Cooking Island
Cooking Island
Japanese クッキングアイランド
Romanized Kukkingu Airando
English Cooking Island
Aliases Chefs' Holy Land;
Island of Aspiration
Location Human World
Affiliation Cooking Festival
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 211
Anime Episode 123
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The Cooking Island, also known as "Chefs' Holy Land" (料理人の聖地 Ryōri Hito no Seichi), is the venue for the Cooking Festival. The average annual number of visitors is 100 million per day, a wonderful feat considering that the current world population is only 31.2 billion. However, whenever the festival opens every four years, the island's visitors multiply tenfold to 1 billion people per day.


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  • Cooking Island is approximately 18,000 square kilometers (it's a little bit bigger than Connecticut and is about the same area as Shikoku).

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