Apparitions (妖怪, Yōkai), also known simply as Yōkai, are beings and animals with monstrous or supernatural traits. Many hail from Hex Food World on the continent of Area 8. Species that are part of this classification may not have a uniformal appearance, with certain individuals of the same species having drastically different appearances from one another. The origin of many of the Yōkai is directly related to the Nitro, as hundreds of thousands of years ago their ancestors were once ordinary humans who were kidnapped by the ancient Four Beasts and injected with Gourmet Cells which failed to properly adapt to their bodies and caused them to mutate greatly and thus they became monstrous-looking mutants. The descendants of these mutants would eventually become many of the inhabitants of Hex Food World.

They are based on the real world Yōkai (妖怪) from Japanese legends and folklore.

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