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Corn on the bone
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Japanese 骨つきコーン
Romanized Honetsuki Kōn
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Type Vegetable
Capture Level 11
Location Corn fields
Height 50cm
Weight 2kg
Price 8,000 yen per ear
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 114
Anime Episode 52
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Corn on the Bone (骨つきコーン Honetsuki Kōn) is an elusive corn that pops up in ordinary corn fields once a decade. Corn on the Bone concentrates ten year's worth of nutrients in its rich flavor. You can pass it over a light flame to increase its aroma and make it overflow with savory juiciness. It's too appetizing to pass up! Fresh grilled Corn on the Bone gets its rightful appreciation when sold by outdoor vendors every year at the IGO's Gourmet Festival.


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