Cavern Lagoon
Sandy Beach in the Cave anime
Location Gourmet Fortune
Affiliation Puffer Whale
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 6
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Cavern Lagoon is a cavern located deep within the lowest reaches of the labyrinthine tunnels. At its depth is sand, glimmering crystals and a pool of sea water that holds an underwater tunnel that leads to the ocean floor. It's the only area where one can collect Puffer Whales who come to the hidden cave beach every 10 years through the underwater tunnel in order to breed. Access to the cave is apparently no longer possible after the dreaded Four Beast, Gaoh destroyed the cave's entrance when it entered the Human World.



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The labyrinthine tunnels are like a vast labyrinth where one can easily become lost and can fall prey to many of the dangerous beasts that lay within. Those tunnels are the only way to reach Cavern Lagoon, apart from reaching it through the sea. The cave is also home to the nests of low capture level Devil Pythons.

This entrance was destroyed by the dreaded Four Beast, Gaoh, when it first entered the Human World. It is unknown if the tunnels caved in and were destroyed during the Gaoh's rampage.


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