Conveyor Belt Islands
Conveyor Belt Islands
Japanese 回転島 (かいてんしま)
Romanized Kaiten Shima
English Conveyor Belt Islands
Aliases Crazy Merry-Go-Land
Kureijī Merīgōrando)
Location Area 6
Affiliation Jiji
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 325
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The Conveyor Belt Islands are islands within the eastern region of Area 6 that are constantly being pushed about by the powerful sea currents of Area 6. They constantly move about erratically as they are pushed by deadly currents, mighty waves, and raging whirlpools. Because of this they are also called "Crazy Merry-Go-Lands" (クレイジーメリーゴーランド Kureijī Merīgōrando). One of the Flavor Sages, Jiji, apparently has his own Crazy Merry-Go-Land which he uses for fishing.




The Conveyor Belt Islands was the first location visited by the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies and where they met the legendary Jiji.


  • Its other name is a pun on the merry-go-round carrousel, since the islands are constantly changing of place.

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