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Episodes: 6
Length (Minutes): 144
Year Released March 2, 2012
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List of EpisodesEdit

  • 027. "Hurry While It's Hot! A Survival Race on Ice!" ("Zen wa Isoge! Hyoudo no Survival Race!" 膳は急げ! 氷土[ひょうど]のサバイバルレース!)
  • 028. "The Explosive Fire Shakes Ice Mountain! The Identity of the Masked Man!" ("Hyouzan Yurugasu Bakuen! Fukumen Otoko no Shoutai!" 氷山揺るがす爆炎! 覆面男の正体!)
  • 029. "Glorious Bug Tamer! Tommyrod vs Toriko!" ("Ranmannaru Mushi Tsukai! Tommyrod tai Toriko!" 爛漫なる蟲使い! トミーロッド対トリコ!)
  • 030. "Gratitude and Pride! Takimaru`s Full-Out Corkscrew Shot!" ("Kansha to Hokori! Takimaru, Konshin no Sennuki Shot!" 感謝と誇り! 滝丸, 渾身の栓抜きショット!)
  • 031. "Settled! Match and Takimaru`s Desperate Attacks!" ("Ketchaku! Match to Takimaru Sutemi no Oowaza!" 決着! マッチと滝丸捨て身の大技!)
  • 032. "The Gourmet Reviver and the Legendary Soup`s Location!" ("Shoku no Saisei-ya to Densetsu no Soup no Yukue!" 食の再生屋と伝説のスープの行方!)

Cover Characters & IngredientsEdit

* Retail DVD6 & Rental DVD11

* Rental DVD10

Rental versionsEdit

The numbering of Retail and Rental versions differs. Starting from the second DVD, each retail DVD includes 2 discs (3 eps per disc). But for rental, they are separated as stand alone discs. Example: Retail DVD2 = Rental DVD2 & Rental DVD3.

Rental DVD Covers:

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