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RiceBall  Butt Bug  Manga meat
Butt Bug GM
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese おしり虫
Romanized Oshiri Mushi
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Insect
Capture Level Below Level 1
Length 60cm
Weight 2.5kg
Price 20,000 yen each (as a pet)
Habitat Dark, Damp places
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 31
Anime Episode 10
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The Butt Bug (おしり虫 Oshiri Mushi) is a type of bagworm whose most notable feature is the fact that its posterior resembles a butt, hence the name.



Rear view of the Butt Bug's rear...

Butt Bugs are bagworms that are quite large compared to smaller insects, however they still only stand at a mere 60 centimeters in height. A Butt Bug has a pink baggy and segmented body with a large round head with a cute cat-like mouth, big black eyes, two long and skinny antennas, and a pair of five skinny legs on each side of its body. As stated many times, its butt is its most notable and prominent feature, being large, round and bubbly, and protruding upwards from the rear of its back. Its butt truly is a disturbing but peculiar sight to behold.

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Butt Bugs are harmless and cowardly creatures who would prefer to run from predators than fight or defend themselves. Because of this harmless disposition, human interaction with them is perfectly safe and they can even be kept as pets. Butt Bugs mainly make their homes in dark and damp places so caves and old castles would be an adequate location for this little guy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bei chases Butt Bug small

Its only method of survival, running away.

Butt Bugs are weak creatures incapable of doing anything really, as such their only method of survival is to run. They are quite agile and can run quite fast and leap out of the grasp of others if they are about to be caught. One even managed to outwit Bei, a member of the notorious Gourmet Corp., although he was quite weak in comparison to the organization's standard staff.


As FoodEdit


Because of its peculiar posterior, there are few who will eat it, and those who do tend to be pretty bizarre in their culinary tastes. This bug appears to be a favored dish of Bei of the Gourmet Corp., but Sous Chef Starjun refers to Bei's taste as poor so it is likely that the Butt Bug does not taste all that great.

As PetsEdit

Speaking of bizarre, there is also a subculture of butt-fetishists who apparently like to own these things as pets. With the Buttbug's harmless disposition, they are quite easy to keep. A pet Butt Bug can be sold for about 20,000 yen.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Bei trying to catch a Butt Bug

Bei trying to catch a Butt Bug.

In the Gourmet Corp. 6th Branch, a Butt Bug is pursued by Bei who desired to eat its butt after having lost to Toriko in the Gourmet Coliseum. The bug manages to outrun Bei for quite a bit. Upon catching it, Bei licks the bug's butt, much to its horror. It is quickly put out of its misery when Sous Chef Starjun instantly barbecues it.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, Bei never manages to catch or kill the Butt Bug.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Buttbug (2)

A Butt Bug from Toriko: Gourmet Monsters.

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2Edit

The Butt Bug appears as an enemy in the game. It has a scorpion-like stinger and will fight by jumping and poking the player; however, it is the weakest hostile enemy in the game. It also has two new subspecies: the rare Golden Butt Bug (ゴールデンおしり虫 Gōruden Oshiri Mushi) which has gold skin and a pink buttocks, and the deadly Devil Butt Bug (デビルおしり虫 Debiru Oshiri Mushi) which is purple and has an even bigger poisonous stinger.

Toriko: Gourmet BattleEdit

The Butt Bug appears as an enemy and collectible card. Its card's statistics classify it as a "Intelligent" class beast. It also has several subspecies within the game, such as the Flower Dust Butt Bug (きなこもちり虫 Kinako mo chiri mushi), the Sparganum Butt Bug (おしりこ虫 Oshiri ko mushi), and the Witch Butt Bug (ウィッチおしり虫 Witchi oshiri mushi).

Toriko: Gourmet MonstersEdit

Butt Bugs appear as one of the many tamable beasts and are also the weakest beasts. A Butt Bug is also paired up with Zongeh in the Gourmet Royale beast bouts. The rare Golden Butt Bug also appears in the game.

Toriko: Ultimate SurvivalEdit

Butt Bugs are relatively the same as they were in Gourmet Survival but with updated graphics. All of the previous subspecies from the previous games reappear in the game as well as two new subspecies known as the Oni Butt Bug (オニおしり虫 Oni oshiri mushi) and the Double-Butt Bug (おおしり虫 Ooshiri mushi). Butt Buggs and Golden Butt Bugs reside in the Spring Area of Four Seasons Island, Devil Butt Bugs reside in the Fall Area, and Double-Butt Bugs and Oni Butt Bugs reside in the Winter Area.

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