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Japanese 千代 (ちよ)
Romanized Chiyo
English Chiyo
Aliases Granny Chiyo;
Delicate Cooking Chiyo
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday April 12th
Age Over 144
Status Alive
Height 142cm
Weight 250kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Shokurin icon.png Shokurin Temple;
Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp. (formerly)
Occupation Chef icon.png Chef;
Assistant Master (formerly)
Partner Chin Chinchin
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiru (son, deceased);
Chin Chinchin (husband)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 185
Anime Episode 107
Japanese Sakamoto Chika
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I'll show you the "One stroke worth 100 million yen"... My skill with a kitchen knife said to be the "NATIONAL TREASURE CLASS"."

—Chiyo to Toriko, before engaging in battle with him.

Chiyo (千代), also known as Delicate Cooking Chiyo (繊細料理の千代 Sensai Ryōri no Chiyo),[1] is a famous and highly skilled Chef who previously formed a Combo with her lover Chin Chinchin.[2] She is the previous head of the ten-star restaurant Disappearing Cuisine.[3] However, after a long disappearance, she joined the Gourmet Corp. in hopes of acquiring CENTER and using it to revive her deceased son.

After the fall of the Meteor Spice and a near-fatal brush with death, Chiyo defects from the Gourmet Corp. and returns to her lover Chin.

Because of her past actions, she serves as the main antagonist of the Bubble Fruit Arc.


Chiyo's color scheme in the manga.

Chiyo is a short, elderly woman with a hunched body, arms folded in front of her body, and visible wrinkles. She possesses a flat face with no visible nose. She has blonde hair[4] (a light shade of purple, in the anime) tied into two large buns. While her slanted eyes are generally seen closed, much like squinting, Chiyo occasionally opens them revealing an apparently lack of irises or pupils, but when she wasn't using her intimidation, or in battle, her eyes appeared normal, with irises and pupils. Her black eyebrows are also short and thin.[5]

Her clothing consists of a loose shirt, which has a short but relatively rounded collar, and a pair of pants, each patterned with a matching floral print and with light-colored cuffs. Around Chiyo's waist is a light-colored apron with a ribbon tied in the back. Chiyo completes the rest of her outfit with light-colored shoes.[5]

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She was once a close friend of master Chin, and they became a combo together showing a great deal of camaraderie, eventually their relationship turned into one of true love. She was also an adherent master of Food Honor, showing that she once had a soul of great gratitude. However during her disappearance she defected from her views and became a merciless and cold-hearted killer who severed all ties with her friends, comrades and her lover. She has even rejected the philosophy of Food Honor, saying that it is a good-for-nothing history. After her descent into darkness, her food honor has suffered, and has proven a liability, such as in her battle with Toriko. She displays an arrogance, scoffing at an eventual fight with Setsuno and treating Toriko as a weakling. Toriko sees her as an abomination whose knife swings (one knife swing said to be worth 100 million yen) are worth no value now.

Her change in attitude can be attributed to her son's death which saddened her to the point that she lost her inner gratitude towards life and food. Chiyo's sadness is incredibly deep because the memory of her son's death never left her, even counting the age he would have been if still alive.[6] From her interactions with Master Chin, it is implied that his continued preaching of Food Honor even after their son had died only embittered her even further towards him as well as the philosophy of Food Honor. The very possibility of reviving her son gave her reason enough to join the Gourmet Corp., to find Acacia's Hors d'Oeuvre, CENTER.

After almost dying during the Cooking Festival and being revived with the aid of Saiseiyas and Chinchin, Chiyo apparently abandoned her goal of reviving her son and let go of the vendetta she had towards Chinchin, although the full details of her return to good remain uncertain. She is now a kind and wise chef once more.

Powers and Abilities[]

Chiyo is an exceptionally powerful individual, as demonstrated by the fact that she used to be in a combo with another Gourmet Living Legend, the Food Honor master Chin Chinchin. She is rumored to be in the same class of raw power as Setsuno, although her fights at the Cooking Festival proved otherwise. Still, her power remains high enough to fight equally and even defeat members of Biotope 0.

