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Japanese ココマヨの樹
Romanized Kokomayo no Ki
Aliases Cocoa Mayo,
Cocoa Mayonnaise (ココマヨネーズ Kokomayonēzu)
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Type Natural Food
Capture Level Less than 1
Location Warm, rich soils
Height 5m (tree)
Price 1 pod of 500g / 2,500 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 31
Anime Episode 10
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The Cocomayo Tree (ココマヨの樹 Kokomayo no Ki) is a variety of deciduous tree in the lacquer family that grows unique cocoa-like fruits packed with mayonnaise.


Its matured fruits are rich in fat and filled with bitter cocoa and acidic mayonnaise flavors. The mayonnaise of the fruit has the perfect balance between the bitterness of chocolate and the sourness of mayonnaise. It is a popular dressing for crisp lettuce greens, and some people put it on everything!

As a dressing for Black Grass, it greatly increases the flavor of both ingredients, as it compliments the grass's crispy texture.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

When Toriko and his group are traveling through the Black Grass in Biotope 1, Rin finds a Cocomayo Tree in the middle of the field and shows it to Toriko, who quickly squeezes out some mayonnaise on to some Black Grass.


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