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Chichi's Tree House
Location Octo-chan's head
1st Biotope (formerly)
Affiliation Chichi, Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Komatsu
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 266
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This house was the former residence of the elderly Nitro known as Chichi before becoming a mobile home for the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu on their journey at Gourmet World, by the fact of it being attached to the Octomelon, Octo-chan's head. It is where Ichiryu's Main Dish had been kept for many years, and it's actually a very sturdy breed of tree native to Gourmet World that has a hollow interior and has been remodeled into a makeshift house with doors and windows.


The house is a pale-colored Gourmet World tree that is incredibly sturdy and can resist direct attacks from even the Four Heavenly Kings from both outside and inside. It is a large tree with a thick trunk and four very large leaves at its top. Sunny describes its layout as being like a mansion. On its outside surface, it has two screen-less windows side by side on its second floor which is the bedroom, another pair of windows on the third floor which are behind the house and a larger glass window on the first floor which is facing the direction of the stump where Ichiryu's Main Dish used to be on. There are several sturdy leaves growing along the outside of the tree forming something akin to a stairway which can be used to reach a door located

The hidden bath.

on the tree's third floor. The third floor also has an outdoor balcony with rails along its edge.

The field around the house is a humble-looking yard with short grass, a small lake with a bridge over it, a well and an old tree stump where the chest containing Ichiryu's Main Dish used to be. The lake is actually quite deep and has a tunnel which leads into the well, and the lake itself is home to a wide variety of fishes. The well is quite deep and has a ladder built into it which is used to reach a secret passage on the side of the well's interior. The secret passage leads to a small private bath house complete with a sauna, a hotspring, several showers, buckets and a TV mounted on the wall next to the hotspring.


There are leaves on the walls throughout the house which are used as candle holders, indicating that the tree and its leaves are not flammable.

Third FloorEdit


Third Floor: Kitchen

The third floor is a moderately sized room with two screen-less windows in the back and an opening that leads into the outdoor balcony. The room holds a small refrigerator that appears to be made out of very sturdy and firm leaves and works like a normal fridge, and there is also a large leaf on the wall which is used like a table and contains a small leaf-shaped paper weight, and dirty magazines depicting Human women. There is also a vine with more stair-like leaves on it which goes through a hole on the third floor and leads to the second floor.

Second FloorEdit


Second Floor: Bedroom

The second floor is the bedroom and it has a large leaf growing from the floor which is used as a bed and it has a blanket and a pillow on it, and there is a smaller leaf next to the bed which appears to be either a Chair Leaf or a nightstand. Near the bed is a small bookshelf which is also full of dirty magazines and cook books as well, and on top of the book shelf there appears to be a burning incense of sorts. There is also a box-shaped object made of sturdy leaves in the corner.

First FloorEdit


First Floor: Restroom

The first floor is a simple room that only has a rocking chair in its center where Chichi normally sits, a Chair Leaf growing next to it which is used as a tea table, and in the back is the bathroom with a sign reading "W.C" (water closet) over the bathroom door. There is no way to reach the first floor other than going through the window from the outside. There is also a plant growing on the ceiling which appears to function as a ceiling lamp.



Basement: Kitchen

The underground floor beneath the first floor is actually a large and well stocked kitchen that has a leaf refrigerator, cabinets with leaf doors, stone ovens and stoves, and numerous ingredients. It also had set on a table an apple that possessed the scent of one of the ingredients in Acacia's Full Course Menu, but it was later eaten by the Kings, Komatsu and Chichi. Chichi also set up a leaf table and Chair Leaves for when they ate it along with some other ingredients. The kitchen can only be reached from the first floor by having the actual floor drop down from above, but how Chichi did this was not explained.

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