Her physical abilities are astounding: she can jump very high in the sky and land without difficulty from remarkable heights. She is so strong that her stabs rivaled Toriko's Twin Kugi punch in power. Her speed is also impressive, as she managed to pierce Chinchin's chest without him noticing until the attack lands,[7] and both she and Setsuno comment how good it is during their showdown. Her stamina and tolerance to pain are also immense: she fights against multiple heads of the temple, Chinchin, and Toriko without resting, even when badly injured. She is also able to fight on par with Toriko even after receiving a wound that she describes as near fatal from Chin.[8] She manages to keep on fighting against Setsuno even though the pressure around her decreases to 20%, a feat praised by her opponent herself.

Chiyo usually wields two knives, with her index fingers on their backs to increase accuracy, when in battles that do not require her to exert the full extent of her strength. However, she brandishes her black kitchen knife either with a reverse or a forward grip. She is highly skilled in its usage. Chiyo can also hold her ground in unarmed combat, resorting to kicks and stabs carried with her bare hands, and combine such techniques with deadly assaults with her blade. She seems to be quite capable at throwing as well, launching sharp crystals at Setsuno at close range. She was able to easily kill Wagon, an Assistant Master at the Shokurin Temple, removing everything down to the bone from his entire midsection with one stroke without him realizing what had happened. Her slashes can travel through the air and are so delicate that the enemy does not feel any pain.[9] Furthermore, her hands appear to stay still when she attacks. She also is the only one capable of opening Chin's locked Spoon Dome.

Chef Skills[]

Her skills as a chef are legendary. Before her disappearance, her rank in the IGO's top 100 chef list was always in the top 5. A single swing of her knife is said to be worth 100 million yen.[1][10] She states that if it had not been for Setsuno, she would have been a National Treasure (while not an implausible boast, given her strength, Setsuno has been shown to be the mightier of the two by a notable margin). As a master of Food Honor, Chiyo is able to slice ingredients and people without them noticing that they have been cut.[9] The fact she can prepare the Bubble Fruit, which is difficult even for those who master Food Honor (Komatsu and Chiru together took about a week to prepare several of them), shows that she is a genius. Seeing as she was once the Head Chef of Disappearing Cuisine, and handled all the same Ingredients as Chiru, it can be assumed she is also capable of using the dark Revitalizing Kitchen Knife technique, since, according to Chiru, some of the Ingredients used requires this skill. In the past, she has won the Cooking Fest three times, earning the title of Super Cook.


Her threat level is so great that in her presence a large part of the Lost Forest and the entire Shokurin Temple disappeared. She is also able to intimidate the Shokurin Temple into appearing again and not attacking her team without using Food Honor, indicating that she instead used Food Pressure.[11]


Chiyo is so skilled at Knocking she can perform it on powerful, unknown Gourmet World creatures, like a piece of the Corgolem, with a single flying Dicing Cut from possibly more than a kilometer away.[12]

Food Honor[]

Chiyo is a master of Food Honor and her competence in this field is almost on the level of Chin's,[2] who has been selected as a National Treasure because of it. Thanks to her Food Honor, she is able to cook the Bubble Fruit, a feat her former disciple, Chiru, a high-ranked chef herself, is unable to accomplish.[13] Chiyo managed to defeat even Chin, although it was due to his self-control faltering after hearing the reason she decided to join the Gourmet Corp..[14] Her skill in it is so great that she can overcame terrible handicaps such as the reduced pressure of the air around her, which would have incapacitated any normal human whilst she could still fight and even gain a boost in speed from it.[15] Her attacks are unnoticeable to most opponents and extremely lethal. Her victims may feel no pain even though their bodies are rotting away or have been cut clean of flesh. Since her weight is 250kg despite her small figure, it is possible she can use Food Immersion. However, because of her new personality, her Food Honor happens to falter, as demonstrated in her fight with Toriko.


