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DVD Info
Episodes: 6
Length (Minutes): 144
Year Released September 2, 2011
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List of Episodes[]

  • 003. "The Well Mellowed 7-Colored Fruit Juice! Pick the Rainbow Fruit!" ("Houjun Naru Nanairo no Kajuu! Niji no Mi o Tore!" 芳醇なる七色の果汁!虹の実をとれ!)
  • 004. "Prepare It! The Poisonous Puffer Whale! The Heavenly King Coco Appears!" ("Sabake Moudoku Fugu Kujira! Shitennou Koko Toujou!" さばけ猛毒フグ鯨! 四天王ココ登場!)
  • 005. "The Deadly Cave Battle! Fire, Five-Fold Spiked Punch!" ("Doukutsu no Shitou! Ute, Go Ren Kugi Panchi" 洞窟(どうくつ)の死闘! 打て, 5連釘パンチ!)
  • 006. "The Knocking Master! Time to Taste the Puffer Whale!" ("Nokkingu no Tatsujin! Fugukujira, Bishoku no Toki!" ノッキングの達人! フグ鯨, 実食の時!)
  • 007. "The Strongest Wolf That Ever Lived! The Battle Wolf Is Reborn!" ("Saidai Saikyou no Ookami! Battle Wolf, Fukkatsu!" 最大最強の狼! バトルウルフ, 復活!)
  • 008. "The Threat Appears! Rumble at the Gourmet Coliseum!" ("Arawareta Kyoui! Haran, Gurume Koroshiamu!" 現れた脅威! 波乱, グルメコロシアム!)

Cover Characters & Ingredients[]

* Rental DVD2

* Rental DVD3

Rental versions[]

The numbering of Retail and Rental versions differs. Starting from the second DVD, each retail DVD includes 2 discs (3 eps per disc). But for rental, they are separated as stand alone discs. Example: Retail DVD2 = Rental DVD2 & Rental DVD3.

Rental DVD Covers:

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