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Casket Crab
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Japanese 棺桶ガニ
Romanized Kan'oke Gani
English Casket Crab
Aliases Spirit World Refrigerator
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Type Crustacean Ghost Beast
Capture Level 1800
Height 40m
Weight 200t
Habitat World of Souls,
Blue Grill
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 333
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The Casket Crab (棺桶ガニ Kan'oke Gani) is a legendary beast from the World of Souls that preserves extinct ingredients within its body.


The Casket Crab's body resembles a coffin with a crossbones symbol on it. It has segmented eyes and sharp teeth on its face. It has eight spiked legs and two scythe-like claws with one being larger than the other.

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It seems to be a tame beast that only concerns itself with storing and preserving long-extinct ingredients and is used by the inhabitants of Blue Grill for special events.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Casket Crab Bubble

The Casket Crab's anti-gravity bubble.

The Casket Crab appears to be native to the World of Souls, making its nature quite unique, and it can apparently freely travel between worlds. Its most notable ability is to store and preserve all manner of extinct ingredients within its body, although the limit of its storage capacity and the nature of its of insides remain unknown. It has the ability to produce special bubbles that can contain special environments, like the Multi-Gravity Valley's.[1] Its sharp scythe-like claws also likely give it a deadly offense.


Because of its unique power, the Casket Crab can be used to preserve all manner of legendary and extinct ingredients for all time. However the Casket Crab species appears to be under strict ownership of whatever ruling force resides within the realm of spirits, and special permission is required to summon one, as even Don Slime, the king of Blue Grill, needed to ask for permission to summon a Casket Crab.[2]



Casket Crab in Kitchen of Food Spirits

Kitchen of Food Spirits

A Casket Crab is used by Don Slime in the Grill Stadium match between the Five 10-Shell Cooks and five of the Top 100 Chefs. Once it is summoned, it releases two Leafish for Condor Window and Yuda to capture and prepare.[3]

One appeared within the World of Souls' Kitchen of Food Spirits.[4]


Casket Crab Submission

Casket Crab Submission


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