sandwhicherfly comes near them. Shuu asks them to gratitude to the fly as it will not do anything to those who appreciate it. Shuu says that its a part of the training. Toriko gets frustrated at seeing his dinner being eaten away and waves his hand to shoo the fly away. Much to his surprise, He lets out a strong attack which takes out one of the buildings in the Shoukurin Temple. Shuu says that its the result of his training of concentration and correct posture and says that it was the true power of his technique. Then he takes Komatsu to prepare a Puffer Whale. Komatsu instinctively prepares the Puffer Whale in an instant surprising Toriko. Shuu explains that its also the result of the training after removing all his useless movements.

Attack on The Shoukurin Temple[]

Master Chin is in a worried state and feels that it might be his last job in the Human World while a thick black cloud is covering the Lost Forest. Toriko and Komatsu continue to excel at all the exercises which makes Shuu take a test of them and fins that he is no longer a match for either of them. Shuu says that they had been taking the high-class course from the begining and they ate the final exam ingredients during their training and hence they have acquired Food Honor. Just then Master Chin comes flying down near them and makes a crater after he lands. When he comes to speak to them, He asks their names which makes Toriko and Komatsu to ask him to get their names wrong at the least. Master Chin then says that he will now guide them directly. He asks Tommy Lee George and Colin Pharaoh(Toriko and Komatsu) to come with him. He takes them to the garden where the Bubble Fruits were. He asks them to touch one. Toriko and Komatsu do so but then they understand that the Bubble Fruits are mass less. Master Chin says that he created them for practice. Master Chin says that it is the one act of training he will perform and asks them to come with him to capture the Bubble Fruits. Toriko and Komatsu express their gratitude to Shuu. Master Chin asks Schneider(Shuu) to gather all the Assistant Masters to handle if anything to the temple while he's away. At a distance a strong beast is flying towards the Temple.

Master Chin takes them to a road called Bubble Way which is the only way to reach the Temple Treasures, The Bubble Fruits. Master Chin says that if they are able to capture the Bubble Fruits, Then they will also learn the secrets of food, However only one of them can go with him as Bubble Fruits are incredibly shy ingredients.Toriko says that he will be the one to accompany him. While walking, Master Chin says that he must give relentless gratitude towards food at the highest limits and then he will be able to learn Food Immersion which is attained only by those who mastered appreciation towards food at the highest level. Toriko keeps walking finding nothing. Back at the Temple, Shuu notices that the Lost Forest is withering due to some unbelievably fearsome beast. Wagon, An Assistant Master says that they will be the ones to handle it. Toriko feels he's been walking for a week finding nothing. He asks how many people have reached the Bubble Fruits before. Master Chin says that many have and the latest one is the leader of the Gourmet Knights, Hagemaru(Aimaru). Toriko continues to walk finding nothing and then thinks why Master Chin is unaffected by this. Master Chin says to Toriko that he will answer one thing for him and says that his body's weight is close to one ton. Toriko then understands why a crater formed when Master Chin landed. Master Chin says that he can store food in his body due to Food immersion and can go without food or water for months if required.

Back at the Temple, The disciples of Shoukurin Temple ask the Assistant Masters to let them fight. Just then a beast comes near them. Meanwhile Komatsu is still waiting for Toriko to return. Just then the whole Shoukurin Temple disappears. An old women and Ootake riding an unusual beast appear. The old women says that the place is cowardly as ever and yells a commanding threat which makes the Temple to reappear. The old women is recognised as Chiyo. Then another unusual beast appears in front of the disciples. Komatsu notices the beast and comes into the Temple. Just then Ootake jumps down from the beast. The two unusual beasts start attacking the people. Meanwhile Toriko reaches the limit of his stamina and uses Autophagy to continue walking.

The Capture of The Bubble Fruits[]

