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Chiru GGB.png
Japanese 千流(ちる)
Romanized Chiru
English Chiru
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday October 14th
Status Alive
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Disappearing Cuisine
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 158
Anime Episode 84
Japanese Fuchizaki Yuriko
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Delicate Cooking Chiru (繊細料理の千流 Sensai Ryōri no Chiru) is the Head Chef of the famed yet elusive 10-star restaurant Disappearing Cuisine and is ranked as the 15th best chef in the world in the IGO Chef Ranking due to her remarkable skill. Despite her high-status and having earned her predecessor's title, Chiru claims she is not as skilled as her master the former Head Chef, since unlike her master she cannot prepare the Bubble Fruit. She is also a disciple and ally of the legendary Shokurin Temple.


Chiru is a tall light-skinned young woman and normally wears a very concealing scarlet-colored shinobi shōzoku that usually covers her entire face minus her eyes. On her bandana, she has a small metal forehead protector with the image of a cloud with a halo engraved on it. She also wears a large pink apron. Her concealing attire made it difficult to know her true gender and it appears that even her fellow world ranker chefs were unaware that she was a woman.

She has full lips and eyebrows, with dark colored irises and eyelashes that lengthen near the corners of her eyes. Her hair is dark and long and covers part of her forehead with a fringe. She has three black lines painted on her face, one under each cheekbone and a horizontal one on her nose. Her overall appearance and attire makes her resemble a Japanese ninja.

Chiru's color scheme in the manga
Chiru unmasked.png
Chiru without her mask

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Chiru is a reserved, humble person who will serve anyone that comes to her restaurant if they can find it regardless of status, but she is also very apologetic due to that all the ingredients she serves are Specially Cooked Ingredients and not many normal humans can eat them. She tends to slightly underestimate her abilities as a chef. Due to her training in Food Honor, she understands the importance of food and holds great gratitude for all things. Since her ability to hear the voice of ingredients is not on the same level as Komatsu's, he inspires admiration and a bit of envy in her.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the head chef of the Disappearing Cuisine, Chiru has absolute authority over the restaurant. Her strength is demonstrated by the fact that she is one of the less injured chefs taking part in the battle at Cooking Fest. When she chooses to fight seriously, she reveals her face for unknown reasons. Livebearer has great faith in her combat prowess. Having mastered Food Honor, Chiru is at a great advantage against opponents who lack this capability. In battle, she appears to brandish a knife with a reverse grip, but wields two to perform specific techniques, in a way very similar to her master's. It is unknown which is her favorite style and her exact degree of skill.

Chef Skills[]

Chiru's cooking of special preparation ingredients.

Chiru holds 15th place in the world ranking, and is able to cook the delicate Super Special Preparation Ingredients of her restaurant without a problem. With Komatsu's help, she was able to cook several Bubble Fruits in about a weeks time. She also has no problem cooking the Medicinal Mochi. She was also taught by Komatsu how to simplify the eating and preparation of all the special cooking ingredients in her restaurant. Chiru is also able to use the Dark Technique with her Revitalizing Kitchen Knives.[1] Very few Chefs can perform this technique, as the skill needed was described by Ootake as being "nearly superhuman".

Chiru was one of the few chefs in the world that was able to hear the voice of the ingredients in Ichiryu's Full course. However she has admitted that her ability to hear it is nowhere near as good as Komatsu's.

Food Honor[]

Since she was a child she was trained by Master Chin in the art and progressed greatly enough to be the head chef of the Disappearing Cuisine (which include cooking the Bubble Fuit), so it can be assumed that she is an expert in this regard.


Food Honor: Raging Waves Cut (食義 荒波斬り Shokugi: Aranami Giri): This attack is performed with two knives. Chiru crosses her arms and rushes at her opponent before striking. However, not much is known about this technique, as she interrupts it in order to dodge an attack from a massive Scum Beast.[2]

Cherry Blossom Boisterous Dance small.gif

Food Honor: Cherry Blossom Boisterous Dance (食義 桜花乱舞 Shokugi: Ōga Ranbu): Chiru uses her two knives to project and shoot slashing flower petals. It is an anime-only technique.


