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Japanese チチ
Romanized Chichi
English Chichi
Aliases Bronze Chef (銅のシェフ Dou no Shefu)[1]
Race Nitro
Gender Genderless
Age Unknown (Over tens of thousands of years old, maybe even a hundred million)[2]
Status Deceased
Height 165cm
Weight 460kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Flavor Sages;
Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Flavor Sage
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 266
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Chichi (チチ), also known as the Bronze Chef (銅のシェフ Dou no Shefu), is an elderly Nitro that resided in a small secluded residence within Biotope 1. He is an old acquaintance of the late IGO president, Ichiryu and fellow Flavor Sages Kaka and Jiji.


Chichi is a short, skinny and elderly Nitro with numerous wrinkles whose ancient appearance makes others believe he is going through cryptobiosis. Like most Nitros, he does not wear clothes and his entire body is covered in fur with the exception of his hands, feet, and head. He has somewhat long hair on his head but is balding at the top, and while the fur on his body is dark in color, the fur around his neck is light in color and resembles a ruff. Unlike most Nitros, he appears to have rather large eyes with visible pupils.

After getting Komatsu's chef jacket and pants, Chichi wears them while talking and eating with the Heavenly Kings and later traveling the Gourmet World with Jiro and Setsuno.

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Chichi's dirty mag collection.

Chichi is a very emotional Nitro and can become very upset or very cheerful over anything. He can be quite irritable when angered and will throw violent fits and ramble on if irritated, such as complaining without stopping and promising to "deck" those who have made him angry. He seems to be a gourmet as well, having several cook books alongside his dirty magazines. Chichi seems to have a liking for tea, having been shown with a cup of it in every instance he's been seen so far. He is also a bit of a liar as shown when he claimed to be Ichiryu's former combo partner. Chichi is an extremely lewd pervert with a perverse interest in Human women and keeps numerous dirty magazines, such as The Mania and Erocchi in every room of his home and will even want to wear the clothes of others if they have the scent of women on them, and will do just about anything to own clothing riddled with the scent of women. However it appears that his interests are not just limited to human women, as he will even mingle with just about anything that is female, such as Rhinoceros Beetles.

Powers and Abilities[]

Chichi subduing the Appetite Devils.

Chichi possesses the ability to simulate human speech and can fully speak and understand the human language. Despite being a Nitro, Chichi does not seem to be very strong as shown when Zebra kicked the window of his home into his face which gave him a rather large bump and made him bleed easily. He is shown to be strong enough to punch Toriko's head down but this appears to have done Toriko absolutely no damage. Whether he is weak from old age or is holding back his strength remains uncertain; however, it has been shown that Chichi is able to fend off the deadly Appetite Demons that Gourmet Cells materialize when they go berserk, as when he presents an apple with a bit of scent from GOD and the Four Heavenly Kings go wild, materializing their Appetite Demons which Chichi fends off easily by smacking their heads. 

Chef Skills[]

Chichi showing off his cooking skills.

Chichi is one of the legendary "Flavor Sages", the three greatest chefs among the Nitro who devoted their entire lives to researching and studying ingredients, and has centuries' worth of cooking knowledge and experience. Komatsu is quite amazed with Chichi's skill while they cook together. Chichi displays his cooking skills when he decides to help Komatsu prepare the powerfully scented apple, as well as some other ingredients in his kitchen. They manage to prepare a large feast together, which is happily enjoyed by them and the Heavenly Kings.

Chichi is also highly skilled with Dark Techniques. It is able to heal and strengthen the Four Heavenly Kings by feeding them Red Nitros' cells from its own body.[3]



During the time when the Gourmet Nobility rose to power and enslaved all of their own kind, Chichi, Kaka, and Jiji were renowned chefs known as Flavor Sages who traveled across the world, discovering rare and delicious ingredients. At an unknown point, they served in the Nitro palace that would later become the Gourmet Pyramid where they recorded countless recipes on the palace walls in the form of hieroglyphics.[4]

During their time with the Blue Nitro, the three Flavor Sages would eventually discover the true goals of their higher authorities and due to this knowledge, they betrayed the Blue Nitro in order to oppose their ideals. After betraying the Blue Nitro, they entered crytobiosis, and thousands of years later, Ichiryu woke them up[5] and protected and named them.[6]

Billion Bird Arc[]

When the Four Heavenly Kings once again go in search of Ichiryu's Main Dish in Biotope 1, they are finally able to find it thanks to Toriko's improved sense of smell, which is able to detect that the Main Dish is located with an elusive Rest Room within the biotope. After entering the Rest Room, they find a small field with a large tree house in the center. Near the house is a small stump with the chest containing a Billion Bird egg.[7] The group happily leaves the Rest Room with their spoils, but Toriko's nose immediately senses the presence of Chichi secretly watching them from inside the tree house. However, Toriko decides to ignore it at the moment and to focus on using the Main Dish to restore the Human World.[8]

AIR Arc[]

The Heavenly Kings and Komatsu meet the irritable Chichi.

