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Japanese CARエル (カーエル)
Romanized Kāeru
English Croakswagon
Aliases CAReru
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Amphibian
Capture Level 455
Length 4m
Weight 1,5t
Price 1,000,000,000, yen
Habitat Hex Food World
Related Travel Frog
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 277
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The Croakswagon (CARエル (カーエル) Kāeru) is a species of Gourmet World amphibian whose appearance resembles that of a car or kart.


The Croakswagon is the size of a small compact car. In its back it has an indentation and a growth shaped like a chair where others can ride in it. It appears to have compound eyes which give it the appearance of having headlights. Underneath its front and rear feet are pairs of wheels, although it is unknown if it is holding them or if they are natural formations of its body.


Only one Croakswagon has been seen so far, but it appears to be a friendly creature that has a liking for speed. It hasty behavior may cause it to leave others behind without a thought. Mappy's Croakswagon appears to be quite intelligent as it can speak Mappy's "Frogese" language.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A Croakswagon can move at incredible speeds, being able to travel across Yutou Island in the blink of an eye and is far faster than an Octomelon. It can also pass through an area that has been marked by one of the Eight Kings' footprints without hassle.


Croakswagon at Top Gear
  • Top Gear (トップギア Toppu Gia): Croakswagon achieves ultimate speed by growing two more pairs of wheels between its rear and front wheels and by inhaling a large amount of air. It then dashes at a very high speed with a bright aura, capable of overrunning Phantom Beast Heracs.


AIR ArcEdit

A Croakswagon first made an appearance when a Travel Frog, Mappy, was seen riding the Croakswagon towards where the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu were having a meal. When Mappy decided to ride with the group on top of Octo-chan, the Croakswagon that Mappy was riding on led the way to the Hex Food World at an incredible speed, making Octo-chan rush in an attempt to catch up to it. When the Croakswagon took a shortcut, it lead the group towards a footprint of the King that resides within Area 8, the Heraku. The Croakswagon itself was not seen since, possibly meaning it has already passed the Golden Swamp. 

When the Steel Clouds descend and the weather known as Iron Steps occur, the Croakswagon that was originally guiding the group returns in an instant and tells Mappy, in "frog-ese", to tell the group to go inside Octo-chan's belly. The Croakswagon joins the group inside the Octomelon's belly after carrying the group inside. 


  • Its name is a pun, since Kāeru (カーエル) is similar to "frog" (カエル kaeru) in Japanese.
  • It was created by Inubuse Izuru of Osaka.


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