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Cooking Festival Arc
Cooking Festival
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Chapters: Chapter 210 - Chapter 263
Episodes: Episode 124 - Episode 147
Description: The Cooking Festival has begun and the Gourmet Corp. will soon make their move...
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Four Beast Arc
Followed by: Billion Bird Arc

The Cooking Festival Arc is the 16th story arc of the anime and manga series, Toriko.


Aftermath to the Four Beast[]


Ume reading the latest Gourmet News

Kitt, a member of the Gourmet Seven, along with his partner Painomi arrive to tell chef Komatsu that he has just marked in at the 88th position on the IGO's Top 100 Chef Ranking list in the world thus personally lending a invitation for him to enter the 50th Cooking Festival. Komatsu is utterly shocked by this news.

Meanwhile the Gourmet space ship 07 had just landed at the "International Gourmet Towers Space Airport", on the space ship arrived was the Gourmet tourist president and billionaire Mahmai Moi as well as the old friend of Komatsu's, Ume. Ume while reading the latest news, notices that the Four Heavenly Kings had just defeated the Four Beast and Komatsu who simplified the medicinal cooking mochi has ranked within the 100 top chefs in the world. He is extremely thrilled to see Komatsu's rising fame and success as a fellow chef.

A New Technique[]

Nail Gun

Toriko doing Nail Gun

Toriko ponders over his fierce confrontation with the Four Beast coming to the conclusion that he had to get stronger. As he looks down a boulder more then 50x that of the previously Iron Ore he had practiced on with his Kugi Punch, he estimates it may take around 50 ren to break this mountain-like boulder. He tightens his fist as he plunges it into the boulder. The shock wave vertically splits the boulder as it explodes into a heap of dust and rock. He names this technique the "Nail Gun".

Short thereafter, Terry arrives beside Toriko carrying Rin and Komatsu on its back, Rin quickly filled with excitement explains to Toriko about the measuring tongs and how they weren't complete at the time she measured Terry but still insists that its capture level is over 1,000 in which case Toriko quickly shoots down as the tongs probably only measured the potential Terry has due to the fact he inherited DNA from the "ancient king", rather then its actual current capture level.

Tom shows up following that bringing some raw ingredients he had just caught and offers to share a meal with Toriko, Rin and Komatsu.

Small Talk and Ominous Foreshadows[]

Toriko and Tom eating together

Toriko and Tom eating together

While Tom and Toriko talk about the ingredients he had caught, what the wholesale market did for preparing the mochi and praising Komatsu for his incredible growth.

Looking for the ancient cooking book

The Mysterious person looking for the ancient cooking book

Toriko ponders the words "we'll meet at the festival", as he questions himself if Starjun will make an appearance at this years Cooking Festival. As well as the words of caution Teppei shared about there being a mastermind that orchestrated the Four Beast's revival and attack on the Human World.

Meanwhile the Gourmet Pyramid is in ruins as a dark and cloaked figure looms over that of a stone tablet...

The Grand Opening: Arrival of the Superstars[]


Komatsu being picked by Gourmet Limousine

Fireworks go off as millions of people from across the Human World arrive at the Cooking Stadium. As a Gourmet Limousine pulls up to the sidewalk, a chauffeur greets a shocked Komatsu as he was sent to personally drive Komatsu to the "Cooking Fest" as all participants are given VIP treatment. Toriko greets Komatsu as he all ready awaits in the limousine for Komatsu to get in.

While celebrating with rubeer Komatsu voices his slight disbelief that he has made it this far but Toriko tells him to relax in response and reassures Komatsu that he has the clear ability to compete for the number 1 ranking and he should just have confidence in himself. The Gourmet Limousine finally arrives at Cooking Island, the location where the famed Cooking Festivalis held every year for the past 200 years.

Toriko surrounded at Cooking Festival

Toriko getting surrounded by fans

Toriko immediately jumps out of the limousine the moment it halts with a taste of Turtlemelon Bread as hundreds of people crowd around him, groping at his clothes in appreciation and thanks for his victory over the Four Beast. Sunny arrives moments later scouting around, sporting the same tuxedo Toriko is. Sunny quickly going into a offensive stance as hundreds more people run towards in a panic of excitement, quickly fending them off with his 'hair lock', not wanting to be touched by their "filth".

