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Japanese エボシの涙(エボシのなみだ)
Romanized Eboshi no Namida
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Type Soup
Capture Level Unknown
Location Unknown (one was located in one of the eight Biotopes)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 159
Episode 85
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Chameleon's Tears (エボシの涙(エボシのなみだ), Eboshi no Namida) is a small fruit or pea pod-like ingredient filled with a fertilizing liquid substance.

It is the elusive soup dish of Ichiryu's Full Course Menu that was hidden within one of the eight Biotopes in the Human World along with his other ingredients. When it is brought together with the other ingredients in the menu, they will spawn an infinite source of food. Its role in the process is to nourish the hors d'oeuvre, the Million Seed with its fertilizing juices, allowing it to instantly grow into the Million Tree which can then hold a nest made from the salad dish, the Princess Straw Grain which is then used to incubate the egg of the main dish, the Billion Bird and once it hatches it can lay an almost infinite number of eggs.

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