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Japanese クラブバ一ス
Romanized Kurabubāsu
English Crabus
IGO Icon 2.png Bestiary IGO Icon 2.png
Type Crustacean
Capture Level 500
Length 5m
Height 20m
Weight 10t
Price claw /7,000,000 yen
Habitat Area 8
RiceBall.png Debut Appearance Manga meat.png
Manga Gourmet 321
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The Crabbus (クラブバ一ス Kurabubāsu) is a species of Safety Monster that lives in the Area 8 continent of the Gourmet World. One is being used by Rin and several noteworthy individuals from the Human World during their journey in Area 7.


The Crabbus is a large crab-like beast the size of a large bus. True to its name, it has the traits of an actual bus, with eight wheels, headlights and taillights on both its left and right sides (since it only moves sideways), car bumpers on its sides, several windscreens surrounding its body like those of a bus and its mouth resembles the typical doors found on buses. Its eye stalks are located just above its mouth door and it tends to keep its massive claws over its head while in motion.


The Crabbus appears to be a tame creature with no sign of hostility.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Crabbus is fully capable of traveling over land with the speed of a motor vehicle, and by being a Safety Monster it can produce its own Rest Room to keep itself invisible from foes.


PAIR Arc[]

When Rin and rest of the Human World's skilled personnel arrive in Area 8's Hex Food World, they are distressed when the Daruma Hermit tells them that they have no Safety Monsters capable of traversing water to take them to Area 7 where the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu are as they only have beasts such as the Crabbus who are capable of traveling only on land. Luckily Nono reminds everyone of her freezing abilities which would allow her to freeze water into a solid surface that would allow their safety monster to reach Area 7. With their faith of reaching the Kings restored, the party prepare to leave for Area 7 in the Crabbus.

After arriving in Area 7, the support group leaves the Crabbus on a nearby beach and proceeds to locate the Heavenly Kings. After finding them and devising a plan to capture all of Acacia's ingredients before the Gourmet Solar Eclipse, the party boards a Turtloon and leaves the Crabbus behind to be used by Guemon and Malee to deliver PAIR to the Human World.


  • The Crabbus is the work of a fan from Fukushima.

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