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Japanese クリーム松茸
Romanized Kurīmu Matsutake
English Cream Mushroom
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Type Mushroom
Capture Level 3
Location Humid climates (Regal Isle, Biotope 1, Mushroom Woods, etc)
Height 25cm
Weight 700g per stalk
Price 85,000 yen per stalk
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 34
Anime Episode 13
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The Cream Mushroom (クリーム松茸 Kurīmu Matsutake) is a type of gourmet fungi that has a rich scent and taste reminiscent of cream.


Nowhere else can you find a mushroom that combines the aroma of the Cream Mushroom with the sweet creamy scent of milk. Even raw, Cream Mushrooms are sweet and flavorful, but lightly roasted and topped with soy sauce, they're a snack to die for. The recommended soy sauce is that of the Soy Sauce Grasshopper or, in the anime, the Saucetopus.


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