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Chako's Mom.png
Race Food Spirit (currently possessing a living body)
Gender Female.png Female
Status Revived
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Grill
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives Chako (son)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 330
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Chako's mother was a blind woman who lived in the slums of Blue Grill and was one of the many used as a sacrifice for Blue Grill's project in the Kitchen of Eternity. She would later be revived into a new body through the Soul Trade.


In life she was a light-skinned humanoid woman with long, dark-colored hair who wore ragged clothing.

Her host is a young woman of average height with her hair rolled up in a bun and wears very formal attire similar to those of the Five 10-Shell Cooks. Like many revived Food Spirits, she needs to wear a mask to protect herself from the light of the world of the living.

Chako's Mom true body.png
Chako's Mom when she was alive
Chako's mom's host.png
The true face of her host


She is a kind and loving woman who cares dearly about her son Chako and went to great lengths to protect him even after she died.

Powers and Abilities[]

In life she was one of the 10% of Blue Grill's inhabitants who suffered from a disability, with her's being blindness. Despite this, Chako claims that she was a great chef, showing that she was able to overcome her limitations. Even though her son suffers from a tasting and smelling disability, she was skilled enough to prepare meals that would taste just fine for her son. Due to her blindness, she had an enhanced sense of smell which remained with her even after her revival. After her death, she became an even greater chef in the World of Souls, presumably learning how to prepare Soul Food and was likely no longer bound by the physical blindness she suffered in life. Her skills were great enough that she was chosen to be revived in the Soul Trade and given a new body in order to help in the Kitchen of Eternity.

It is implied that her status as a revived soul may affect her memories and state of mind somehow.

Gourmet Cells[]

Main article: Don Slime

Like those of the other Gourmet World civilizations, the citizens of Blue Grill are descendants of humans who were captured by the Nitro and had Gourmet Cells injected into them.

As with everyone in Area 6, her Appetite Demon is Don Slime, until the demon is resurrected in Asarudy.[1]

  • AIR:[2] Her Gourmet Cells awaken in her left arm.
  • ANOTHER:[3] Her Gourmet Cells awaken in her tongue. It also gives her the ability to comprehend tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.
  • GOD:[4] Her Gourmet Cells awaken in her brain.



Several years ago, Chako's mother was taken from her home in the slums to take part in Blue Grill's "project" which in truth involved her being used as a sacrifice to help prepare the ingredients from Acacia's Full Course. Her son however believed that she was simply chosen to help in the project and was never aware of her demise.

After her death, she was able to find her way to the World of Souls where she was able to become a skilled chef in preparing Soul Food thanks to no longer being bound by her physical limitations. Eventually her skills were notable enough that she was chosen to be revived in the Soul Trade, but for unknown reasons she never made direct contact with her son again but would continue to watch over him.


Chako's mother is first seen watching over her son from afar after he met Komatsu.[5] Chako later shared with Komatsu details about his mother and how she was a great cook.[6] The next morning, Chako was mysteriously taken from his home and Komatsu was informed by an old man that Chako had been taken away to suffer the same fate as his mother.[7]

The following day, Chako found himself tied and blindfolded and being forced to walk in a line within the Kitchen of Eternity, and hoped that now that he is a part of the project, he will get a chance to see his mother again. As Chako unknowingly walks towards his doom, he is quickly saved by his mother.[8] However she made no attempt to reveal her identity to Chako and gave him detailed instructions on how to avoid being captured by pretending to be possessed. She later encounters Komatsu and explains her situation and past to him and then asks him to grant her a request, to watch over Chako when she loses all of her memories.

After having her memories completely restored by ANOTHER when Komatsu successfully prepared it as well as the rest of the ingredients in Acacia's full course, Chako's mother was able to reunite with her son and both were now free once more, although her son felt quite unnerved due to his mother's new body. The old man who lived outside of Chako's home and aided Komatsu is revealed to be Chako's grandfather who despite having lost his memories he still continued to watch over his family. The reunited family then thanked Komatsu for all he had done for them and Blue Grill before he left.

GOD Arc[]

ANOTHER eating Chako's family.


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