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Japanese クミン
Romanized Kumin
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Professional Status
Occupation Chef
Partner Safla (combo partner)
Personal Status
Relatives Safla (sister)
Unnamed Father (deceased)
Debut Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 69
Japanese Voice Takato Yasuhiro
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Cumin is a young chef and the older brother and combo partner of bishokuya Safla. He and his sister inherited their father's curry restaurant and his legendary Gatsukatsu Curry recipe after his death and formed a combo to maintain it.


Cumin is a short and rotund young man with a round body. He has small round blue eyes and curly blue hair and eyebrows, a slightly bulbous nose and on his cheeks he has two pink swirl patterns. His attire consists of a simple white shirt and short blue pants with a beige-colored haramaki around his waist, a pair of sandals and a yellow turban on his head.

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Cumin is a rather emotional and cowardly individual with many insecurities and tends to cry often, much to his sister Safla's annoyance.

Powers and Abilities[]

Cumin is a very skilled chef capable of preparing the very rare ingredients needed to make the legendary Gatsukatsu Curry. However his lack of faith in himself as a chef, due to his views on his father made him believe he was not so skilled. After overcoming his insecurities, he proved to be as skilled as his father if not more so.

Because of his lack of physical strength, he is incapable of hunting for ingredients, as such his sister Safla acts as his bishokuya combo partner to help him procure ingredients.


Toriko's Break Arc[]

While Toriko, Rin and Komatsu were at Gourmet Beach to eat at a stand that belonged to a friend of Toriko's, Toriko was sought out by a panicked Cumin, the son of Toriko's friend who begged Toriko to help him find his sister, Safla. Once he calmed down, he began to explain that his sister went out to hunt for ingredients needed for his father's Gatsukatsu Curry recipe which Cumin inherited after his father's recent death. Toriko and the others comply and with the help of Tom they go out to sea to search for Safla.

They eventually find her and finish gathering the ingredients on the Islandhorse, and after a rough battle with a Watiger they return to Cumin who is more than happy to see his sister alive. However he is doubtful about preparing the Gatsukatsu Curry, as his father never left him the proper instructions nor did he ever teach him the proper methods, and thus he believed that his father never had faith in him. Luckily with some encouraging words from Komatsu and Safla, he understands that his father never told him as he always believed his son could find out the truth on his own. Cumin is then able to prepare the curry and with Safla's help is able to discover their father's special ingredient, the fruit of the Bonbon Wood tree that grew right behind their stand, and the same tree that Cumin and Safla used to play under as children with their father. With his faith restored, Cumin is able to make Gatsukatsu Curry for all the beach goers and even manages to impress Zebra. He and his sister then thank Toriko for all his help and they watch on as the Fireworcuits light up the sky.


  • Cumin is also the name of a real-world aromatic spice made from small dried fruit and it is one of the main ingredients in making curry powder.


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