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Japanese 葉巻樹
Romanized Hamakigi
English Cigar Tree
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Type Plant
Capture Level Below 1
Location Forests (Dry areas)
Height 2-3m
Price 1 box (set of 12) / 10,000 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 1
Anime Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!
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A Cigar Tree (葉巻樹 Hamakigi) is a unique species of tree whose stems can be broken off and smoked like a cigar or cigarette when lit on fire on one of its ends. Zombie Taipans also have a great dislike towards the smoke of the Cigar Tree, thus making an excellent repellent against them.


Toriko lighting the stem of a Cigar Tree with his fingers.

For those who savor the aroma of tobacco, great news. Just by holding the smoke of the cigar tree in your mouth, you can enjoy the taste. No inhalation required! Its acidic smoke can also be used to repel insects. But ever since the recent smoking ban, many restaurants now prohibit the smoking of Cigar Trees.

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