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Chin Chinchin
Chin Chinchin. GGB
Japanese 珍鎮々ちんちんちん
Romanized Chin Chinchin
English Chin Chinchin
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday June 6th
Age Over 170
Status Alive
Height 150cm
Weight 300kg[1]
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Shokurin icon Shokurin Temple
Ico igo IGO
Occupation Temple Head,
Gourmet Hunter (retired),
Biotope 0 member
Partner Chiyo (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiru (son, deceased)
Chiyo (wife)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 180
Anime Episode 79
Japanese Voice Yara Yuusaku
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Chin Chinchin (珍鎮々ちんちんちん) is the head of the Shokurin Temple and also one of the Gourmet Living Legends. He was a legendary Gourmet Hunter and former combo partner of the legendary chef Chiyo. He is first seen at the 10-star restaurant Disappearing Cuisine.

He is incredibly skilled in Food Honor, being able to eat all of the special preparation ingredients present in the restaurant quickly and roughly without any of them having their taste ruined.


Chin Chinchin color

Chin's color-scheme in the manga.

He is an elderly man of short height with a stout body who wears traditional chinese clothing. The symbol on his shirt "食義" says shokugi which translates as Food Honor. He has a round and simple face, wearing small round glasses that conceal his eyes and a scruffy mustache which conceals his mouth. He has permed orange hair and appears to either shave or is balding at the top. Despite his small appearance he is a man of considerable weight due to his Food Immersion technique and actually weighs 1 ton. Much like Chiyo he also lacks a nose.

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Despite being a proponent for food etiquette he has poor personnel etiquette, mispronouncing people names up to the point where what he is saying is not even close to the person's name. He apparently does this deliberately as he was seen saying Toriko's name properly only when no one else could hear him. Later on he claims that he only remembers a person's name if they have real talent. While he is the best at Food Honor even he is not immune to expressing other emotions as he was defeated by Chiyo when he heard why she defected to the Gourmet Corp.. He is very strict with maintaining gratitude at all times, even when his son passed away which later caused Chiyo to turn against him. However he had expressed regret for this as after his battle with Chiyo he showed sorrow when he revealed her son was also his, showing that despite his gratitude for all things, he still held great grief over the loss of his son.

Powers and Abilities[]

Chinchin using his Spoon to stop the fire

Chin Chinchin's Spoon technique being used to pick up fire.

Being a Gourmet Living Legend, he is a man of not only great status but of power and wisdom as well. Considering he was once in a Combo with the legendary Chef Chiyo, he was most likely a Gourmet Hunter of great skill. He is the greatest master of Food Honor in the whole world. Furthermore, he is a member of the Biotope 0, meaning he is unharmed by the harsh environment of the Gourmet World. He has superficial knowledge of rare and mysterious phenomena of the Gourmet World, such as the Food Spirits. Another testament of his abilities is the shock demonstrated by several colleagues of the organization upon hearing about his conditions after the battle with the Gourmet Corp..

His physical strength is top-notch as he can jump up high despite weighing a ton. He has excellent control over his muscles, preventing Chiyo from removing her arm easily from within his chest, and he is fast enough to block her 100-million-yen swings quickly and without difficulty. He also has high endurance as he takes a lot of attacks from the Gourmet Corp. and still maintains his consciousness.

Chin is an immensely capable sensor: he could sense a terrible threat approaching about a week before it actually reaches Chowlin Temple, also formulating an accurate hypothesis regarding the attacker's identity. He is also able to perceive the presence of an Appetite Demon inside a person, even if they are completely unaware of it themselves.


Chin chinchin rage

Chin's Intimidation

Chin's Intimidation, much like Chiyo's, does not cast an image; rather, it distorts his facial features.

Food Honor[]

Chin tails

Chin's Food Honor

As the master of the temple he possesses the highest skills in the art. He demonstrates this by eating the delicate foods at the Disappearing Cuisine roughly and with ease, and effortlessly showing the appreciation needed not to be attacked by the temple. He is able to maintain alight the flames of many Torchorsetails even when he has other worldly thoughts beside gratitude toward food. Even though he is the temple master, however, he is not immune to letting other emotions like agitation come to his mind, which cost him the defeat at the hands of Chiyo; anyway, he is still able to land a delicate blow on her that does not show up until her fight with Toriko ends and it is bad enough to require Otake to carry her away.

Food Immersion[]

With his stomach and other organs being able to store more than the normally acceptable level of food, Chin can charge himself with the energy of food gleaned from eating, thus he can survive for several months without eating or drinking. This also increases enormously his stamina in battle.

Full Power Form[]

Chin power form

Full Power Form

When enraged or going all-out, Chin can bulk his muscles so much that his clothes are completely torn to shreds. This is first shown when he decides to fight seriously with Chiyo. In this form, his physical strength and endurance increase tremendously. He is also capable of tightening his muscles after being pierced by a physical attack to prevent the opponent from getting away.


