Mushroom  Curromet  Sushi
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Japanese カレースイ星
Romanized Karēsui hoshi
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Capture Level 90 (in original submission)
Related Gatsukatsu Curry
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Episode 69
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Curromets (カレースイ星 Karēsui hoshi) are legendary comets of mysterious origin made from pure roux that appear only once every 99 years and upon landing can be used to make the finest roux for only the best food.

The flavor of the Curromet deepens as it travels through the vacuum of space, making it astronomically delicious. Its flavor is so strong that if an ingredient that is mixed into the roux doesn't have a strong enough flavor it will lose out to the roux with no changes to it. However if mixed with strong enough ingredients it can be used to make amazing dishes such as the Gatsukatsu Curry.