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Japanese キュクロプス
Romanized Kyukuropusu
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Type Apparition
Habitat Hex Food World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 280
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Cyclopes are a race of one-eyed beings that come from Brunch's hometown, the Hex Food World.


Individual Cyclopes come in variety of forms and sizes, and resemble something akin to mutants due their diverse and almost monstrous appearance by human standards. The only physical trait that's ever the same among them is the fact that they all have a single eyeball. The reason for this non-uniformal appearance is likely due to their ancestors being actual mutants themselves.

Several have humanoid forms with a single large eyeball on their face and a mouth, but some may lack a visible nose or nostrils. They may posses pointy ears. Others seem to be more atypical in appearance, with some having short round bodies with large faces or taller bodies but very small faces that make it seem as though they have no face at all. Overall, their appearances are so varied that almost every cyclops has a unique appearance.


An eyeball takoyaki chef cyclops
Nopekichi, the small-faced cyclops
A large-faced cyclops
A large-faced female cyclops with an Oni-like horn
Another eyeball takoyaki chef cyclops
A rather short cyclops

Behavior and CultureEdit

All the cyclopes seen so far appear to be friendly and social beings with human-level intellect and are fully capable of speaking the human language. Like the rest of the villagers, Cyclopes highly respect and revere Heracles and shared the dream of one day eating AIR alongside their fellow villagers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Several cyclopes are seen running stands and restaurants in the Hex Food World, showing that members of the species can become excellent and masterful chefs. One Eyeball Takoyaki chef was so skilled that he could flip over 2000 takoyaki in one go, something even a Food Honor using chef like Komatsu can't do.



Like the rest of the races within Hex Food World, the Cyclopes are actually the descendants of ancient humans who were mutated by the Nitro many centuries ago after being injected with Gourmet Cells. These ancient humans would later establish a society in Area 8 and their descendants would become the many diverse races of Hex Food World.

AIR ArcEdit

After Toriko and the others made it to the Hex Food World, they were welcomed by many of the village's unique inhabitants, many of which were the unique cyclops inhabitants. When they went exploring through the town, Komatsu and Toriko ate a stand run by a cyclops chef who served them a large helping of eyeball takoyaki, as requested by the Daruma Hermit.

Later when the Kings and the Hex Food Beast Knights captured AIR, the villagers of Hex Food World, including the Cyclopes, came to their location so they could eat and enjoy AIR with them.



  • The Cyclops are based on the various one-eyed Yokai of Japanese folklore, like the Hitotsume Nyuudo (One Eyed Priest) and the Aobozu (Green Bonze).

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