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Type Plant/Furniture
Capture Level Unknown
Location Unknown (some located in Chichi's Tree House)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 271
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The Chair Leaf is a plant that instantly grows into a large leaf that can support the weight of anyone who sits on it after being watered.



A Chair Leaf's rapid growth.

As a seed, it seems to have an appearance of a small bean that can be stored in numbers within a container. Its appearance as a full grown plant seems to be that of an ordinary leaf except it is much larger in size and is only supported by a single, but strong branch. There is no back to the Chair Leaf unlike ordinary furniture chairs, having more similarities to that of a stool. They also grow rapidly fast from a seed to a full plant in a matter of seconds after being watered only once.



Chair Leaves in use.

Chair Leaves are used for sitting, such as its name suggests. The leaf that the Chair Leaf produces is large and strong enough to support a single person. Their seeds are easily stored due to their small size and can be transported anywhere in large quantities. 


AIR ArcEdit

After the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu went back to the mysterious tree house in the 1st Biotope, they met the old Nitro, Chichi who agreed to explain his and the house's purpose to them, but then grew some Chair Leaves for them to sit on while he explained. They later sat on some Chair Leaves while they ate a meal prepared by Chichi and Komatsu.

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