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A Capture Level (捕獲レベル Hokaku Reberu) is a numerical rating applied by the IGO which indicates the difficulty of successfully capturing a particular Ingredient. Considerations used in assigning capture levels can include a beast's fighting strength, but also their dangerous habitats, the other powerful beasts living alongside them, and the difficulty of successfully preparing or eating them. Capture Levels can also cover Appetite Demons and even human individuals.

The Garara Gator with its Capture Level of 8

The capture level scale used by the IGO goes from Level 1 to Level 100. It is 'calibrated' against the strongest beast in the Human World, the sole creature at capture level 100. The more powerful beasts of the inhospitable Gourmet World are normally too remote and powerful for the IGO to determine their levels, so they are referred to as having 'unmeasurable' capture levels. Likewise, there are also ingredients within the Human World that are considered "below capture level 1" that usually comprise extremely easy to get foods that pose little or no danger.

A capture level does not always refer soley to fighting strength also taking account of the environment, rarity and any other guardians or obstacles, but when it does a level 1 beast is described as harrowing enough to require at least a group of ten professional hunters, all armed with shotguns. Beyond Level 3, most conventional arms cease being useful at all. The capture level of an individual beast can change with its growth. Rikky, when introduced, had a capture level of 35 which has now risen to around level 70.

Research has recently been completed on a device that can measure Capture Levels known as the Measuring Tongs. It should be noted that this device only measures the power, not other factors that IGO determines Capture Levels from. This instrument should be able to measure the Capture Level of beasts, including those over level 100 located in the Gourmet World. After the one and a half year time skip the IGO developed an even more advanced Capture Level measuring device called the Riddle Chapter from the Capture Level information compiled and secretly shared by the Blue Nitro.

When battling the Enbu Newcomers in Area 7, Coco has stated that when using Enbu to ward off the damage they take, the Capture Level of the apes momentarily increases. This suggests that the ability to measure 'cell energy' is not only limited to Marking Chameleons.[1] Each beast/ingredient is sorted by type and increasing capture level.


Mammal Beasts[]

Troll Kong with its Capture Level of 9.

Silverback with its Capture Level of 10.

Fish Beasts[]

Puffer Whale and its Capture Level of 29.

Bird Beasts[]

Gerold with its Capture Level of 15.

Reptile Beasts[]

Devil Serpent with its Capture Level of 21.

Insect Beasts[]

Jack Elephant and its Capture Level of 85.

Mollusk Beasts[]

Megaoctopus with its Capture Level of 25

Crustacean Beasts[]

Muscle Crab with its Capture Level of 3

Amphibian Beasts[]

Snake Toad with a Capture Level of 1

Worm Beasts[]

Baron Leech with its Capture Level Unknown

Cnidarian Beasts[]

Gourmet Jellyfish with its Capture Level Unknown

Plant Beasts[]

Goblinplant with its Capture Level of 33.

Demon Beasts[]

Dragon Beasts[]

Tundra Dragon with a Capture Level of 55.

Other Beasts[]


Fruits & Plants[]

An Almond Cabbage with a Capture Level of below 1 in the Anime.

Drinks & Soups[]

An Oden Onsen with a Capture Level Unknown

Other Ingredients[]