Chiyo'best kitchen knife.png

Chiyo fights using kitchen knives as her weapons, and is extremely skilled at wielding them. When she gets serious, she employs a finely chiseled black kitchen knife (yellow in the anime) that claims to be "her favorite". As shown in her showdown with Setsuno, her abilities improve tremendously through its use.

She also uses dark-colored crystals as throwing weapons. Setsuno comments that the speed at which Chiyo can throw them is remarkable.[16]


Katsura muki.JPG

Judas Tree Peeling (桂剥き Katsura Muki): Using this technique, Chiyo can cut the arm of an opponent into a thin sheet. It can be performed from a distance.[17]

Koppowo using Hyakumai Oroshi and Chiyo Chopping Board Shield.gif
Manaita Shield.JPG
Chopping Board Shield (まな板シールド Manaita Shīrudo): Chiyo uses a giant chopping board as a shield.[18] The board is durable enough to withstand multiple Leg Knives, although in the end it broke.[19] In the anime, she created the chopping board with her knives out of a purple energy in a similar manner to Toriko's Fork and Knife attacks.

Chiyo hitting Koppowo with Ittou Raigiri.gif
Ittou Raigiri.JPG
One Blade: Thunder Cut (一刀 雷斬り Ittō: Raigiri): Chiyo spins her knife like a drill and stabs her opponent. This attack does not require physical contact with the knife to damage the target.[20] In the anime the technique is simply called Raigiri and, instead of piercing the target, it generates a spinning beam to strike them.

Chiyo Dicing Cut.png

Dicing Cut (さいの目切り Sainomekiri): Powerful blades of air are made from one's knife which can travel a long distance and dice foes into small cubes. She can also add Knocking to the cut to incapacitate creatures with regenerative abilities.[12]



At some point in the past, Chiyo was the Assistant Master of the Shokurin Temple as well as part of a combo with Master Chin Chinchin,[2] they became members of Biotope 0 and eventually had a son who died for unknown reasons. She was also the previous head of Disappearing Cuisine before Chiru. Her skills as a chef were hailed as legendary and she was one of the top 5 chefs in the world considered by some to on level with Setsuno.[1] However she heard information from Joie of how to revive her son with CENTER, the Hors d'Oeuvre of Acacia. She changed her point of view for appreciation and joined the Gourmet Corp. to find the ingredient.[21]

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Chiyo forces the Shokurin Temple to reappear with Food Pressure.

Chiyo sets out for the Shokurin Temple on a massive, rotting bird; among those with her are Otake and a Scum Beast.[22] Her party eventually arrives at the Temple; however, their sheer presence causes the Temple, as well as part of the natural environment surrounding the area, to disappear. The mere disappearance of the Shokurin Temple irritates Chiyo so she uses her Intimidation, ultimately causing the area to reappear into sight. As Chiyo takes her first steps back into the Temple's ground, she remarks on how everyone has evidently grown in her absence. Chiyo moreover declares her intentions to move her home over to the Gourmet World.[23]

She eventually inquires of Chin's location; given no response, she then comments instead on how the Branches have fallen. As Chiyo draws out her kitchen knives, she moreover adds that the secret of Food Immersion cannot become a threat to the Gourmet Corp.; thus, she will eliminate its "roots."[24]

Chiyo attacks Koppowo with her One Blade: Thunder Cut technique.

Chiyo demonstrates her impressive use of "delicate cooking" on the Assistant Master Wagon; her technique ends up decimating his entire midsection save for the bones. As he collapses to the ground, Chiyo warns him not to move otherwise he will the pain, furthermore laughing at his demise.[25] She then proceeds to attack the other Assistant Masters of the Temple, including Koppowo, dealing serious blows to their bodies.[26]

Chiyo brutally impales her lover with her own hand.

