Century Soup Arc
Komatsu getting the last Century Soup drop
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Century Soup Arc
Chapters: Chapter 63 - Chapter 100
Episodes: Episode 23 - Episode 41
Description: Komatsu and Toriko are treated to an ultra-exclusive tour of Setsuno's kitchen, including the top secret area where she prepares Century Soup! Inspired, they set off in search of the genuine article, but trouble lies ahead!
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: BB Corn Arc
Followed by: Ozone Herb Arc (manga)
Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc (anime)

The Century Soup Arc is the sixth arc in the series.





  • Knocking
  • 2-3-5-10-13 -Hit Nail Punch
  • Flying Knife
  • Flying Fork
  • Zongeh Smash
  • Knife
  • Iai Sanmai Oroshi
  • Ittou Ryoudan Kabutowari
  • Sennuki Press
  • Oil Shock
  • Sennuki Shot
  • Nikutataki Head
  • Irregular Shot
  • Regular Blow
  • Irregularlron
  • Impact Knocking
  • Rendan




In the MangaEdit

After the loss of the Jewel Meat and the GT Robos to the Four Heavenly Kings, the Bishokukai discuss their next course of action which Yuu suggests “soup’ as their next ingredient to capture.

In the AnimeEdit

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