Chin using his Spoons to fly

Spoon (スプーン Supūn): Chin's special technique, it, like Toriko's Fork and Knife, is a utensil-based ability that allows him to create the image of a giant spoon from his Appetite Energy and allows him to scoop up virtually anything, such as a mountain or a non-physical element like fire and to hold it in his hand. He can also use this technique to catapult himself anywhere at insane speed by creating two of them and using them as two wings. The force of Spoon results in counter-force of the air, giving Chin momentum.[2] He can use a miniaturized Spoon to block Chiyo's knife attacks without suffering damage.[3]

Chinchin making Spoon Dome

Spoon Dome (スプーンドーム Supūn Dōmu): Chin unites two huge Spoons and locks them to seal himself and his opponent inside. This way, the fight can be carried out without interference from the outside. Chin is confident that he is the only one who can open a sealed Spoon Dome;[4] however, Chiyo manages to escape after defeating him.[5]



At some point in the past Chin Chinchin was in a Combo with Chiyo and they became members of Biotope 0. Chin also became the master of the Shokurin Temple. Chin and Chiyo eventually married and had a son together named Ichiru. However their son was born with a weak body and poor health, and eventually died while still very young, an event which caused both Chiyo and Chin much grief. Many years later Chin would be informed about the miraculous revival ingredient CENTER by Biotope 0. Later on Chiyo would also learn about this ingredient through Joie as well as the fact that Chin had been concealing this ingredient from her which could have been able to revive their son. Chiyo soon after mysteriously disappeared, having left behind the temple and Chin, who never knew what happened to his wife.

Shining Gourami Arc[]

Chin Chinchin watching over Toriko's group at Mors Mountain

Chinchin watching over Toriko's group at Mors Mountain.

Ichiryu asked Chin if he would train Toriko in the art of Food Honor, and Chin agreed but on the condition that he be allowed to test Toriko's power.

When Toriko, Sunny, and Komatsu attempt to traverse the fearsome Death Falls, Chin (who had been following the group in secrecy) unearths an entire mountain and sends it down the current of Death Falls in order to test if Toriko and Sunny can destroy it before it crushes them. If they succeeded, he would train Toriko, but if they failed, they would die. They manage to destroy the fearsome obstacle, thus passing Chin's test. Chin later watches them from afar after they acquire the Shining Gourami.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

After Toriko and Komatsu complete their Ehou Maki to locate Shokurin Temple, the home of the fabled Bubble Fruit, they follow it to the Lost Forest where they discover that the final part of their Ehou Maki has been scooped from the ground along with the surrounding terrain, leaving them lost. Luckily they stumble upon the elusive restaurant Disappearing Cuisine where they meet none other than master Chin Chinchin, who agrees to take them to Shokurin Temple for their training.

Upon arriving they see no trace of the temple in sight. Chin explains that the temple, like Disappearing Cuisine, is made out of Ongyoujyu Tree wood, which allows it to conceal its presence from those it does not consider worthy. In order for it to appear, one must show absolute gratitude and humbleness to it. Toriko and Komatsu comply and upon showing their manners, the temple reveals itself thus allowing them to proceed. Once inside, Chin gives them info about the temple and also reveals that it was he who sent that mountain at them in Death Falls to test their strength and resolve. He then assigns one of the temple's assistant masters, Shuu, to be Toriko and Komatsu's instructor in the art of Food Honor, and when they are ready he will reveal to them how to acquire the Bubble Fruit.

After much harsh yet empowering training, Toriko and Komatsu master the minimal requirements of master-level Food Honor and with their task complete Chin escorts Toriko to the entrance of the long and arduous Bubble Way where the true Bubble Fruit lies and both set off on their journey. After much time which feels like weeks or months to Toriko, he begins to lose stamina and nutrients and questions how Chin remains so healthy. Chin explains that he mastered the art of Food Immersion which has allowed him to store up countless nutrients within his body and that if Toriko should master this test, he might be able to do it as well. However soon enough Toriko begins to die from fatigue and gives his last gratitude to all the food he has enjoyed in life. This causes the Bubble Fruits to show themselves finally. While Chin looks on with pride at Toriko's accomplishment, he hands a massive portion of Bubble Fruits to Toriko so he can regain his strength and life energy. Chin then heads off back to the temple as quickly as possible for he senses a powerful force heading their way.[6]


Chin defeated by Chiyo.