Sometime later, the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu return to the small tree house in Biotope 1's Rest Room in order to find the "guardian" of Ichiryu's Main Dish, they search through the entirety of the house but find no sign of the mysterious individual Toriko smelled before. After Komatsu easily finds a window leading into the "unreachable" first floor, Zebra angrily kicks it off its hinges which sends it straight into the mysterious Nitro's face, who is sitting in his rocking chair on the other side. The group approaches the wounded Nitro who they believe is in cryptobiosis, but the old Nitro angrily awakes and bops Toriko on his head while telling them that he was awake. He then begins angrily scolding them for taking too long to find him and busting his window open and making him bleed, and swears to bop each of their heads. Komatsu nervously asks who he is and the old Nitro begins to throw a fit of disappointment due to Ichiryu never telling them about him. He tells the group that his name is Chichi and that he was Ichiryu's combo partner, which greatly shocks them. He then reveals that he lied about the combo part, which leaves them dumbfounded.[9]

When the group finally settles in with Chichi, he decides to tell them about how he and Ichiryu met; however, he skips over most of it, which annoys Komatsu and Coco. After planting a number of Chair Leaves for the group to sit down on, Toriko states that assembling Ichiryu's Full Course was their main priority and thought Chichi would be trouble. Chichi scolds the group and tells them they took him too lightly and did not even bring him confectioneries as a gift; however, Chichi is quickly distracted by Komatsu as he could smell the scent of Nono coming from Komatsu's chef clothes. In replacement of the confectioneries, Coco tells Komatsu to give him the clothes, giving Komatsu no choice but to do so. After a moment of joy, Chichi begins explaining to the group that Ichiryu tasked him to provide a certain ingredient to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu. The tree house brings them to Chichi's kitchen where a simple apple is placed. The instant the group sees the apple, their Gourmet Cells begin to go berserk, instantly materializing what Chichi calls their "Appetite Devils". Chichi calms the beasts down by giving them swift smacks to their heads, forcing them to disappear. He laughs at the Heavenly Kings' inability to control the demons and states that the apple is a part of Acacia's Full Course Menu; however, this is simply a lie, for which Toriko berates the old Nitro. Chichi states that the apple does contain a tiny amount of scent from Acacia's Full Course and the allure of the real thing is nothing in comparison. He tells the group that they are heading to a place where many ingredients have the same effect. Toriko tells Chichi his experience in the Gourmet World during the year and a half he spent there; however, Chichi figures that he spent majority of the day in the Rest Rooms.

Chichi and Komatsu serve the meal they prepared.

Komatsu asks Chichi if he could use the kitchen to cook, to which Chichi complies as he states that they will be using his place anyhow. Komatsu also asks Chichi if they can cook together since Chichi called himself a Flavor Sage; Coco also states that they still have many questions about Chichi himself as well as other things, to which Chichi refuses. Komatsu's last attempt to persuade him is to offer him clothes with women's scent on them, and Chichi becomes instantly interested. Coco also offers to help since his fortune telling has made him popular with women, saying that he will even attempt to get Chichi sultry women's clothing, exciting Chichi even more. After everyone enjoys a meal together, Chichi gives them information about the "Night" which the Gourmet World is entering and how the beasts during that night will be completely different during the daytime.[10]

Chichi gives one final advice and an item to the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu.

As the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu ready to depart once more, Chichi notes the awaking Octomelon, a beast capable of hiding itself from any danger as it travels in the Gourmet World. Chichi explains the beast's abilities and value as transport and how it was actually captured by Ichiryu, stating that he was truly dedicated to aiding his disciples, and notes that Ichiryu can rest peacefully. When he tells the group to go to Toriko Harbor, Komatsu questions Chichi's next course of action. Chichi plans to go to a mixer with female rhinoceros beetles (Sunny commenting that he's not picky as long as it is female) and then to head into the Gourmet World himself but by a different route, stating that they may cross paths again in the Gourmet World.[11] As the group prepared to leave, Chichi gave each of them a small bottle filled with Cure Water. Chichi asked Toriko about his hair color, and Toriko replied by stating that while he had no personal memories of his hair, he was told at a young age that it was originally black. Chichi revealed that this meant Toriko had more than on Appetite Devils sleeping within him, and was thankful that it was the Red Demon that had appeared earlier.[12]

PAIR Arc[]

"Kaka" claims to have been sent by Chichi.[13]


During the Blue Nitro's attempt to keep Neo docile, a part of the demon escapes and lands on the location of Jiro, Setsuno, and Chichi.[14] Jiro fights off the resurrected part of the demon at the cost of his hand. Alarmed, Chichi informs them that what Jiro fought was Neo, Acacia's Appetite Demon, that it means Acacia may be on the move, and that the combined strength of the Blue Nitro may not be able to take on Acacia with his Appetite Demon revived. As the three prepare for a confrontation, Chichi then informs Jiro and Setsuno that the only demon who can match Neo is none other than Ichiryu's former Appetite Demon, Don Slime.[15]

To prepare, Chichi visited various locations where Red Nitro were in crytobiosis, like Gourmet Pyramid, and ate them to increase its power.[16]

GOD Arc[]

Chichi's Doping form.

Despite its fear, Chichi arrives in Area 2 amidst the multiple battles, and comes across the bodies of Coco, Sunny, and Zebra. It asks if they are dead, but Zongeh does not know either. Chichi is thankful that Acacia has not eaten GOD yet, and takes this chance to bring out an ingredient.[17]

Chichi uses a Dark Technique to heal the Four Heavenly Kings and to strengthen them with the Red Nitros' cells from its own body. After Toriko awakens, Chichi bids him farewell and dies.[18]


Chichi's data

  • Chichi is the first Nitro seen in the series capable of human speech, and the second one to understand human language.
  • Chichi's name is likely based on the Japanese term Chichi (乳) which can mean "milk", "udder" or "breast", which is fitting considering Chichi's perverted personality towards human women. Chichi (父) is also a term for "father" in Japanese.


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