Mushroom  Crystal Cola  Sushi
Crystal Cola Eps 58
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Japanese 水晶コーラ
Romanized Suishō kōra
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Type Drink
Capture Level 19 (in the wild)
Location Gourmet Town's three-star vending machines
Price 100,000 yen per 350ml can
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 64
Anime Episode 58
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A soft drink in the three-star vending machines in Gourmet Town. The diamond glitter of its carbonated bubbles earns Crystal Cola its name. Even though it's sold in a vending machine, it's priced more expensively than most fine wines, making it out of reach for most consumers.

Crystal Cola is a highly-esteemed cola that is created from the "seed" of a Crystal Tree fruit. It's cork is made from the trunk of the Crystal Tree, and alone, gives a really refreshing smell. It was served to Toriko and his companions during their ride on the Gourmet Carriage. After drinking some, Toriko stated that it was like high-grade champagne and found it hard to believe that it was cola. It doesn't contain alcohol.

It was later stated that even though Crystal Cola is a high class cola whose taste is far above normal cola, Mellow Cola still surpasses its taste.


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