Upon arriving he comes face to face with his former partner and wife, Chef Chiyo, who has now abandoned all her morals and become a cold-hearted killer for the Gourmet Corp. and has laid ruin to the temple with her allies, Otake and a Scum Beast. Chin challenges her to one final "date" away from the temple before she can cause anymore harm. However as they leave, she moves at an unbelievable speed and stabs Chin in the chest with her bare hand. As things begin to look grim, a newly revived Toriko appears to fight off the Golem,[7] and to make sure his battle goes uninterrupted, Chin encases himself and Chiyo within his Spoon Dome technique to have a private battle. Inside the dome, Chiyo reveals to him that she found a way to revive their son by using Acacia's Hors d'Oeuvre. Chin wonders where she heard it from, and she reveals that she heard it from a credible source. After Toriko successfully destroys the Golem with a single Kugi Punch, Komatsu and Toriko look up to realize the Spoon Dome has opened with master Chin emerging from it; however, both become horrified when they realize that he has been brutally beaten by the evil Chiyo who sets her sights on the two onlookers.[8]

Chiyo drops Chin from the dome causing him to fall at a crushing speed and jumps down as well, landing on him and penetrating his chest with her foot. Chin states that he could not hide his agitation and maintain his gratitude after learning the true reason why Chiyo defected to the Gourmet Corp., which inevitably led to his loss. Chiyo stomps on his face and tells him to die and take his Food Honor to Hell as a souvenir.[9] After the battle he receives help from Chiru and tells the others that he had a son with Chiyo and that she wants to revive him by using CENTER. He suspects that the Gourmet Corp. are going after more than just GOD and decides to report it to Biotope 0.[10] He is last seen recovered and saying good-bye to Toriko and Komatsu when they leave Shokurin Temple.

PAIR Arc[]

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally comes into the Human World, Chin and Chiyo join up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journey to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrives in Area 8's Hex Food World, they are told by the Daruma Hermit that the Heavenly Kings already departed from the Area 8 and headed to Area 7, much to their disappointment. However the Daruma Hermit offers them their last remaining Safety Monster to help take the group to Area 7.[11]

The Crabbus carries them across Nono's ice to Area 7, where the Four Heavenly Kings are enjoying PAIR. Chin explains about Food Spirits and points out that Komatsu has Gourmet Cells and an Appetite Demon.[12] After enjoying PAIR, he and the others listen to Kaka,[13] who tells them about Gourmet Cells, Nitro, and the Gourmet Nobility's plan. However, Joie's Appetite Demon attacks Kaka and tells them to seek out ANOTHER.[14]


Kuriboh appears and takes everyone aboard his Turtloon as they head for Area 6.[15] Chiyo, Komatsu, Damala Sky XIII, and other Human World chefs and artisans enter Blue Grill. They are chased by a Corgolem, which is diced by one of the Five 10-Shell Cooks.[16]

While the Gourmet Knights collected material for the Golden Cookware, Chin helped prepare a piece of GOD, which drained his strength.[17] Even though he was exhausted from cooking, Chin encouraged the chefs as they entered the World of Souls.[18] After ANOTHER was prepared and the chefs returned, Chiyo awoke to find Chin by her bedside. There they talked about Chiyo's encounter with Ichiru's soul and decided to continue their lives together.[19] They returned to the surface with the revived Don Slime, the Ten-Shell Five, and the others. Along the way they aged rapidly and significantly because of the Giant Shell's and the World of Soul's time dilation effects, but they regressed to being only slightly older than when they entered.[20]

After visiting Areas 5, 4, and 3 and collecting EARTH, NEWS, and ATOM, Chin and Chiyo help transport the majority of the dishes to the Human Wold.[21]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

The anime depicts him as having gray hair, while in the manga he is shown to have orange-colored hair. In the manga, he is first shown with a hat on, but in the anime he does not wear it and they also show him from the front side. In the manga, he is shown to be capable of saying Toriko's name correctly when no one is around, but in the anime he still says Toriko's name the wrong way. Later on after Toriko and Komatsu complete their training, it is Shuu who says their names instead of Chin.

In the anime, his clothing's kanji glows gold when he explains Food Immersion to Toriko. Whether this is an ability or a metaphor is unknown.


Chin Chin CAD

Chin Chin's CAD

  • Chinchin is a pun on the Japanese word for a man's private parts. This is openly stated by Komatsu, saying it sounds obcene, when Chin first introduces himself to the pair.
  • In the manga, during the Shining Gourami Arc, Chin is shown wearing a hat that is as long as he is tall.
  • In Episode 107 he called Toriko "Tommy Lee Jones" and Komatsu "Cameron Pharaoh", probably referring to the video game The Cameron Files: Pharaoh's Curse.
  • Coincidentally, Chinchin's name is similar to that of a town in Colombia in the department of Caldas named Chinchiná, which is known for its production of coffee.
  • Chinchin's role in the story as well as his design resembles that of King Kai in the Dragon Ball series.


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