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Chiru hears the "voice" of the seed.

As one of the chefs that can hear the Voice of Ingredients, she is first seen when Coco and Toriko open the chest with the Million Tree's seed.[3]

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Chiru welcomes Toriko and Komatsu to Disappearing Cuisine.

Toriko and Komatsu first meet her when the Disappearing Cuisine reveals itself to them and Chiru warmly welcomes them to her restaurant. Before serving them she warns them of the high level of Food Honor needed to eat the restaurant's food, but despite this they are still eager to eat. However, they can barley eat anything she serves them.[4]

Chiru healing Chin

Later on she is seen racing off to the temple to aid Chin Chinchin and the others, but she is caught by surprise by the Big Bang Shark flying above the forest.[5] After the battle at the temple is over, she shows up unharmed and reveals to Toriko, Komatsu, and Shuu that she can use the Revitalizing Kitchen Knife technique to heal Master Chin's wounds from the lethal attack he took from Chiyo.[6] While healing him, she explains the technique's nature as a Dark Technique and that it is mostly outlawed by the IGO. After Chin is healed, Toriko gives him a Bubble Fruit, which restores his stamina much to Chiru's and Shuu's relief, and Chin begins explaining to them why Chiyo joined the Gourmet Corp., leaving Chiru disappointed in her former cooking mentor's actions.[7] She is later seen bidding farewell to Toriko and Komatsu alongside Chin and Shuu as they leave the Lost Forest

Four Beast Arc[]

Chiru teaching Komatsu as she learns from him as well.

Sometime after they left the Lost Forest, Komatsu returned to Disappearing Cuisine with the aid of Terry Cloth to ask Chiru to teach him how to prepare the Bubble Fruit.[8] Chiru gladly complied and taught him all she knew and eventually he was able to master preparing the special preparation ingredient. Surprisingly though, Chiru also witnessed Komatsu discover a completely new and simpler method to prepare the Bubble Fruit more easily and he then went on to discover even more easier methods of preparing and eating all the complex ingredients at Disappearing Cuisine thanks to his unique talent in hearing the "Voice of Ingredients". These accomplishments made Chiru both amazed and a bit jealous of Komatsu's natural ability, making her become an admirer of the young chef.[9] Komatsu arrives with the prepared Bubble Fruits to serve them to the Four Heavenly Kings, whose Gourmet Cells are leveled up, preparing them for their fight against the Four Beasts.[10]

The Purple Mochi[]

Chiru and the other chefs arrive at Zen Ou.

After the true Four Beast makes its appearance at Food Park Plaza and releases its Green Rain which poisons all the humans there, Chiru arrives at Zen Ou Restaurant along with fellow top chefs Tsurara Mama, Lulubhu, Livebearer, Sumire, Damala Sky XIII, and Setsuno, who have been called in by Johannes to assist Komatsu and Yuda in making the antidote for the Green Rain.

With raised hopes, Yuda begins explaining to them the process of making the antidote for the Green Rain, the Medicinal Mochi, and its unique properties based around the color wheel and that opposing colors can nullify each other. As such he shows them the mochi color that is needed to be made, the Purple Mochi. Komatsu eagerly prepares to make all the antidotes he can but is informed that it is impossible to make enough due to their still low numbers and that the Medicinal Mochi is a Special Preparation Ingredient, making it impossible for them to bring ordinary chefs to help. Komatsu requests that he be allowed to simply the mochi's preparation process in hopes of saving all the poisoned victims. The master chefs comply and give Komatsu ten minutes to complete it before its too late and have to decide which individuals will get the mochi.[11]

The master chefs await Komatsu's return but most remain certain that Komatsu cannot accomplish such a difficult task in little time. Setsuno and Livebearer convince those doubters to have faith in Komatsu's skills, and Chiru also expresses her faith in Komatsu and his skills as a chef, stating that he was able to simplify the preparation and eating techniques of all the dishes at Disappearing Cuisine so they could be enjoyed by anyone and that even she was a little envious of his abilities for being able to do what she never could.

