Central Human World
Japanese 人間界中央部
Romanized Ningen-kai chūō-bu
Location Center of Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 56
Anime Episode 19
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Central Human World refers to a group of as of yet unnamed small continents and islands located in the center of the Human World's map.


Central Human World's continents resemble those of the real world Earth in position and design but have slightly different outer shapes, formations and terrain, and several hundred million years ago the continents looked even more similar to the real world.


Central Human World's appearance several hundred million years ago.

All of these continents appear to be quite verdant or mountainous, and unlike the real world, their northern and southern most continents are not cold or frozen environments due to the planet's overall larger size than the real world Earth.

Central Human World is also notable for being the only region on the planet where the quite common Bedrock Mineral cannot be found no matter how deep one digs. The reason for this is that the planet once consisted solely of the Central Human World alone before it was "spiced" by the Bedrock Mineral which began to grow around it and form the new world.



  • Because of its similarity to our own world, it can be considered an alternate version of our own.
    • Although the similar appearance may have also been a choice by the author to make it easier to compare the size and differences between the world of Toriko and our world.
  • Numerous real world locations are sometimes referenced in Toriko through food items (ex: European Swordfishes), although it is unknown if these locations correspond to Central Human World.

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