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Colored Rice anime
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Japanese 色米
Romanized Irogome
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Type Grain
Capture Level Unknown
Location Unknown (available at Zen Ou Restaurant)
Related Medicinal Mochi
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 203
Anime Episode 119
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Colored Rice (色米 Irogome) is an unique breed of rice that can change color depending on its preparation and can be used as a medicinal ingredient in curing deadly poisons. It is a special preparation ingredient requiring a very strict and precise method of preparation to ensure it does not become unusable for even the slightest change in moisture or temperature can alter its color. Its medicinal effects are best brought out when made into mochi which can effectively neutralize any poison as long as the color of the mochi opposes the color of the poison in accordance to the color wheel.


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