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Cocoa Powder Snow
Japanese ココアパウダースノー
Romanized Kokoapaudāsunō
Type Chocolate Snow
Location Unknown mountain
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 13
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Cocoa Powder Snow (ココアパウダースノー Kokoapaudāsunō) is type of chocolate snow that when melted can become rich hot chocolate.


This delicious powder can be scooped up from the ground and boiled to instantly make a delicious hot chocolate filled with tiny dehydrate marshmallows.


Cocoa Powder Snows rains down upon an unknown frozen peak. When the mountain is coated in this unique snow, it gains a soft chocolatey color, making it seem like its made of chocolate. Hikers can camp on this mountain and take pleasure in the delicious and warming cocoa that is abundant in supply.


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