Komatsu surrounded by people at CF

Komatsu getting surrounded by fans

Coco steps in as he comments on Sunny's not-very beautiful approach as people rush towards him, Coco giving words of warning though not to touch him as he's poisonous. Zebra on the other hand shouts at the hordes of people to remain silent as they scatter in fear. Komatsu looks on in awe as the Four Heavenly Kings fully assemble to stand back-to-back.

Almost immediately thereafter the mass of people spot Komatsu as once more they rush in to congratulate him on his ranking, and let him know that they'll be cheering for him as their savior who had simplified the medicinal cooking mochi.


The full Cooking Stadium

Another member of the Gourmet Seven, Patch, approaches Komatsu and Toriko to clarify that the bodyguards behind him were for the protection of the chefs, not himself individually.

The Cooking Stadium is packed full with 100 million as the announcer begins this years Cooking Festival, cuing in the 100 participants to now enter the stadium.

Rising Threat[]

Bishokukai leaving

The Gourmet Corp. move out

Starjun puts his helmet on as he asks Joejoe if the other selected members were ready. The Gourmet Corp.'s assembled group (of Grinpatch, Limon, Tommyrod, Chiyo, Elg, along with several beasts) lead by Starjun move out towards "Cooking Fest".

Enter the Chefs[]

The roaring crowds of the Cooking Stadium shook the group as if a earthquake had struck the Human World. As the Four Heavenly Kings took there seats, Toriko shows his excitement as he notices all the members of Gourmet Seven sitting down at a table as well. The stadium had many VIP seats filled from Mahmai Moi to Colonel Mokkoi. Toriko noticed Zongeh below in the stands complaining about his seating arrangement and why he wasn't in the VIP sections. Looking over his shoulder Toriko noticed Kousairou, a member of the 0th Biotope, and wondered what his reasoning was for being there as the festival was finally proclaimed to have begun. The first entry was the "Cooking King" Zaus as the arena exploded with roars, followed by "Ethnic King" Klaraman, "Ramen Master" Kurakage, "Genius Bread Artisen" Pippi, "Original Cuisine" CM Goron, "Dessert Prince" Anyo Jr., "Skewer User" Three Eyes Horis, "Bizarre Food Queen" Kopuriko, "Nigiri Master" Rikiya, "Giant Cuisine" Darin, "Chinese Emperor" Ling Chun, "Revolutionary Old Man of Stew" Gen-chan, "Curry King" Damala Sky the XIII, "Space Cuisine" Appolo, "Undersea Cuisine" Mami, "Poison Cooking" Tylan, "Hormone Master" Yuuji, "Medicinal Cooking Authority" Yuda, "Oil User" Wabutora, "Sweets Magician" Mitsurou, "Underground Cooking World Boss" Livebearer, "Singer Chef" Koyubi, "Delicate Cooking" Chiru, "Gourmet Living Legend" Setsuno, Toriko shouts from his VIP row showing support to Setsuno that she should go easy on the other contestants as if she went all out it could be over in a matter of seconds. The participants kept walking into the stadium one after another, the next would be Lulubhu, Tsurara Mama, Moh, Sumire and various other prestigious and renown chefs, Ume in glowing happiness jumping out of his seat to watch Sumire enter the packed arena.

The Four Heavenly Kings blown back especially Toriko in joy as finally, a nervous Komatsu enters the stadium as one of the contestants. The announcer gives a few great achievements that Komatsu has accomplished during his introduction into the Cooking Festival, as various onlooking, old friends of Komatsu cheer on from the stands from Match to Melk the Second, though Toriko's voice could be heard over the roars of the crowd as he lends his undying support to his combo partner.

At the Festival[]

Meanwhile at the 1st Biotope, Mansam is telling Rin to hurry up for the Cooking Festival as the IGO's vice president Shigematsustates that this may be the last festival of Cooks.

Komatsu being nervous

Komatsu being nervous

At the Cooking Stadium, all 100 chefs have gathered as they stand in the center of the stadium, the announcer begins this years 50th Cooking Festival. Komatsu lacking confidence still is cheered on by his combo Toriko from the stands. As he regains his composure Wabutora approaches Komatsu as he offers words of encouragement in his appreciation for Komatsu's great find which assisted him greatly in his own cooking. Komatsu offers the same appreciation back to Wabutora. "Miso Soup Granny" Kama then approaches Wabutora and Komatsu as she shares her appreciation for the Mors Oil, "Mach Cooking" Ton walks up following Kama as she talks about Komatsu's recent achievement on the medicinal cooking mochi, joking if he was there at the time he could have made twice the amount at a quicker pace."Super Gutsy Udon" Nerimaru then rivals Ton's light-humored statement as he proclaims he could do double his twice. "Soba Hermit" Kamizaru approaches the following comments making it clear that quality isn't in the speed of quantity as Komatsu takes out a pile of autographs for the fellow chef contestants to sign for him.


