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DVD 24
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DVD Info
Episodes: 6
Length (Minutes): 138
Year Released June 3, 2014
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List of Episodes[]

  • 137. "Mortal Combat! Coco vs. Grinpatch!" ("Shitou! Coco Tai Grinparch" 死闘! ココVS[たい]グリンパーチ)
  • 138. "Duel! Sunny vs. Tommyrod!" ("Kettou! Sunny Tai Tommyrod" 決闘! サニーVS[たい]トミーロッド)
  • 139. "The End Is Here! Sunny`s Final Power!" ("Kecchaku no Toki! Sunny, Saigo no Chikara!!" 決着の時! サニー, 最後の力!!)
  • 140. "Counterattack! Zebra Starts Up!" ("Gyakushuu! Zebra Shidou!!" 逆襲! ゼブラ始動!!)
  • 141. "Toriko Strikes Back! Ultimate Routine!" ("Toriko, Hangeki! Ultimate Routine!!" トリコ, 反撃! アルティメットルーティーン!!)
  • 142. "The Greatest Enemy in History! "Joie" Appears!" ("Shijou Saidai no Teki! "Joa" Shutsugen!!" 史上最大の敵! "ジョア"出現!!)

Cover Characters & Ingredients[]

* Retail DVD24 & Rental DVD46

* Rental DVD47

Rental versions[]

The numbering of Retail and Rental versions differs. Starting from the second DVD, each retail DVD includes 6 episodes. Rental versions are out each month and include only 3 episodes. Example: Retail DVD2 = Rental DVD2 & Rental DVD3.

Rental DVD Covers:

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