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Condor Window
Condor Window.png
Japanese コンドルウインドー
Romanized Kondoru Uindō
English Condor Window
Race Food Spirit (currently possessing a living body)
Gender Male.png Male
Age Over 3000
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Inn,
Five 10-Shell Cooks
Occupation Chef icon.png Chef
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 330
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Condor Window (コンドルウインドー Kondoru Uindō) is one of the Five 10-Shell Cooks of Blue Grill and owner chef of Blue Inn.


Condor's color scheme.

He is a muscular humanoid with light skin and pointed ears. He has very long hair with an unusual shape as it coils around the top of his head and seemingly floats in midair. He wears what appears to be a jumpsuit with a light color on its left side and a dark color on the right. Like his fellow Cooks, he wears an elaborate mask which conceals his true face and resembles a common theater mask with pronounced eyelashes, dark lips and painted markings.

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Condor is an overconfident, smug and somewhat reckless individual who views his skills highly while underestimating others. Despite being over 3000 years old and having vast experience, he acts like a young hotheaded man. Due to his advanced age, he cannot recall how old he is exactly and seems to have bad memory overall. He has a tendency of using "megaton" and "gigaton" a lot in his sentences (an opposition to his opponent Yuda, who uses the term "one millimeter" often).

Powers and Abilities[]

Condor Window is one of the five best chefs in Blue Grill, the Five 10-Shell Cooks. Being a Food Spirit, Condor cannot normally be seen or interacted with by the living and vice versa. He is also capable of possessing the bodies of weaker beings and making them his own, something which he has been doing for over 3000 years. Despite being a Food Spirit, he is completely befuddled when placed in an environment with abnormal gravity, which is an aspect of the World of Souls; although he adapts quickly.

Gourmet Cells[]

Condor Window was born with Gourmet Cells since he is a descendant of those humans captured by the [[Nitro]] and injected with Gourmet Cells,[1] and like the other citizens of Blue Grill, his Appetite Demon is Don Slime, until the demon is resurrected in Asarudy.[2]

Of Acacia's Full Course, he has eaten AIR,[3] ANOTHER and NEWS,[4] and EARTH.[5]

Chef Skills[]

As a member of the Five 10-Shell Cooks, Condor possesses extraordinary cooking skills likely rivaling those of the Top 100 Chefs in the Human World. Due to his age, he has thousands of years of experience in cooking. Like the other Five 10-Shell Cooks, he can hear the voices of Food Spirits. In his match against Yuda, he manages to prepare the extinct Ingredient quickly, exceeding his opponent's speed despite needing to perform cuts on materials thinner than 0.1 millimeters; although he ultimately loses.


Condor is an adept Knocking user and uses his special space in conjunction with his knives to Knock even powerful beasts he has never seen before.


Condor carries with him two sword-like kitchen knives, which he is very adept at using for cooking and combat.


Condor's warp kitchen.png

Warp Kitchen (ワープキッチン Wāpukitchin): Condor produces a glowing orb between his lower set of hands, and then spreads them to his sides to enlarge it, forming an arc to envelop the target. Within this arc is a dimension in which times flows much more slowly than on the outside, to the point it seems to have stopped. With this technique, he managed to prepare the Leafish at a speed that was thought to be impossible.[6] According to Joie, this altered spacetime is a memory of the Gourmet Cells, existing in order to cook ingredients that would otherwise require thousands of years to prepare.[7]



After the arrival of the Human World chefs in Blue Grill, the Five 10-Shell Cooks became aware of their presence and had Mari set up a match between them in Grill Stadium to see if they were truly as skilled as they claimed and if they could survive in the Back Channel.[8]

During the preparation of the match between the 10-Star and the 10-Shell chefs, Condor Window enters the 10-Shell chef's room where he is quickly scolded by Maymay for continuously opening the door which causes the chefs to be in discomfort due to the bright light. As the group continue to scold Condor Window, he asks Asarudy for his opinion regarding the Human World chefs however Asarudy merely states that he is the one who had read the ST10 which makes Condor question the abilities of the Human World chefs even more which annoys his fellow chef.