Zaus and Setsuno rivalry

Zaus and Setsuno briefly discuss passing the baton to the newer generation succeeding theirs but Setsuno doesn't believe in retirement as cooking is a natural process of life comparable to the need to consume foods. Setsuno eggs Zaus on as she boasts of her superior ability and Zaus answers the challenge, Nomarch appears, one of the Taste Masters of the Gourmet Seven, noting the new top tier chefs in the wake of the Four BeastToppo another of the Gourmet Seven makes notable that the chef "Bura" is absent from this years Cooking Festival as he pours a glass of whine. Ahmon asks Patch for his unpredictable prediction of this years Super Cook title holder, having a prediction for at least the newcomers. The MC Munageh finally commences the festival in a roar beginning with the preliminaries.


Komatsu feeling his drop out

Komatsu feeling his drop out

The first match up is a race called the Triathlon Cooking which is a race made up of swimming, biking and running as Munageh continues he explains that even chefs with low stamina can come out on top as it's all about the cooking process itself, first the contestants require to swim to get to their ingredients followed by transporting them on bike to the end goal, Kitchen; and running to retrieve their needed utensils. The fastest are rewarded the ability of first pickings with the more delicious delicacies while the slowest must compensate with their skills of cooking itself. The MC states that this will be a show of stamina and the number will be instantaneously cut in half during the first challenge. As Komatsu freaks out as he hasn't honed any of his physical attributes, the fellow chefs behind him cheer in excitement and eagerness to commence. They turn towards Cooking Island's famous Rice Beachas the participants have aligned themselves on the shore. Komatsu prays to be given enough strength, that equal at least to Toriko's to hopefully get through this tribulation.


50th Cooking Festival Starts!!

Meanwhile back at the Cooking Stadium the Four Heavenly Kings gorge themselves on a meal. Monchy is called forth, mistakenly, as the 2715th ranking chef in the world, though corrected by Monchy himself as really the 2714th ranking chef in the world; to begin the Triathlon Cooking challenge, but as he jumps onto the stage his feet hit the ropes and he falls face first into the ground as the gun goes on in turn commencing the race. All the contestants immediately charge off with Komatsu flailing his arms as he runs towards the water, as the encouragement of the cheers go towards Setsuno and Zaus as well as Komatsu with a large support from his friends of the Four Heavenly Kings themselves, Aimaru, Melk the Second and the Gourmet Yakuza boss, Match also appears to take interest in seeing Livebearer's abilities. Ume also cheers on Komatsu as well as Sumire.

Setsuno walking on water

Setsuno walking on water

People view the race from all over the world at a shocking 98% rating. The MC proclaimed it was a 1.5 kilometer swim at the start and 750 meters out from Rice Beach would be located Takoyaki Island from which they'd then start back. Mami immediately takes the lead diving undersea but is utterly surprised as Wabutora easily surpasses him gliding on top of the water, almost immediately the rest of the chefs then follow afterwards. Komatsu begins to panic as he gets a late start appearing to be drowning as Toriko and Sunny are in dismay at Komatsu's lacking ability, while Zebra shoots a smirk providing Komatsu with a Voice Jacket. Setsuno comes back to ask if Komatsu is fine as he freaks out that she's floating on top of the water, however Setsuno quickly notes Komatsu that she's simply stepping back and forward at rapid speed as to not fall into the sea. Before leaving Komatsu she tells him that she's his rival in this tournament as well as she runs off into the distance losing the sight of Komatsu.

Setsuno passing Wabutora

Setsuno passing Wabutora

He then turns to Zebra as he asks for him to remove the life jacket due to Setsuno's words resonating that it's a fair match against him. Zebra easily obliges Komatsu's request as the jacket is lifted and he begins swimming with all his might towards Takoyaki Island. As they finally start rounding Takoyaki Island, Setsuno to the complete shock of Wabutora seemingly easily surpasses him giving a 'peace sign'. Zaus and Ton follow, quickly overwhelming Wabutora in speed.

