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Crush Turtle anime
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Japanese クラッシュタートル
Romanized Kurasshutātoru
Aliases The Living Torpedo
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Type Reptile
Capture Level 60
Habitat Human World Ocean
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 82 (mentioned)
Anime Episode 31 (mentioned)
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The Crush Turtle (クラッシュタートル, Kurasshutātoru) is a large reptilian turtle beast known for its incredibly durable shell.


The Crush Turtle is presumably a large beast with the traits of a turtle and a pliosaur with red skin. It has four large fins and a vicious face with a gruesome maw filled with sharp teeth. Its spiky signature shell covers the majority of its body and shines with a metallic luster.

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Its behavior in the wild is unknown, although it appears to be a mighty predator. It seems to share a hostile relationship with the Leodragon, one of the few beasts capable of piercing its mighty shell.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The shell on its back has the highest durability and strength in the natural world. Very few things can pierce this near-impregnable shell, however the fangs of the Leodragon can crush it to pieces as well as anything made from said fangs. Its title of "The Living Torpedo" indicates that it may be an incredibly fast swimmer with speeds rivaling that of an actual torpedo.


Because of the incredible durability of its shell, master craftsmen use it to make high-quality cook ware that can resist all manner of punishment. Barrygamon of the Gourmet Corp. wears armor made from this impressive shell which grants him both a powerful offense and defense.


Century Soup ArcEdit

At some point in his past, Barrygamon of the Gourmet Corp. acquired the shell of a Crush Turtle and used it to craft his own powerful armor. However his armor would end up being destroyed by Match who used his sword, made from the fang of a Leodragon, to slice Barrygamon's armor to bits.

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