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Cuticule barry
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Japanese キューティクルベリー
Romanized Kyūtikuru Berī
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Type Fruit
Capture Level 20 in the wild (can be cultivated)
Location Rich soils
Height 5cm
Weight 50g
Price 80,000 yen per berry
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 94
Episode 38
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Cuticle Berries (キューティクルベリー Kyūtikuru Berī) are a type of fruit that make a person's hair shiny. They have the effect of causing hair growth and stimulate hair growth and it is also said they can even cause people with no hair to grow some. It's not uncommon to see a middle-aged man chowing down on a pile of Cuticle Berries... before he finally gives up and buys a toupee.


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