As Chiyo finishes off Koppowo, she notices that Chin has suddenly arrived at the temple, telling her lover that she has been waiting for him. She then states that this "date" will be the last that they shall ever have. Chin then prepares for them to fight separately in his Spoon Dome; however, as they rise into the air, Chiyo impales her lover's chest with her hand, laughing at him and the increasing demise of Food Honor. She violently tortures him even as the Gourmet Hunter Toriko arrives back at the Temple.[27] However, the duo are eventually encased within the Spoon Dome.[28]

Inside, Chiyo notes how Toriko appears to be Chin's disciple, eventually inquiring whether he believes that their strength is on par with her own.[29] Later, after some insistence, she finally reveals that the reason why she has affiliated herself with the Gourmet Corp. is so that she can find CENTER, of which she is positive that Chin himself has been aware. Chiyo then cuts him after reflecting on his constant preaching over Food Honor, even after the death of their son. She then brings up a previous meeting with Joie; afterwards, she deals another blow to Chin.[30]

A satisfied Chiyo smiles upon her lover's defeat at her own hands.

Soon afterward, the Spoon Dome opens again, revealing that Chiyo has apparently defeated Chin. She mocks him for his constant preaching over Food Honor[31] as he falls to the ground, and impales him again through the chest with her foot. Chiyo continues mocking and torturing her lover even as she turns her attention primarily over to Toriko.[32][33]

Chiyo launches herself at Toriko.

Chiyo is reminded of her rival Setsuno, incensing her to draw out her kitchen knives again, which she proclaims hold a value of 100 million Yen with each stroke; following a subsequent remark from Toriko, she strikes at him. After a handful of attacks back-and-forth at one another, she realizes that she is at an disadvantage, later proven true when her Chopping Board Shield is destroyed, which astonishes the elderly chef. This prompts Chiyo to launch an offensive attack on Toriko; this rash decision ends up destroying her kitchen knives and causing blood to spew from her mouth. Chiyo then draws out her "favorite" kitchen knife against the Gourmet Hunter. [34]

However, before their battle can proceed any further, she is forced to retreat with Otake following the arrival of a GT Robo under Starjun's control.[35][36] She later argues with Starjun that her near-fatal wound during her fight with Chin was a liability, hence her disadvantage against Toriko.[37]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Chiyo attacks Setsuno during the Cooking Festival.

The following month, with the Cooking Festival about to commence, Chiyo and the other Gourmet Corp. leave for their final mission in the Gourmet World.[38]

Upon arriving,[39] she enters the main stage of the Cooking Festival with a larger party of Gourmet Hunters, subsequently transforming the arena into a full-out battlefield for almost everyone inside.[40] Chiyo quickly sets her sights on her old rival Setsuno. Wielding her now-restored kitchen knives in each hand, she reminds herself of the grudge against Setsuno for apparently stealing the title of Gourmet Living National Treasure from her, moreover adding that she has "risen" to a higher level during her disappearance. With that said, she lunges at Setsuno, revealing that she is fully prepared for their final "cooking showdown."[41]

The two continue fighting until Setsuno comments Chiyo's running out of breath. The Gourmet Corp. asks her if she is lowering the air pressure around her. Setsuno answers affirmatively, expressing admiration at her opponent's ability to fight under those circumstances. They begin another exchange of blows, with Chiyo claiming to have gained more speed, becoming unstoppable. Setsuno replies that she is fast as well, but before being able to attack, Kuriboh grabs her in his hand and Kousairou uses his Shokugi: Calorie Gui on her. Then, Zaus comes down slashing her. Injured but unfazed, Setsuno requests Kuriboh explains their actions, warning him that a terrible punishment may follow his response.[42] Chiyo is then stabbed by Zaus when he is explaining to Setsuno as to what it means to "lowering your guard". Before Chiyo was able to counter attack, her energy was then promptly absorbed by Kousairou, in the same way he did to Setsuno.[43]

A gentle-looking Chiyo awakens.

