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Cage Beast
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Japanese 檻獣, Ori Kemono
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Type Mixed/Artificial
Capture Level Unknown
Related Scum Beast
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 222
Anime Episode 136
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The Cage Beast (檻獣, Ori Kemono) is an important Scum Beast used by the Gourmet Corp. to imprison the captured chefs during their invasion to the Cooking Fest.


Cage Beast side view

Side view

It has a grotesque appearance like the other Scum Beasts with a distinctive blue beard. Its most notable features are his bars-like mouth and shoulders, and it also has human-like fingers with black nails. The Cage Beast is large in size which makes it a suitable creature to hold hostages in its hollow inside.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Zaragira throws Reishun into Cage Beast

Cage Beast imprisons Ling Chun.

Being a scum beast, and a rather huge one, it can be presumed to be highly powerful. It has the ability to extend its rather large jaw to a great size in order to place people in the inside of its cage-like body. It is also likely quite durable and strong for being able to contain several high class chefs who also boast decent fighting capabilities. Despite all this, it did fear Zebra.


Reishun is imprisoned

The Chinese Emperor is caged.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

After the invasion began, the Cage Beast appears along with Zaragira, Gur and three Red Nitro controlled by the Gourmet Corp.. When Zaragira defeats Ling Chun, he throws him at the Cage Beast's mouth and this scum beast "eats it" and stores the chef in its inside. It is later seen shocked by Zebra's Sound Bazooka on the Cooking Stadium, being unknown if it was affected by the attack. [1]



  1. Gourmet 231 - Cage Beast shocked by the Sound Bazooka that Zebra used inside the Cooking Stadium.

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