Setsuno with a breaking time of one minute and thirty seconds maintained her lead as she reached the pile of ingredients and carefully picked which ones she would require for this challenge. The follow up was that of the biking race to transport the chosen ingredients to their designation. Following Setsuno's pace was the "King of Cooking" himself, Zaus then Ton and Wabutora with Mami not far behind. The MC announces that the more ingredients the more the difficulty level would arise, reported Hanageh then approaches Munageh with shocking news in a turn of events as the MC is completely stunned.

A Surprising New Entry[]

Meanwhile on floor 55 at the 10-star "Hotel Cooking", the 3rd ranking chef among the IGO's Top 100 Chef Rankings, "Bizarre Cooking" Tengu Brunch is fast asleep as he awakes his nap. Feared by even Munageh as a delinquent among chefs similar to Zebra among the Gourmet Hunters. Brunch in a irritated mood for having overslept the Cooking Festival caused by drinking to much Kappa Fin Sake, as he makes a self-imposed promise to quickly catch up brushing off the minor details of his over-sleepiness.

Buranchi standing vertically on Hotel Cooking

Brunch standing vertically

Traditional japanese clogs twirl in the air as suddenly Tengu Brunch slips into them as he stands vertically on the structure of Hotel Gourmet, he comments on how full the stadium is. As onlookers are in shock and confusion at the same time, some of the crowd take double takes trying to identify the individual as he stands vertically on the Hotel's side as the MC Munageh tells the audience to view the monitors. Brunch cracks a smile, as everyone wonders what's going on at the moment. The Four Heavenly Kings, most notably Toriko wonders who it is as he looks on, as the Gourmet Seven sit back as the introduction given by Munageh continues, Ahmon comments on how this years fest is about to get "wild". The people in the crowd are completely shocked as they talk about how scary his presence is, Toriko has a big smile as he has never seen Tengu Brunch in person before.

Buranchi arriving on FHK table

Brunch landing on the Heavenly King's table

In irritation Brunch shouts at the top of his lungs for the crowd to remain in silence as the audience screams in terror covering their ears at the pure vibrations, a force hitting them as they lean back on their seats trying to regain there strengths. Toriko and Sunny clutch their ears as the glass on the lights in the stadium burst into shards. Zebra then chokes Brunch with his own voice, as Toriko tries calming Zebra down, Brunch quickly breaks through identifying him as Zebra of the Four Heavenly Kings. Brunch slams into the table the Four Heavenly Kings are seated at as he turns to Zebra commenting on his resistance to form a combo with anyone, Zebra makes a quick rebuttal declining Tengu as he states that Komatsu is in the top candidate for his combo.

Tengu Brunch is surprised at this but at the same time confused slightly, not know who this Komatsu person was. Sunny turns to question Zebra on this statement as Toriko quickly stands up to refute that Komatsu was his combo partner all ready. Brunch surprised again goes off being modest saying that if he's the combo of Heavenly King Toriko that must mean he got him beat.  Coco tells Brunch that he has no shot of winning this when he takes it as a personal challenge, in a instant he disappears from their table as the plates smash against each other, the MC and crowd cheer him on in excitement on how more interesting the tournament had just gotten.

Zebra comments on how much more cocky Brunch has gotten, Coco goes on to state how you don't see someone with a life force to utilize Electromagnet Waves of that magnitude to often, while Sunny confirms his strength but back hands it with stating if they fought however, he'd be victorious. Finally, Toriko comments on how intriguing Brunch is to him and that he'd like to taste some of his bizarre cooking sometime as he reaffirms it's Komatsu though as it opponent. Brunch speeds through the city at hypersonic speeds.

At the Same Pace[]

Buranching catching up to Komatsu

Brunch catching up to Komatsu

Komatsu finally reaches the ingredients exerting himself to the fullest as Sunny cheers him on. Munageh comments on his remarkably slow fall and that only the lower class ingredients remained. Komatsu surprised that there were more ingredients then he first presumed there would be noticed as he's completely shocked by Brunch's incredible speed as he finishes his swim getting to the remaining ingredients before him. Sunny, Coco, and Toriko question this man's believability in speed as they panic and cheer Komatsu on to hurry. Komatsu is almost instantaneously star struck at realizing he was Tengu Brunch, the 3rd ranking chef in the world on the IGO's List. As he introduces himself in return Brunch is utter awe at the fact this was the combo of Toriko, commenting on his currently last place in the Triathlon.

