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Cooking Festival (クッキングフェスティバル Kukkingufesutibaru), or Cooking Fest, is a quadrennial food festival established 200 years ago. Visitors from all over the world gather in Cooking Island to experience the finest ingredients that the world has to offer. However, the main event of the festival is the competition held at Cooking Stadium that only the top 100 chefs of the world partake in. Here, the chefs are challenged to the limits of their cooking abilities.

About 1 billion people visit the opening ceremony, and the live broadcasts of the festival average a rating of 95%. However, the rating goes up to 99% (or 29.6 billion viewers) during "Deciding Battles," thanks to the event's popularity and the "Cooking Holiday" that accompanies them.

As the festival is the largest gathering of chefs in the world, the 50th festival was attacked and invaded by the Gourmet Corp. in order to further their own goals. The end of this festival also marked the end of the Gourmet Age.

Super Cook![]

The victor is given the highest honor a chef can get, the title of "Super Cook!" (スーパーコック Sūpākokku). Even though 49 festivals have passed, only five people have ever claimed the title. This title gives instant status and fame to any who manage to earn it.

Number of Wins By Past Title-Holders[]

  • 29 Setsuno
  • 14 Zaus
  • Chiyo
  • 2 Yuda
  • 1 Brunch
  • 1 Joie (Originally won the first ever Cooking Festival but was disqualified for breaking several rules and was since banished from ever competing in the Festival again. As a result, the runner-up Setsuno was made champion and was the first to gain the title of Supercook.)

50th Cooking Festival[]

1st Event: Triathlon Cooking[]

Triathlon Cooking

The first event of the 50th Cooking Festival is the Triathlon Cooking (トライアスロンクッキング Toraiasuron Kukkingu). Its starting point is Rice Beach on Cooking Island. Unlike the traditional triathlon sport, having a great stamina is not quite necessary because the events are relatively easy. The chefs need to swim to and from Takoyaki Island (which is 750 meters off the coast) to get their ingredients, bring them back by riding a bicycle, and then run to obtain cooking supplies. However, the faster the chef is in the swimming and getting to the Takoyaki Island, the better the ingredients they can get. For the bicycle part, there are two routes. There's an easy course, but it's longer distance, while the shorter course is more dangerous and full of wild beast. Also, if the chefs don't reach the Cooking Utensils station in a specified time to get their trusted utensils, the station will close, and the chefs will have to use normal ones. Only 50 chefs would advance to the next event, which is decided by the dishes they prepare at the end of the Triathlon.

2nd Event: Scale Death Cooking[]

Scale Death Cooking

Not much is seen from the 2nd Preliminary match, Scale Death Cooking (天秤デスクッキング Tenbin Desu Kukkingu), but it is a competition testing the chefs' cooking speed. In the anime, the competition was expanded, showing two chefs cook on each of the plate of the scale, with each chef having the same amount of ingredient maintaining the scale in equilibrium. When they start cooking the scale with more ingredient drops nearer a strong fire, making continuing to cook difficult. The winner is the chef that has no food leftover after the customers finish eating. In the anime, only 25 chefs were left after the matches.[1]

3rd Event: Entire Island Cooking[]

Entire Island Cooking

Not much is seen from the 3rd Preliminary match, Whole Island Cooking (一島丸ごとクッキング Itsutō Marugoto Kukkingu), but it seems to be a competition testing the chefs' ability to cook big proportions of foods. In the anime, the event was expanded with the chefs needing to choose one island and cook all the ingredients on it. After this event, 32 participants remained, though in the anime there were only 16.[1]

4th Event: Championship Tournament[]

The Championship Tournament (決勝トーナメント Kesshō Tōnamento) is the last event of Cooking Fest.

Round of 32   Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Ling Chun           
 Granny Kama             
 CM Goron           
 Damala Sky XIII             
 Tsurara Mama             

First Championship Round and Abrupt End[]

Dark hut.png

The first round match begins with Komatsu facing Zaus in the Dark Cooking Duel (闇料理対決 Yami Ryōri Taiketsu), in which both must prepare a meal while in complete darkness, letting only their sense of touch and smell be their guide as find, prepare, and cook ingredients, which include bad-tasting ones and special preparation ones. The match, however, along with all of Cooking Fest, comes to an abrupt end as the Gourmet Corp. invade the stadium.[2]


  • The price of one 30-second commercial air time during the festival is 1 billion yen. Regardless, they are quick to sell out.
  • The music used in commercials sell about 5 million copies in one day. Advertised books gets about 1 billion pre-orders. Car companies can sell up to 10 million units. However, these are merely temporary economic boosts.


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