Komatsu along with Nono is eventually able to finish the simplification under the target time much to everyone's shock, and Nono arrives to tell them that she did not help him and that he actually found the method much sooner than expected, explaining that he spent the remaining time making the mochi more delicious, much to everyone's further shock while Chiru remained mostly unsurprised due to her confidence in him. Komatsu then begins explaining the simplified process to countless ordinary chefs via webcam and the master chefs stare on in awe at Komatsu's amazing discovery and how truly simple it was.[9]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Chiru cycling past Five-Eyed Snakes in Triathlon Cooking.

She is seen participating in Cooking Festival along with the other top 100 chefs. When she enters Cooking Stadium, the MC hopes to see some of Chiru's beautiful Food Honor.[12] She is able to pass the three preliminary events: Triathlon Cooking, Scale Death Cooking, and Entire Island Cooking. For the Champion Cooking, she is matched up against Ling Chun.[13]

After the Gourmet Corp.'s sudden attack on the festival occurred, Chiru takes part in the battle and senses that Chiyo is using Food Honor.[14] Later, she explains to Livebearer and two Saiseiya that their enemy managed to capture a Nitro because "the top of the Gourmet Corp. is even more of a monster." She proceeds to tell them that not only the Nitro but the Scum Beasts are capable of using Food Honor, thus unbeatable through ordinary means. Siding with them and Tylan, she removes her shōzoku, revealing her true gender much to everyone's surprise, and prepares to fight off the beasts.[15]

Later, she tries to attack one of the more powerful Scum Beasts but has to stop to avoid its counterattack. Surprised by its strength, she wonders if it has mastered Food Honor, but Yuda explains to her that what they are seeing is actually Food Pressure. Their conversation is interrupted by Damala Sky XIII, who notices many other monsters on the Gourmet Corp.'s side coming down from the sky. Thanks to Zebra's Death Noise, the monsters all fall dead to the ground.[16]

Chiru is paralyzed by Jiro's Grand Knocking when he arrives at the stadium. She screams in fear upon noticing the immense tsunami caused by the technique.[17] When Midora's Meteor Spice starts falling upon the island, Jiro undoes all of his Knocking.[18]

Billion Bird Arc[]

A year and a half later, Chiru is a part of the group of chefs who appear after the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu locate the chest containing the Billion Bird egg, lead there by the Voice of Ingredients. She is among the group that is astonished at how Komatsu, Sunny, and Zebra attempted to hatch the egg. Then she and the other chefs go back to their shops to prepare for the Billion Bird's arrival.[19]

At a temporary store for the Disappearing Cuisine restaurant, she makes Chicken Dumpling Soup and Creamed Chicken with the Billion Bird. She marvels at the ingredient, especially for how it can keep being born indefinitely.[20]

AIR Arc[]

Chiru is one of the many people who goes to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World, and she and her fellow chefs promise to cook all the ingredients that they are sent.

PAIR Arc[]

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally comes into the Human World, Chiru joins up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journey to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrives in Area 8's Hex Food World, the Daruma Hermit tells them that the Heavenly Kings has already departed for Area 7, much to their disappointment. However, the Daruma Hermit offers them the last remaining Safety Monster, the Crabbus, to help take the group to Area 7.


Moon's movement and consumption of a great number of Food Spirits from Soul Hill interrupt Asarudy's match with Chiru, much to Don Slime's displeasure.[21] She travels with Don Slime, Jiji, the Ten-Shell Five, and the other Human World chefs through Asarudy's Warp Road and appear at the Kitchen of Eternity.[22]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • In the anime, Chiru's lips are notably less thick and less colorful than in the manga. Her hair and eyes are also animated differently when compared to the manga.


Chiru has so far only been featured on collectible stickers within the anime's line of Merchandise.


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