Japanese サンゴーレム
Romanized Sangoremu
English Coral Golem
Aliases Coral King (瑚王 Ko-Ō)
Capture Level 4500
Status Alive
Height 20,000m
Professional Status
Affiliation Seven Beasts;
Occupation Ruler of Area 6
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 328
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Corgolem (サンゴーレム Sangoremu), also known as the Coral King (瑚王 Ko-Ō), is a titanic beast made of coral and one of the powerful Seven Beasts who rule over Area 6 below "Whale King" Moon.


Corgolem is a titanic entity, easily towering over the fortress-sized Magneticlam which is like a bug compared to it. Corgolem is seemingly made entirely out of coral with several coral branches sticking out of its main coral body. Four of its many branches resemble arms and legs, and it is fully capable of moving about. Corgolem has a rather sinister face, resembling that of the Four Beast.


Not much of Corgolem's personality is known, however it is an opportunistic predator who did not hesitate in sending one of its coral branches to take out the Magneticlam the minute it spotted it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Corgolem Offspring

An "offspring" of the Corgolem.

Being one of the Seven Beasts, Corgolem is one of the strongest beasts in Area 6, and with a capture level over 4000, it is truly a beast of tremendous strength worthy of being considered a member of the Seven Beasts. Corgolem has the ability to detach parts of its body which can act independently and hunt down potential prey on its behalf. Eventually these detached sections will grow into miniature Corgolems themselves.[1] Also of note is that Corgolem and its offspring have the ability to regenerate rapidly, even if they have been diced into small pieces. Only if they are diced into fine, delicate pieces will they be unable to regenerate.[2]

Being a living Back Channel, there is a time dislocation between the time of the outside world and the time inside Corgolem of 1 to 360. In other words, one day on the outside equates to one year inside Corgolem. Because of this time dislocation, Corgolem, in turn, has the native ability of being immune to Moon's power.[3]


At some point in the distant past, ANOTHER nested within Corgolem and its savoriness affected the coral's body.[4]


As Jiji has his Magneticlam take him and the Four Heavenly Kings' Support Group to Blue Grill, the group comes across a small Stardust River created by ANOTHER's children. However, before they know it, they come face to face with Corgolem, which quickly launches one of its branches to attack them. The group flees to the Giant Shell, the location of Blue Grill.[5] The branch of Corgolem follows them into Blue Grill. One of the Ten-Shell Five dices it with a long-distance slash and sends a Russher to collect the pieces. Later while Asarudy and Picnic Bomber are talking ahout the Human World chefs, the Corgolem branch regenerates and attacks them, and Chiyo, returning the earlier favor, dices and Knocks the creature with her own long-distance slash.[6]

Jiji revealed to the Four Heavenly Kings' Support Group that Corgolem's body was the mineral they needed to produce the "Chopping Board" of the Golden Cookware.[4] One of the Gourmet Knights spent 10 years retrieving a piece from Corgolem.[3] Successful the knight returned to Blue Grill.[7]


  • Corgolem is the work of Goemon-san from Nara Prefecture.
    • In its original submission, it only had a capture level of 35.
  • Its name is a portmanteau of coral and golem, a living stone puppet from Jewish folklore that would do all its master's bidding.


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