Toriko keeps walking but he cannot find anything and the road seems to go on forever. At last even his Autophagy gives out and Toriko falls down. Back at the Temple, The two unusual beasts have taken out a lot of the disciples. Toriko who was feeling his end was near, Asks forgiveness of all the important people in his life. He thanks his body which he always pushed too far. He gives his thanks to all those ingredients that became his flesh and blood. At that moment, A golden light spreads all over the bubble way and slowly the Bubble Fruits emerge from the bubbles. Toriko opens his eyes at the warmth of the ingredients. Master Chin says that he made it in time. He says that they were the real Bubble Fruits which were around them from the begining waiting patiently for Toriko's appreciation towards food to reach the utmost pinacle. Toriko eats the Bubble Fruit and enjoys the taste very much. Master Chin says that if cooked, They will be even more tasty. Toriko thanks the Bubble Fruits for becoming a part of his body. Master Chin says that in Food Immersion, The ingredients themselves are thankful for being eaten and pour nutrients into the body almost limitlessly. Master Chin collects many Bubble Fruits with his spoon and tells Toriko to eat as many as he likes. Toriko feels that everything around him has changed as he actually died once and feels like reborn. Master Chin says that he must get back to the Temple and he's happy that he was able to impart the secret technique to him. Master Chin then uses his spoon to dash back to the Temple. Master Chin feels the aura of Chiyo and asks why she has such an aura.

Back at the Temple, An Assistant Master Koppowo asks Chiyo her situation. Chiyo repleis that she want to talking to him and asks where Master Chin was. Chiyo then says that the beast attacking them was a golem, A Scum Beast man made from many species of animals and only one organisation can handle such things, The Gourmet Corp.. Chiyo says that she has already destroyed all the branches of the Shoukurin Temple. Wagon says that Chiru will be also sad as a person respected all over the world joined the Gourmet Corp.. Chiyo says that the secret technique, Food Immersion cannot become a threat to them. Wagon says that he will remind her the fundamentals of Food Honor since she has forgotten it. Chiyo says that he still has many useless movements and says that one stroke of her knife is worth 100 million yen. Koppowo warns Wagon to be careful. Chiyo uses an attack on Wagon which reflects the state of the body on the ground behind him. Before dying Wagon says that if he had realized it a little earlier perhaps he could have lived a little longer. Chiyo says that she will give them a painless death if they don't resist. Chiyo then takes out one of the Assitant Masters. Koppowo uses his techniuq called "Food Technique-Hundred Piece Fillet". But Chiyo blocks it using her Cutting Board Shield and uses her Thunder Cut on Koppowo who was in mid air. Meanwhile Komatsu is happy seeing Ootake safe as he couldn't contact him after parting with him in the Fairy Tale Castle. Ootake says nothing but stabs Komatsu with a glittering knife. Koppowo get heavily injured in his fight with Chiyo. Shuu sees this and heads to help him but is stopped by the Scum Beast. Toriko who is eating the Bubble Fruits has his hair grown out too much. Shuu uses his technique called "Food Honor Instant Blood Removal" on the Scum Beast who was after the disciples. But the skin of the Scum Beast was very hard that his Petty Knife chipped. The Scum Beast then Counter Attacks Shuu.

Ootake pull out his knife with which he stabbed Komatsu. Komatsu notices there was no wound though it definitely hurt him. Ootake says that it was a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife which restores more than it cuts which is illegal to use in the Human World. he says that it is a technique which only a few chefs in the world can use. Komatsu asks how he knows the forbidden technique. Ootake replies that in Gorumet World, There are certain ingredients which you cannot prepare without that technique. Ootake says that he is now in the Gourmet World and the distance between him and Komatsu has just increased. He then says that it was Komatsu's foolishness to learn something as useless as Food Honor. Komatsu says that its something Chefs should value very much. Ootake says that the Food Honor is now breaking down. Komatsu says that its an important thing he learned with Toriko. Ootake says that he remembered that Toriko was Komatsu's partner and then says that hge beat him there as well. Just as Ootake was going to reveal his Partner's name, The wall breaks surrounding them. From the broken wall, Master Chin emerges

The preservence of Food Honor and the Shoukurin Temple[]

Everyone is happy that Master Chin arrived. Chiyo greets Master Chin having just defeated Koppowo. Master Chin in his anger asks why she joined the Gourmet Corp. and makes his body battle ready. Chiyo says that it will be their last date ever. Master Chin uses his spoon to scoop out the ground underneath Chiyo to take the battle somewhere else. But Chiyo just stabs Master Chin with her hand. Chiyo says that it was the end of him and his Food Honor. But Master Chin says that as long as people and food continue to exist, Food Honor will not die. Komatsu seeing the situation around him yells "stop!". Just then Toriko arrives with long hair which was shining. Toriko says that its odd that even in such a grave situation he still appreciating. Master Chin asks if he ate all of the Temple Treasures on the Bubble Way. Master Chin uses his technique "Spoon Dome" to enclose himself and Chiyo. Chiyo asks if Toriko was his last disciple as he has quite a bit of faith in him. Master Chin says that he finally was able to remember Toriko's name and the other one was Komatsu. He says that unless they show some promise, They never make it to his memory. He also says that they must be the first ones after Chiyo.

