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Cure water

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Japanese 療水
Romanized Ryōsui
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Type Water
Capture Level Unknown
Location Derous's Territory (Area 1)
Related CENTER
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 252
Anime Episode 144
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The Cure Water (療水 Ryōsui) is a rare kind of revitalizing water that can only be found in the territory of the Derous within Gourmet World's Area 1. Cure Water itself is necessary to prepare an ingredient from Acacia's Full Course Menu, for in actuality it is the source of CENTER itself.

It can heal external injuries by making Gourmet Cells immediately become active when it is splashed on the wound. It can cure almost any damage the body has received.


Gourmet WarEdit

Acacia used it on Midora's knee when he got injured in the Cave of the Sandy Beach.[1] Years later after Froese's passing, Midora kept pouring a small amount of Cure Water on his mother's grave for several days in hopes of reviving her[2]; however, it instead produced the evil Dark Chef known as Joie.[3]

AIR ArcEdit

Chichi gives a few bottles of Cure Water are given to the Four Heavenly Kings for them to use in case they were critically injured during their journey into the Gourmet World. The Cure Water later proves to be invaluable during Toriko's battle with Heracles, as it restores his body after almost half of it is blown away by Heracles.[4]

After he destroys Komatsu's heart, Teppei breaks the other three bottles of Cure Water, preventing the Four Heavenly Kings from using it to heal Komatsu.[5]


Setsuno uses some to heals Jiro's hand, which was bitten off by Neo.[6]


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