Japanese クリス
Romanized Kurisu
Race Seven-Color Nessie
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Restaurant Bohno
Occupation Pet
Personal Status
Relatives Fond De Bohno (owner)
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 42
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Chris is a Seven-Color Nessie and the pet of the gourmet millionaire Fond De Bohno.


Chris is very fond of Bohno who raised him and having grown up alongside him the both love to eat together and share meals. However, as Chris was reaching his metamorphosis, he grew depressed and unable to eat anything with Bohno. When he finally grew into his adult stage, Chris accepted his natural instincts but not before sadly staring at Bohno for his approval, showing that even after it reached maturity it still cared for what Bohno thought before tearfully parting ways with him and leaving behind a Grow Apple for him.




Chris as a baby playing with a young Bohno.

When Chris was a baby, he was found alone and wounded in the woods by a young Bohno who nursed him back to health and adopted him as his pet. The two ate all their meals together and grew a close bond that would last many years.

Gourmet King Deciding BattleEdit

Chris first appeared during the Gourmet King Deciding Battle that his owner Bohno is hosting in order to find a gourmet hunter who can bring him an ingredient that Chris can eat, as Chris has recently been unable to eat any of the food Bohno prepares. During the event, Chris stared longingly at Rin's parfait, but before Bohno can notice, Rin had already left with Sunny when he, Coco and Toriko set out to find an ingredient to satisfy Chris. For the rest of the event, Chris sniffed and tasted some of the ingredients brought in by contestants but all proved unsatisfying for Chris, it even almost ate Zongeh out of desperation before spitting him out. When Heavenly Kings finally returned with their ingredients, the Honey Dragon honey, the Milk Whale milk and the Grand Berry, they also proved unsatisfying for Chris. Chris then noticed Rin eating a parfait again and the lunged at her, but was stopped by Bohno who still did not understand what Chris wanted. Komatsu then realized that Chris wanted the parfait and combined all of the Heavenly Kings ingredients to create an extra-large parfait for Chris which he happily accepted and ate full-heartedly. Then much to everyone's surprise, Chris began to transform before their eyes and he matured into his final stage, growing large bright wings and a horn. Chris then sadly stared at Bohno before leaving, but Bohno did not wish to part with Chris. Toriko then convinced Bohno that all animals must eventually return to the wild. Chris and Bohno then tearfully bid farewell to each other, but as Chris flew away, he created a Grow Apple from his body and left it next to Bohno as a sign of their friendship. Bohno then tearfully waved goodbye to Chris as he flew off.


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