Outside a Scum Beast is trying to break open the Spoon Dome. Master Chin says that once he locks the Spoon Dome, No one except him can open it. Back outside, Shuu who was beaten by the Scum Beast warns Toriko to be careful as as though it was brutal, It had no useless movements and uses some technique similar to Food Honor. Toriko asks Komatsu to get back. He then says that the nutrients from the Bubble Fruits made his har really long and uses his knife to cut his hair. He says that if it was the old him, He would probably go wild over a scene like that but after learning Food Honor, He can control his emotions and even thank his anger. With one strike of his knife, The arm of the Scum beast is cut into many pieces but it regenerates. Toriko then uses his Kugi Punch. The Scum Beast gets hit many times and gets thrown to a  nearby Mountain and is bashed through and mountain and gets hit till its body gets sliced apart into small fragments. Shuu could not believe that Toriko could defeat the golem in a single attack. suddenly the Spoon Dome opens and Master Chin falls down. Chiyo kicks him with force as he touched the ground. Master Chin asks Toriko not to get emotional as it affects his Food Honor. Master Chin asks Chiyo to tell him the reason why she defected to the Gourmet Corp.. Chiyo just kicks him again and tells him to shut up and die. She then challenges Toriko as he learned Food Honor.

Meanwhile Chiru who noticed that the Lost Forest was withering rushes to the Shoukurin Temple. But then the sky gets all dark and a ominous beast passes by. Shuu asks Toriko and Komatsu to get away as he will buy time but Toriko says that he will not last a second as in terms of raw power, She was in the same league as Setsuno. Chiyo says that she will have to take Setsuno out eventually. Chiyo says that she will show her 100 million worth knife stroke. Toriko says that when an abomination like her uses a knife, Its not worth a single yen. Toriko suddenly senses the damage the strike will give and protects himself with his Fork Shield. Chiyo praises Toriko for sensing her attack. She lets out a stream fo attacks. Toriko jumps in air after feeling the the attacks were too much. He then asks Shuu to take everyone out of there. Toriko then uses his Leg Knife. Chiyo says that it was a slow attack and tries to get away but Toriko fixes her legs to the spot and Chiyo uses her Cutting Board Shield. But Toriko's attack proves to be too powerful and soon Toriko lets out a large number of Leg Knife. Chiyo's shiled falls apart and then jumps towards Toriko with her knife. Toriko blocks her attack with his twin kugi punch. Both of them fall down but Chiyo's knives break. Toriko emerges from the dust and says that things that have been tainted tend to break easily. Chiyo brings out her main knife and then says that she didn't want to use it on a dirty human. Toriko says that it was a waste since it was a beautiful knife.

Ootake says that its about time for someone to come and then tells Chiyo to stop. A huge and dark shark with multiple gleaming eyes flies down at them. Ootake introcues Komatsu his Combo Partner, Who was a GT Robo sitting on the shark. The operator of the GT Robo asks Chiyo to stay where she is as their goal as already been accomplished and its time to return to the Gourmet World. Ootake tells Komatsu and Toriko to remember that the boss of the Gourmet Corp., Midora will be the one to eat GOD and the one to cook it will be him., His Combo Partner. Ootake says to Komatsu that it will be clear eventually who is superior between him and Komatsu and also their Combo Partners. Before leaving he asks Komatsu to increase his rank as a chef or else there will be no value in derfeating him. Komatsu says that he will never loose to him. Ootake laughs at him and gets on the shark and says he looks forward to it as they will next meet in the main stage of food, Gourmet World. The GT Robo operator says to Toriko to meet him at the Festival. And then the shark turns around and dashes forward in a second. Shuu says them that it was a Big Bang Shark, A Gourmet World creature and says that The boss of Gourmet Corp. controls such incredible creatures. Toriko says that it was not the boss of Gourmet Corp.. Meanwhile the GT Robo operator tells Chiyo that the boss was hungry and they have no time to play around and it was her foolishness to try to fight Toriko after getting injured in her fight with Master Chin. He then turns to Ootake and says that it was a poor lie he told that he was the Combo Partner of the boss. Ootake replies that the boss told the chefs that all the chefs were his Combo Partner and it will be true soon but he was a Combo with him currently. Then Toriko says that the new model GT Robo's performance was excellent as he could percieve the operator's power perfectly and he was Starjun who was operating the GT Robo. Ootake says that he is glad that Starjun has taken both the jobs as the Sous Chef as well as a Bishokuya as he was able to form a combo. Starjun asks even if he was a stepping stone for him and says that Ootake posseses a Food Luck  which he does not have. Saying this the Big Bang Shark goes even faster.


