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Japanese シンデレラ
Romanized Shinderera
English Cinderella
Owner Froese (formerly);
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 241
Anime Episode 142
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Cinderella (シンデレラ Shinderera) is the holy kitchen knife once owned by the legendary "Chef Goddess" Froese. It is currently under the ownership of the "Dark Chef" Joie.


Cinderella anime


It is a moderately long and beautiful kitchen knife with a pink lustrous shine that fits easily in one's hand and has a considerable sharpness. Its handle also shines with equal luster and appears to be made out of some sort of well crafted pink stone-like material.



Cinderella's incredible power as shown through its Oku Mai Oroshi technique.

Cinderella is an incredibly powerful blade capable of creating gigantic pressurized air slashes that can decimate a city and cut the sea with a single stroke. While having destructive properties, it is also a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife and can be used to heal and revitalize unconscious targets. In Joie's hands it can also be used to brainwash living beings to do his bidding.

Taste ChangeEdit

Taste Change (テイストチェンジ Teisuto Chenji) is Cinderella's most unique technique. After slashing the opponent on the head or face and leaving a visible scar, it changes the "flavor" of the victim[1] by implanting a special bacteria into the wound which alters the mind and perception of its victim.[2] This powerful technique effectively brainwashes and turns the slashed opponent into a minion of Joie. Shocks that affect a person down to their very cells are known to terminate its effect.[2]


  • 10 Million Slice Fillet (億枚おろし Oku Mai Oroshi): The blade is moved in a stylized pattern and then a cut is made in the direction of the target which creates a pressurized air slash which disperses into a gigantic blast of air made up of millions of smaller cuts which can cut through buildings and even the sea with ease.[3]
Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut small
  • Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut (鮮度UP蘇生切り Sendo Appu Sosei Giri): A Dark Technique, the knife is thrust into the ground and creates a shock wave of slashes that spreads around its surroundings and heals and awakens any fallen creature in the vicinity from the brink of death. It also enhances their physical abilities and makes them minions of Joie.[4]
Sky Cut small
  • Sky Cut (空切り (そらぎ) Sora Giri): A horizontal swing of Cinderella that is powerful enough to cut a tsunami in two. Setsuno states that this technique originally belonged to Froese.[5]



Long ago, Cinderella was used by the "Chef Goddess" Froese to prepare countless ingredients. At what point she acquired the blade and what became of it after her death is unknown. Despite her extreme exhaustion from cooking GOD, she used it on one last dish to save her beloved son Midora, who was severely injured from fighting an offspring of the Derous.[6]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

When Joie arrives at Cooking Stadium, he is shown with the blade Cinderella in hand, having acquired it through unknown means and uses it to take control of several Nitros.[7] The blade is then used to attack Setsuno who manages to block most of its power albeit suffering numerous cuts, but soon becomes overwhelmed by the blade's ability to heal the fallen Nitro in the stadium and the number of minions under Joie's control.[8]


After moving himself and Midora to the Landsea Forest, Joie pulls out Cinderella.[9]


  • The name of the knife obviously comes from the popular fable of Cinderella.


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