Chiyo is taken to the country of Life for recovery after the deadly events of the Cooking Fest end. When she regains consciousness and awakens, she finds herself covered in bandages on a bed and surprised to see Chin next to her, with Setsuno and Nono taking care of her. Suddenly Chin cries because he does not want to lose another family member. Chiyo listens to Setsuno as she talks about the status of the Human World and states that chefs must prepare food for humankind while the Gourmet Hunters protect them.[44]

PAIR Arc[]

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally come into the Human World, Chiyo and Chin join up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journey to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrives in Area 8's Hex Food World, they are told by the Daruma Hermit that the Heavenly Kings already departed from the Area 8 and headed to Area 7, much to their disappointment. However the Daruma Hermit offers them their last remaining Safety Monster to help take the group to Area 7.[45]

The Crabbus carries them across Nono's ice to Area 7, where the Four Heavenly Kings are enjoying PAIR. In a discussion about Komatsu surviving Teppei's attack, Chiyo points out that since Komatsu's heart was destroyed but found in the World of Souls, it must have been replaced or revived.[46] After enjoying PAIR, she and the others listen to Kaka,[47] who tells them about Gourmet Cells, Nitro, and the Gourmet Nobility's plan. However, Joie's Appetite Demon attacks Kaka and tells them to seek out ANOTHER.[48]


Kuriboh appears and takes everyone aboard his Turtloon as they head for Area 6.[49] Chiyo, Komatsu, Damala Sky XIII, and other Human World chefs and artisans enter Blue Grill. They are chased by a Corgolem, which is diced by one of the Five 10-Shell Cooks. Later Chiyo returns the favor by dicing the Corgolem as it regenerates, impressing Asarudy.[50]

Chiyo reunites with Ichiru.

She entered the World of Souls with the other chefs. There she was reunited with her son[51] and helped prepare ANOTHER.[52] After the Fish Dish's overflowing flavor destroyed the Food Spirit Doors, Chiyo awoke with Chinchin at her bedside and told him about her encounter with their son.[53] They returned to the surface with the revived Don Slime, the Ten-Shell Five, and the others. Along the way they aged rapidly and significantly because of the Giant Shell's and the World of Soul's time dilation effects, but they regressed to being only slightly older than when they entered.[54]

After visiting Areas 5, 4, and 3 and collecting EARTH, NEWS, and ATOM, Chin and Chiyo help transport the majority of the dishes to the Human Wold.[55]

Full Course Menu[]

Chiyo's full course is made up of very rare and delicious ingredients which presumably aided in her Food Honor training.

Chiyo's Full Course Menu
Course Course.png Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors.png Dehydrated Shaka Flowers Unknown Decided
Soup Soup.png Gratitude Fountain Miso Soup Unknown Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish.png Salmon Monk Sashimi Unknown Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish.png Instant Smoke Chorus Pig Unknown Decided
Main Course MainDish.png Righteously Grilled Daibutsu Peacock Meat Unknown Decided
Salad Salad.png Steamed Clear Onion Vegetable Salad Unknown Decided
Dessert Dessert.png Bubble Fruit Zenzai 98 Decided
Drink Drink.png Shimizu Tea Unknown Decided

Anime and Manga Differences[]

Chiyo piercing Chinchin in the anime.

  • In the anime, all instances of blood during Chiyo's fight were removed, likely due to censorship.
  • When Chiyo used her Manaita Shield in the anime, it was made out of Appetite Energy rather than being a real cutting board.
  • In the manga when she appears in the Bubble Fruit Arc, she wears a gi with splatter style pattern, while in the anime this is remove for a plain dark purple (almost close to eggplant) color gi due to animation reasons.
  • Her special knife that she uses when she gets serious is colored black in manga, whilst in anime it was colored light yellow.

Translation and Dub Differences[]

Chiyo piercing Chinchin in the Funimation sub preview.

  • In FUNimation's preview of Episode 109 on Hulu, they recolored the censoring light effect from when Chiyo pierced Chin's chest to make it resemble blood. They also recolored Chiyo's eyes to red as well. However, when the episode itself aired it was changed back to white.


Chiyo's CAD


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