Komatsu cries because he and Ootake had been good friends and learned Cooking together. Toriko says that Ootake had Gourmet Cells injected directly into his body. Toriko says to Komatsu that if he truly was his friend, Then make him realize his mistakes with his cooking and his strength. Komatsu cheers up and says to Toriko to beat him together. Komatsu then asks why Ootake formed a combo with Starjun and why Chiyo joined the Gourmet Corp.. Master Chin says that he can tell them. Shuu asks him not to speak and says to Toriko and Komatsu that it was a bad condition as his body temperature is falling at an alarming rate. Just then a person holding knives comes towards them. The person happened to be Chiru. Chiru could not believe as Master Chin had grave injuries. Chiru says that she will use her Revitalizing Kitchen Kinfe to heal Master Chin. After healing his wounds, Chiru asks if there are any temple treasures nearby, The Bubble Fruits as he needed nutrients. Toriko brings a huge amount of Bubble Fruits and asks if it was enough. Chiru says that it was plenty. Seeing the wound completely close, Komatsu asks what was the Revitalizing Kitchen Knife. Chiru says that they are made of minerals as well as the living things which have the regenerative ability and brings the ingredients it cuts back to life. Komatsu understood why he didn't have a wound even after Ootake stabbed him. Chiru says that with this technique, It was possible to eat an ingredient infinitely but because of that the IGO was concerned about the circulation of food and forbade the technique. She says that if people eat highly nutricious ingredients while healing from the technique, it will be highly effective  but it cannot revive the lives that have already been lost.

Master Chin says that Chiyo defected to the Gourmet Corp. since she wanted to revive a dead person. Master Chin says that if the thin outer layers of the Bubble Fruits can be peeled away, their flavor and savoriness increases.and it was the dish Chiyo was best at. Chiru apologises to Master Chin as she didn't have the skill of Chiru. Master Chin says that it is difficult for even a chef who has mastered Food Honor to cook the Bubble Fruits. Shuu asks Master Chin what he meant by reviving the dead and Chiyo's defection. While in the Spoon Dome Master Chin asks Chiyo why she did so. Chiyo replies that in order to get a certain ingredient which was the 8th hidden ingredient of Acacia's Full Course, She defected. Master Chin asks Chiyo how she knew. Chiyo asks Master Chin if he knew it. Master Chin replies that even as a 0th Biotope Member, He had never heard about it from the President. Chiyo gets angry on how he can be so appreciative of every last event, Even after the death of her son. Saying that Chiyo attacked Master Chin and Master Chin asks who told her the information as it might be just a legend. Chiyo replies that even she did not know who it was but the person had some credibility, Far more than empty and meaningless gratitude. Saying this Chiyo attacked Master Chin again. Saying all these events, Master Chin says that Chiyo used to keep a track of time and say how old her son would have been all the time and this agitated him as he was also his son. Toriko asks Master Chin if there was truly an ingredient in Acacia's Full Course which could revive the dead. Master Chin says that he doesn't know but he knows that there are 7 items which were sealed away but the 8th ingredient, The Hors d'oeuvre was not part of it. he says that Acacia intentionally hid the ingredient himself. Toriko says that when he and Komatsu went to the Gourmet Shrine, There were only 7 seven shrines celebrating Acacia's Full Course. He asks Komatsu if he was right. Komatsu wa deep in his thought as he felt even Ootake joined the Gourmet Corp. for the same reason.