When the match between the 10-Star and 10-Shell chefs finally begin, Condor asks Asarudy if he is aiming for any chef in particular; however Asarudy simply states that there is not one he is looking for which makes Condor believe they are "All just trash". When Asarudy becomes alerted by the immense intimidating aura which the chefs gave off, Condor Window asks if he can take them all on at once instead of facing them one by one which Asarudy states could cause them their end as Asarudy cannot predict the outcome, which Window states is a garbage story. As the match prepares for the first round, a Casket Crab appears and opens the stage of the match, the Soul Furnace and prepares the first unknown ingredient of the match, a Leafish. Condor Window begins to drool over the appearance of the Leafish as he believes it has a megaton of flavor within it, causing him to instantly step into the stage. However, unbeknownst to him, the bubble which the Leafish is contained in contains immense gravity which causes him problems along with the fact that the fish is a carnivore. Condor Window finishes capturing the fish, but before he could do so, someone else had already stepped into the stage to capture the other fish, the 1 Millimeter Chef Yuda who introduces himself to Condor. Condor Window returns the gesture by introducing himself to Yuda. Yuda tells the 10-Shell chef that just one millimeter of memory lapse could cause his defeat which Window replies that Yuda should make it a memorable one by giving his cooking a megaton of impact.

As the two begin the first round of the match, the commentator of the match receives more information on Yuda himself. Yuda's Full Course Menu is revealed which greatly disappoints Condor due to the extremely low Capture Levels. As the match continues, the Casket Crab splits the bubble containing the Leafish and lands them on a gigantic seesaw with two kitchens on each end. As both sides begin their preparation, Condor comments on the unfairness of the match as it tests the speed of which a chef must prepare the ingredient, whoever can reduce the weight of their kitchen first would be deemed the winner. As more information is given about the current ingredient, Condor continues his cooking at immense speed, causing Yuda's kitchen to slowly lower towards the Soul Furnace as Condor continues to reduce the weight of his kitchen by cooking the Leafish. Yuda tells the overconfident chef that he has seen the impossible before him and that Condor may have believed that Yuda would see his preparation of the Leafish as impossible; however, Yuda seems composed as he recalls Komatsu preparing a life saving medicine in mere minutes. Condor insults Yuda by calling him less than half-baked; however, Yuda recalls on his memories about his smallest mistake which took the life of a young child. As Yuda continues to inspect the ingredient and furiously slices the area around him, Condor Window had already finished preparing the Leafish, causing Yuda's kitchen to fall closer to the Soul Furnace. However, unbeknownst to Condor, his opponent had been preparing the area of gravity around him, causing the bubble that contained the Leafish to float upwards. With the weight of the bubble now removed from Yuda's kitchen, Condor Window falls into the furnace, questioning how the half-baked chef had beaten him. Yuda retorts by stating that his 3000 years of overconfidence caused him his downfall. Condor Window then falls to the Soul Furnace as Yuda finishes his explanation on how he prepared the gravity within the bubble.[9]

Condor Window later returned to join the rest of the Five 10-Shell chefs in tasting a fully prepared AIR. He commended Komatsu's cooking skills and commented on Asarudy having set his eyes on Komatsu. The 10-Shell Chefs then agreed to take all of the Human World Chefs along with them to the World of Souls as 10-Shell Chefs agreed that they had an advantage over their Human World opponents. When Jiji commented that they lacked the Golden Cookware for every chef, Condor Window became slightly displeased. When all the chefs gathered to talk about Blue Grill's project, Jiji and Condor informed everyone that the true danger of their work comes from cooking ANOTHER, which Condor revealed, takes 600 thousand years.[3]

Condor then joined the rest of the chefs in venturing to the World of Souls after the Golden Cookware had been completed. Inside the World of Souls, all of the chefs became separated. When all of the chefs attempted to cook the food within the World of Souls, Komatsu realized that they needed to cook ANOTHER first before they could proceed. A fully grown ANOTHER eventually presented itself to everyone and allowed itself to be prepared. During the preparation, the group followed Komatsu's methods and eventually prepared ANOTHER in 65 years.

When ANOTHER had been cooked, the flavor of ANOTHER overwhelmed the whole World of Souls and eventually caused all of the chefs' souls to return to their body, the Five 10-Shell Chefs also returned to their host bodies with all but Asarudy without their masks. Condor then joined the Human World group in their mission to support the Four Heavenly Kings in preparing Acacia's Full Course Menu.

He and the remaining Ten-Shell Five expand Yun's Back Channel as the group travels to pick up the Four Heavenly Kings and Acacia's Full Course. Because of the exhaustion from maintaining the Back Channel, they are fed some of EARTH, a source of great energy and nutrients. After the group secures ATOM, the Ten-Shell Five and Chin Chinchin and Chiyo take a majority of the Full Course items and travel to the Human World.[5]


  • He is the youngest member of the Five 10-Shell Cooks.


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