Buranchi surprised that this is Komatsu

Brunch realizing this is Komatsu

Brunch questions the authenticity of Komatsu's name claim as Komatsu gushes over Brunch. Komatsu asks for 5 autographs from Brunch as he turns around declining to sign any autographs for him, as he's walking away he shoots insults back at Komatsu. The Four Heavenly Kings give encouragement to Komatsu from the stands, as Brunch knocks down the ingredients for their low grade quality but Komatsu tries reasoning with Brunch on that each one of these ingredients are far from useless and could still be used to make something delicious.

Komatsu Brunchi Carrying Food

Brunch and Komatsu taking all the remaining ingredients

Tengu Brunch is suspended in disbelieve realizing that Komatsu can hear the voices of ingredients as they began to glow, as Toriko looks on at the mini-monitor on his table. Brunch then leans in as he agrees with Komatsu that it would be a complete waste to leave all these ingredients behind as he decides he will take them all. Komatsu and Tengu tighten huge packs to their back taking every single remaining ingredient with them to cook as they sit on their bikes preparing to move onto the next stage of the Triathlon. Brunch ecstatic about taking all the ingredients, as Komatsu thanks him in appreciation for his deed. Back at the Four Heavenly Kings table Sunny and Coco are up in a puff about Komatsu joining sides with Brunch as Toriko points out that when he crashed into the table and sped off only the empty tableware tipped over but not the full cups or plates of food. Match and Melk the Second comment on how Komatsu is turning the 'tables'. Brunch yells at Komatsu boisterously that they were commencing, Komatsu shouting back in return with a resounding readiness.                                                                  

A race to the finish line[]

Meanwhile there are odd looking giraffes with wings much to the shock of the people seeing them and Mansam revealed that they are called giraffebirds (capture level 90) and they are known to be hybrids and they have the ability to sense danger and their roar is a signals a start of a battle. Rin stated that although the fest is exciting for her, she mainly wanted to see Komatsu compete with Toriko.


The Guardians of the festival

Brunch and Komatsu catch up to the other riders, with Brunch even destroying a bridge to get past, stopping all chefs behind him. While Setsuno, Zaus, and Yuda are running to the end, deciding that the bikes were too slow for them, Brunch overtakes them with Komatsu and wins the race. Brunch proceeds to insult the 3 chefs, while Komatsu is amazed that he won, but ashamed that he felt like he cheated, by being dragged along with Brunch, who did most of the work. The rest of the rounds go smoothly, and only 32 of the 100 chefs remain. Wile Komatsu is worried, he bumps into his old friend Ume, with the Giraffebirds noticing something.

The Finals Begin[]


The final 32 contestants in the 50th Cooking Festival.

While Ume and Komatsu talk about many things, the tournament, with the past, Ootake the four heavenly kings, and Ume being a private chef to a rich man, the competition begins. Toriko decides to tell Komatsu that he believes that Komatsu can beat Zaus and even Setsuno, in this match. Zebra tells the other heavenly kings that they are here. Brunch proceeds to place batteries in his necks, in the bathroom, and notices a presence. Meanwhile Komatsu, and his opponent, Zaus, prepare to cook off in a dark room. While Komatsu tries to find what to grab, someone grabs him. Komatsu notices it is hot, and is scared of who he sees. Meanwhile, Mansam and Rei notice that the Giraffebirds were decapitated. Komatsu sees the person who grabbed him, being Starjun, with Toriko noticing his presence.

Cooking Invasion[]


Starjun appears, and Toriko finds out

An entire army of invisible GT robos come from the sky, while Mansam and Rin panic. Many Scum Beast come from the sky, and waters, to assist the GT robos. However, the Giraffe birds use a fail safe, a bunch of heads, from carnivorous animals, come out, and use Appetite Energy to kill the monsters. Mansam expands his body, and decides to help in the fight. The audience notices the attacking army, and freak out, while many chefs start to notice it as well. While Komatsu is terrified, Zebra and Coco protect him from Starjun. Starjun defends himself, but Sunny comes in, to attack him. Starjun defends himself yet again, but burns down the hut he was in, having the audience and chefs notice him, and the Gourmet Corp.. Many chefs prepare for battle, and Komatsu screams for Toriko. Toriko does appear, and wishes to challenge Starjun outside, with Starjun stating he has been waiting for Toriko.





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