Master Chin says that perhaps the Gourmet Corp. were not only after the GOD but also other ingredients and they cannot let them make the first move and he was already transmitting the details of the event to the 0th Biotope. Toriko asks what it was. Master Chin says that its a secret facility of the IGO in the Gourmet World(on the Cloud Tree) where ingredient research and invention and sometimes surveillance of the Nitro takes place. He says that there are less than 20 members who were personally invited by the President. Meanwhile in the 0th Biotope, Guemon and Love are walking inside. Guemon asks how many years has it been since he left the Three Way Road. Loive also says that it has been a long time since she left the Gourmet Prison. Guemon asks Love who she was. Yosaku asks if he's spacing out always or is it just after he introduced Sunny to him. Love asks Yosaku if he can capture Zebra again. Yosaku says that if the president asks him, He will do so. Love says that the conditions for releasing Zebra were too lenient and she will raise a complain to the President. Yosaku asks Melk who was walking beside him on how long its been since he saw him. Melk replies to him in a small voice. Yosaku says that he cannot hear him. They reach a room and Yosaku opens it. Ichiryu welcomes all the members of the 0th Biotope. He says that the war is near them and they should be ready. While eating, Guemon asks how many years it has been since all the members of the 0th Biotope have gathered. Malisman, A member replies that all were not present since Master Chin was absent. Malee, Another member asks Ichiryu if the information about Master Chin being attacked was true. Ichiryu says that he got a message directly from Master Chin and says that they were gathered due to a different reason. Kuribou, Another member says that its hard to think that Master Chin could be delayed by a fight and asks if his opponents were the Gourmet Corp.. Goblin Ramon, Another member says that they must have used cowardly tactics and its not a matter to worry as he won't die easily. Manan, Another members says that he was right and says that it was rare for nearly everyone to gather like this and asks Ichiryu what the main topic was. Ichiryu says that Gourmet Corp. have became aware of CENTER. Tack, Another member asks if the phantasmal ingredient said to be Acacia's Hors d'oeuver really exsisted. Megarodras, Another members asks Ichiryu if the rumors were true. Sakura, Another member says that if its true then its both interesting and extremely significant and how the Gourmet Corp. have obtained such information. Ichiryu says that someone from inside must have leaked the information. Everyone get surprised. Ichiryu then says that he was only joking as he cannot remember inviting anyone who does such things. Rapp says that there is someone suspicious there, Hinting at Ryu who became a member recently. Yosaku asks Rapp to shut his mouth as he personally invited Ryu.

Ichiryu says that they cannot do anything since the information has gotten out and they need to get the ingredients before Gourmet Corp. do. He says that he means that they must collect Acacia's Full Course. He then asks Rala, Another member if he narrowed down the time of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse. Rala replies that it will occur at half a year at the earliest. Ichiryu asks Yosaku if the Revival of EARTH make it in time. Yosaku says that it will be be done in another month. Ichiryu then asks Melk if the knife for handling AIR is ready. Melk replies but Ichiryu could not hear it but Manan hears it and says that its already complete. Ichiryu then aks another member Kousairou if he cracked the location of ATOM. Kousairou replies that they have nearly cracked it. Ichiryu then asks another member, Atashino to prepare it. She replies to him to count on her. Ichiryu then asks everyone to be prepared for a fight as it may possibly develop a war with Gourmet Corp. and only the members present there would be fighting in the Gourmet World and be sure to hand over their work in Human World to thier successors. While heading out Yosaku is excited in running wild for the first time in a while. Goblim Ramon says that he cannot wait. Tack says that it is foolish to fight over food but if the opponent is the Gourmet Corp., They have no choice. Rala calls out Ichiryu saying that if the Gourmet Solar Eclipse occurs, then certain someone will become active and the Four Beast is already awakening from their several hundered years sleep and the Human World might be in danger and they cannot leave their present duties. Ichiryu asks him not to worry as the Four Beast is the Final training ingredient for his disciples who are well able to fight and its safe to leave the Human World to them. He then says to Rala that Gourmet Corp. have gathered some chefs. Rala then said that if there was a war in the Gourmet World then the Gourmet Corp. may probably launch an attack on the Human World too after capturing chefs of some degree of skill. Rala then says that in one month, All the greatest chefs will gather in the Cooking Fest and the Gourmet Corp. are certain to appear. Ichiryu say they have no choice and may have to send someone from there. Suddenly Kousairou says that he will go since chefs are the treasures of the Gourmet Age. Ichiryu approves of it. Ichiryu then stops Kuribou. Kuribou asks him what was the matter.

Back at the Shoukurin Temple, Toriko and Komatsu are sad at the sorry state of the Temple. Shuu says that they will rebuild the Temple with the strength of the people that remain. Master Chin asks them not to forget the Food Honor that they have learned. Komatsu replies that they will not and thanks everyone. Master Chin says farewell to Toriko and Komatsu. Toriko and Komatsu are glad that master Chin has learned their names. Shuu says that its incredible as he gets their names wrong even then. Master Chin says them to be careful. At the Gourmet Corp.'s Headquaters in the Gourmet World, Starjun eats the Bubble Fruits and feels that they were wrong too. Midora asks if Ichiryu will come. Toriko and Komatsu pay their respects to the Lost Forest and head back home.





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