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This article pertains to the Hors d'Oeuvre in Acacia's menu. For the Nitro of the same name, see CENTER (Nitro).
Mushroom.png  CENTER  Sushi.png
IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese センター
Romanized Sentā
English CENTER
Aliases Gourmet Cell Nucleus (グルメ細胞核 Gurume Saibōkaku)[1]
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Gourmet Cell Nucleus
Capture Level 10000
Location Sector A (Area 0)
Related Cure Water
Gourmet Cells
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 381
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CENTER (センター Sentā) is the mysterious ingredient which makes up Acacia's Full Course Menu's Hors d'Oeuvre. CENTER is the origin of Gourmet Cells on Earth, the nucleus of Earth's injection with Gourmet Cells by Blue Nitro and source of all life on the planet. It is excluded from the Nitro's Full Course because it is too dangerous for them to eat directly.[1]

The location of CENTER has been rumored to be within Area 1. However, Aimaru's Appetite Demon reveals the fact that CENTER is actually in the bottom of PANGAEA, the original super continent known as Area 0.[2]

NEO has prepared a gold ship to enter the dangerous Area 0 in order to capture CENTER.[3]

As Food[]

CENTER's data

Consuming CENTER fully awakens the Gourmet Cells of the heart.[4]

Once it is eaten, hair grows all over the eater's body and floats away, leaving a completely hairless being with shiny skin. The rush of energy is pleasurable and creates a feeling of rebirth.[5]

A mere contact with CENTER causes all injuries, no matter how severe, to be healed, and is said to be able to bring back the dead. When Aimaru touched CENTER in Area 0, he grew several more hearts and his Gourmet Cells became immensely active, causing the part of his body touching the ingredient to grow much larger. This also implied that Appetite Demons have multiple hearts.


Gourmet War[]

Over 500 years ago, Acacia discovered this amazing ingredient and added it to his Full Course Menu, but realizing that such an ingredient could upset the balance of life and death, he hid away all the knowledge he had about it and shared its existence with no one except his disciple Ichiryu.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Several years ago, Chiyo was told by the "Dark Chef" Joie about the existence of CENTER and how it could be used to revive the dead, as well as how its existence had been kept secret by her own husband Chin Chinchin. Chiyo enraged and shocked by this information immediately left her position as Head Chef of Disappearing Cuisine and joined the Gourmet Corp. in hopes of finding CENTER herself and using it to revive her long-deceased son and get revenge on her husband for concealing the object that would've brought back their son.

Years later, Chiyo invades the Shokurin Temple in order to destroy it and have her revenge on Chinchin. During their battle, she reveals that she knows about CENTER and how she plans to make him pay for concealing the truth from her. Eventually she is defeated with the aid of Toriko, but she leaves soon after while still holding out the desire to acquire CENTER.[6]


Upon meeting Joie, Midora recognizes him as the abomination born from his use of Cure Water on Froese's corpse, while also stating that Cure Water is related to CENTER.[7]

GOD Arc[]

The Nitro CENTER is in Area 1 to collect the Hors d'Oeuvre.[8] With GOD being fully awakened, Aimaru tells Brunch to take him and follow Aimaru's microbes to a location within Area 1. As they travel, Aimaru tells of how CENTER was such an important ingredient that his own Appetite Demon passed from eating GOD to find CENTER. Aimaru then proceeds to tell the tale of how the continents of Gourmet World came to be and what truly occurred between Acacia and the former rulers during the great Gourmet War and how CENTER played its key role in the event.[9]

After Acacia eats some of GOD, the Nitro CENTER hands off the Hors d'Oeuvre to PAIR, who kills its fellow Nitro and presents the dish to Acacia.[10] Acacia eats it and transforms.[11]

After being fed with GOD, Toriko is also fed with CENTER by the Gourmet Luck, causing him to transform as well.

When Aimaru enters the Area 0, he finds CENTER gushing out of the ground like a volcano. After Acacia is defeated and the destruction of Earth is stopped by Teppei, CENTER comes out of the Area 0 up to the surface, thanks to Zongeh's Gourmet Luck, and heals the entire portion of Earth, including the Eight Kings (except the Snake King, who is in different dimension) and everyone that was mortally wounded by Acacia.



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