Japanese チャコ
Romanized Chako
English Chako
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Grill
Occupation Chef-in-Training
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed mother,
Unnamed grandfather
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 330
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Chako (チャコ) is a young boy living in Blue Grill who one day hopes to become a chef.


Chako is a small young humanoid boy around 5 feet tall with spiky hair. He possesses goblin-like features such as pointy ears and a large round nose like several of the inhabitants of Blue Grill. He wears a simple outfit and carries a small pack where he carries his things. He is also always seen wearing an Urchive necklace.


Chako is a friendly but also disrespectful young boy who is quite rude to his elders, often calling them "Pops", such as Komatsu. He has a great admiration for chefs and has the autographs of all the Five 10-Shell Cooks and hopes to become a chef himself one day. He is also quite cowardly and greatly fears evil Food Spirits despite that his Urchive keeps him safe from them. He also greatly admires his mother whom he was very close to before she was taken into the Soul Trade.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chako is an ordinary child, but like his mother, he was born with a handicap that limits his abilities (a trait that is common in 10% of Blue Grill's population). Chako's handicap is his inability to smell or taste things as they are, as shown by his inability to taste delicious foods or recognize the smell of his own Urchive. Despite his debilitating handicap, Chako dreams of becoming a chef one day, suggesting that he is learning or at least planning on becoming a chef.

Gourmet CellsEdit

Main article: Don Slime

Like those of the other Gourmet World civilizations, the citizens of Blue Grill are descendants of humans who were captured by the Nitro and had Gourmet Cells injected into them.

As with everyone in Area 6, his Appetite Demon is Don Slime, until the demon is resurrected in Asarudy.[1]

  • AIR:[2] Chako's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left arm.
  • ANOTHER:[3] Chako's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue. It also gives him the ability to comprehend tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.
  • GOD:[4] Chako's Gourmet Cells awaken in his brain.


Chako carries with him a small Urchive at all times which keeps him safe from being possessed by evil Food Spirits.



Chako is first seen desperately waiting outside the men's bathroom as Komatsu exits from it. Komatsu then casually asks the boy where all the waste in the country goes to which Chako hastily responds that its probably released into the ocean before calling Komatsu "Pops", much to Komatsu's shock. Chako then runs into the bathroom while reminding himself that he needs the autographs of the Human World Top 100 Chefs, however his thoughts are soon interrupted by a foul odor emanating from the bathroom which he proceeds to blame on Komatsu. Komatsu then points out that the odor is coming from the "object" Chako is wearing, but before Chako can tell Komatsu what it is he accidentally wets himself. Chako and Komatsu then go outside whilst Chako cleans his pants and Komatsu informs him that he is one of the top chefs who have come to Blue Grill, much to Chako's amazement who begins telling him of the Five 10-Shell Cooks. Chako then explains the nature of the object around his neck which is actually an Urchive which serves as a talisman, but before he and Komatsu can continue their conversation, monstrous Food Spirits appear and proceed to chase the two due to Komatsu's lack of a Urchive. The two then flee while a mysterious female figure watches them from afar.[5]

Chako then invites Komatsu to his home in the slums, where Komatsu prepares a fine meal for the young boy as thanks, but oddly enough he finds Komatsu's food revolting. Later that night, Chako tells Komatsu about his mother who went off to help in the country's "project" and that he hopes he gets to see her again before going to sleep. The next morning Komatsu awakens to find Chako missing and is told by the old man who lives outside of Chako's home that Chako has been taken to be a part of the country's sinister project and to have his soul sold.[6] Komatsu asks the man to tell him everything he knows about the Soul Trade. He tells Komatsu that Chako will be taken and have his soul replaced with a more capable one to improve his disabled senses, a fate that was, unbeknownst to Chako, shared by his mother. The horrified Komatsu asks the old man to take him to Chako's location in hopes of saving him. Along the way, the old man tells Komatsu about the loss of Chako's mother and the dark secrets of Blue Grill.[7]

The following day, Chako finds himself tied and blindfolded and being forced to walk in a line within the Kitchen of Eternity, and hopes that now that he is a part of the project, he will get to see his mother again. As Chako unknowingly walks towards his doom, he is quickly saved by the mysterious woman who had been following him and Komatsu the other night.[8] The woman then instructs Chako to pretend to be a spirit slave in order to survive and tells him to aid in the preparation of the ingredients. Komatsu later arrives with the aid of the old man to save Chako. The mysterious woman then reveals herself to Komatsu as Chako's mother, who had been sacrificed some time ago and was subsequently revived into the body of an abnormal person in order to work as a slave chef and that she was slowly losing her memories because of it, and hoped that Komatsu would help her child.

After having her memories completely restored by ANOTHER when Komatsu successfully prepared it as well as the rest of the ingredients in Acacia's full course, Chako's mother was able to reunite with her son and both were now free once more, although her son felt quite unnerved due to his mother's new body. The old man who lived outside of Chako's home and aided Komatsu is revealed to be Chako's grandfather who despite having lost his memories he still continued to watch over his family. The reunited family then thanked Komatsu for all he had done for them and Blue Grill before he left.

GOD ArcEdit

ANOTHER eating Chako's family

ANOTHER eating Chako's family.


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