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Cumin and Safla with their father2.png
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives Cumin (son)
Safla (daughter)
Debut Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 70
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The father of Cumin and Safla was the original owner of the family food stand at Gourmet Beach and the keeper of the famous Gatsukatsu Curry recipe and an old friend of Toriko's prior to his death.


He was a heavyset man of average height with tan skin and curly brown and mostly resembled his son Cumin although with a more chiseled face. His attire was much like his son's, wearing a simple white shirt with blue pants, sandals and a brown haramaki tied around his waist.

Powers and Abilities[]

He was a very skilled chef capable of preparing the delicious Gatsukatsu Curry that was almost of legendary status. He could even prepare the many complex ingredients that comprised it such as the alien ingredient, the Curromet. It was also said that he would gather many of the ingredients needed himself, showing that he may have had some skill as a gourmet hunter especially considering the power of the Watiger with a capture level of 70. However it is unknown if he captured all of the ingredients himself or if he had aid from a gourmet hunter partner.


Toriko's Break Arc[]

Cumin and Safla with their father as children.

In life, he was a very skilled chef and a close friend of Toriko's and his special curry was served every summer and was beloved by all. He also used to play with his children under the Bonbon Wood tree on the hill behind their stand, often picking fruits with them.

At an unknown point, prior to Toriko's last arrival on Gourmet Beach, Cumin and Safla's father died of unknown causes, leaving his children the only successors to his stand and recipe, something that greatly aggravated Cumin as his father never told him how to prepare the Gatsukatsu Curry, in truth he never did so as he had faith in his son's skills and believed he could find it out on his own. Eventually both Cumin and Safla would come to realizes this and managed to prepare their father's curry and continue his legacy.


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