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Starjun releasing his sword

Star with his Burner Knife

Starjun with his Burner Knife in hand
Japanese バーナーナイフ
Romanized Bānā Naifu
Other Burner Knife
Creator(s) Starjun
Owner Starjun
Purpose To both cut and grill special preparation ingredients
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 31
Anime Episode 10
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The Burner Knife (バーナーナイフ Bānā Naifu) is a large sword-like kitchen knife used for special preparation ingredients and is capable of both cutting and grilling at the same time. It was created by Starjun, the Sous Chef of the Gourmet Corp..


It is a very long knife, with a length similar to that of a sword. It has a silver cross guard and pommel, with a red orb attached to the pommel and green wrappings around the grip, and is kept in a golden scabbard. The shape of the blade is unknown as it is wreathed in flames.


The Burner Knife has the distinctive ability to both cut and grill at the same time. It doesn't seem to have a very distinctive blade, so the heat it gives off must be immense for how well it cuts. The knife has been shown to be rather powerful, with a light swing causing a massive wave of flames, resulting in an enormously long cut in the ground, the sides of which are melted due to the extreme heat. It is capable of simply melting through Toriko's barrage of Knives and Forks and piercing through several of his Fork Shields. It should be safe to assume that the knife's properties involve conducting heat, not generating it. In other words, Starjun is probably the only one able to use it this way.


  • Flame Whirlwind (火炎旋風 Kaen Senpū): While using his Burner Knife, Starjun creates a large cyclone of flames around him powerful enough to stop a barrage of Toriko's Flying Knifes and Forks.[1]
  • Burner Broil Stab (バーナー炙り刺し Bānā Aburi Sashi): A thrust using the Burner Knife, the flames form a rough cone shape.[2]
  • Single Stroke Grill Cut (一刀焼き切り Ittō Yakikiri): A slash of the Burner Knife, Starjun manages to cut Toriko's right leg, but it loses to Toriko's 50 Ren Leg Knife, causing the blade to break. However, Toriko's leg is severed shortly after.[3]
  • Satan Burner (サタンバーナー Satan Bānā ): After eating AIR, Starjun transforms his right arm into that of his Appetite Demon and engulfs his sword in flames. [4]
    • Star Slicer (星切り Hoshigiri): After using Satan Burner, Starjun swings his Burner Knife. It is first used against Guinness, but is dodged. With Toriko's Jet Knife, it cuts a deep chasm into the earth.[4]


Throughout the series, Starjun has carried this blade at his side while in armor, however he did not use it until the Gourmet Corp.'s attack on the Cooking Festival where he used it in his private battle with Toriko. The blade proved powerful and fearsome during their heated battle, but eventually Toriko was able to break it in half using his 50-Hit Leg Knife. After the timeskip he has repaired it and has been seen using it to annihilate one of the Namibouzu that were about to attack the Turtloon.


Starjun using Flame Tornado to defend
Flame Whirlwind
Burner Broil Stab
Ittou yakikiri image
Single Stroke Grill Cut
Burner Knife in trailer
Burner Knife in Toriko 2013 Movie trailer


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