Damala's Curry
Japanese ダマラスカレー
Romanized Damarasukarē
Location Unknown desert city in the Human World
Affiliation Damala Sky XIII
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 158
Anime Episode 84
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Damala's Curry (ダマラスカレー, Damarasukarē) is a curry restaurant owned by the "Curry King" Damala Sky XIII, the fourth greatest chef in the world. It is a highly financial business that earns more than 10 trillion yen a year.


All of the meals served in Damala's Curry are mainly different forms of spicy curry rice dishes which are noted for even making fools out of spicy food critics due to its extreme but enjoyable spiciness.

After the fall of the Meteor Spice caused a heavy loss of resources for the Human World, all restaurants (including Damala's Curry) were forced to serve Food Tablets until the food crisis could be resolved. After the successful revival of the Billion Birds and their mass distribution, Damala's Curry was able to serve real food on its menu once again, and the Billion Bird proved to be an excellent ingredient for Damala's Curry as its legs when prepared correctly could be made into an excellent rice substitute and its claws could also be prepared into a spice, allowing Damala to serve spicy curry once again.


Known items on the menu:


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