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CM Goron
Goron portrait.png
Japanese CM (シーエム) ゴロン
Romanized Shīemu Goron
English CM Goron
Aliases Original Cuisine
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday May 6th
Status Alive
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Free Taste
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 212
Anime Episode 126
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CM Goron (CMゴロン) is the master of Shocking Original Cuisine (驚愕のオリジナル料理 Kyōgaku no Orijinaru Ryōri) and is the owner chef of Free Taste. He is ranked 7th in the World Gourmet Chef Rankings making him one of the greatest chefs in the world.[1]


He is a tall and muscular light-skinned man with multicolored spiky hair (light green in the anime) who wears a blue sleeveless shirt, purple wristbands, yellow pants and a white apron tied around his waist. He wears what appears to be nose clip on his nose along with red visor-like sunglasses over his eyes.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being number 7 on the IGO Chef Ranking, CM Goron is one of the top 10 greatest chefs in the world, making his skill and knowledge of cooking the best of the best. CM Goron's primary cooking style is Original Cuisine, as such many of his dishes are original ideas of his own which he claims to have made by "tasting future flavors"; however, whether this means he is a type of Gourmet Fortune Teller or something else is uncertain. A further testament to his great cooking skills was that he was able to make it to the final round of the Cooking Festival, showing that he is both a master chef and a capable athlete.

During the Gourmet Corp.'s attack on Cooking Fest, CM Goron was defeated in an unseen battle, indicating that he is not as strong as a Gourmet Hunter.


Cooking Festival[]

CM Goron makes his appearance, entering the 5th on the stage of Cooking Festival. The MC states he can taste future flavors and is here to bring some new tastes.[2] He is able to pass the three preliminary events: Triathlon Cooking, Scale Death Cooking, and Entire Island Cooking. In the Championship Tournament, his opponent is Yuuji.[3]

However, the finals never occur as the Cooking Festival is invaded by the Gourmet Corp. who seek to kidnap all the chefs present at the Fest. CM Goron is one of the many chefs taken out by their army, but it is unknown what becomes of him.



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